2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teguc Day 5

Teguc-Day 5 – Tuesday
It was another busy day in the great city of Tegucigalpa.  After breakfast, we again went to St. Teresa’s to work with the children in Fr. Patrecio’s  school.  After a slow start, we soon were entertaining about 50 children.  Crafts, music, English lessons, and outside games were utilized to keep the children entertained.  Bubbles, Frisby, jump-ropes, along with a mean game of “duck-duck-goose-goose” seemed to be the favorite activities.

The afternoon included a visit to the orphanage where we set up the “Infocus” machine and played with the kids.  Marta asked us to leave the “Infocus” machine with the Missionaries of Charity so other volunteers can utilize the machine along with the DVD’s we left.  I offered to purchase a DVD player so the “Infocus” could be used on a regular basis.  Marta said the Sister’s would not be interested (Marta has already tried) because of the need in their Order to keep life as simplistic and humble as possible.  I was familiar with this belief of their Order and accepted the answer.  Tomorrow we will show video’s and leave the projector there.

After another wonderful meal (as all have been) we had Junta (group sharing).  Many of the team commented they were very sad to leave their new friends and this new life they have found.  This is typical of those who “are getting it” and I was glad to see the tears beginning to flow tonight.  The girls especially don’t know how to say good-by to their new friends and I have little good advice.

Fr. Patricio invited us to Mass tonight and we were glad to attend this beautiful service.  He was even gracious enough to pick us up in his truck so once again all of us piled in the back of his truck, checked out the Teguc night life, and went to Mass.  Even though I could not understand the Mass, I always knew where he was,  and the parishioners were very engaged in the Mass.  Fr. Petrecio’s reverence moved me.  It’s obvious he is much loved in his parish.  No Mass in Latin America would be complete without a local dog lounging in the middle isle.  This collie-lab mix also really seemed to enjoy the Mass as well.  Fr. Patricio drew the line when the dog tried several times to go to communion!  I love the Church in Latin America!    

The food packed by Heelan and others is ready to be released from customs tomorrow.   Marta stated it should be released between two and three in the afternoon.  I have arranged for a bus to pick most of us up at the orphanage and take us to the food.  Like everything in Latin America, it could still fall through at the end, but it looks very promising.  Marta has worked extremely hard to make this happen.  She is the Latin American version of Dick Seivert.  I will close for now as others wish to blog as well.  Al
Julie: Today was beyond amazing. I have had some of the best times of my life in the orphanage. I love all the kidlets and wish I could take them with me, especially Cynthia and Alexis. Mom, they mean so much to me and I wish you were here to see them. I think Alexis has autism. It’s so sad for me to be here and realize there really aren’t any opportunities for him, and there’s no one like you to be here to make his life amazing. Cynthia touched my heart because her name’s almost your name! She was so shy at first, but I started spinning kids and then she ran right up to me. Tomorrow is going to be so hard to say good-bye. I got the most adorable yellow dress with a big peacock on it for Stella! I’m not having as much luck with you, F.J. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many video games here. Erin, I’m having much better luck with the kids then with Princess Flutterfly. Yikes. And I made us matching bracelets! Can’t wait to see everyone but leaving will be far from easy.

Corinne: Words can’t even explain how well today went. I am so happy down here surrounding myself with these children. They have so much need but they are so happy and it is so contagious. Everything is so simple down here and it is so relaxing. You all would fall in love with these kids, I definitely have. Tomorrow is the last day we get to spend with them and saying goodbye will be hard. I’m excited to reunite with everyone up in the mountains, but I am so fortunate I was able to spend six days in Tegucigalpa. These people I am with are so fun and they have taught me so much. I am so fortunate to have them with me and they really have emphasized this trip. The other volunteers down here are helping us out so much and it is nice to have them in our life. I miss you all so much! Love you guys.

Jenny: Hi Mom, Dad, Bren, and pets! I miss you guys more than anything, but I hope all is going well. How’s the snow? In case you’re wondering it’s 90 degrees and sunny here with a slight breeze and perfect. Sturge- My Spanish is improving, by the time I get back I’ll be in Spanish X. Not a big deal or anything. I should start being serious now, Today was amazing. We went to the school first thing in the morning and I drew pictures with about 15 kids. At times it was a bit hard to control, but in the end I came home with about 20 new drawing so it was worth it! I met another girl named Jenny today, but here it is spelt Yeni. After that, we went to the orphanage, and I am seriously falling more in love with these kids each day. The kids seriously are so hard not to attach to, I don’t really know what’s going to happen when we say our final goodybyes tomorrow. I love Tegucigalpa I do not want to leave! Hopefully Esquias will be just as rewarding. Miss you family and Crusaders can’t wait to see you all!

Katelyn: Here comes goodbye! We are all dreading tomorrow because we can no longer say “Hasta manana.” We have all grown so close to the children here and saying goodbye for a final time is going to be hard for all of us. We all agreed that today was very successful. We split our time between the orphanage and the school and found our time to be very rewarding. We are looking forward to having a successful final day here tomorrow. Esquias here we come! Love to the family and friends. Miss you all!

Katie: Today was another amazing day in Honduras! One of my favorites but it is so hard to pick! We worked with over 50 children today and several families in need and it was just amazing. Tomorrow we will have to say goodbye which we are obviously dreading! I am very excited to see more on the country, however. I can’t believe it is snowing!! It is actually really nice here and not too hot (so far). We are adjusting to the life here so easily it will be so hard to return to America. Love to everyone including Lizzy! (I don’t want to make her jealous, otherwise I would bring a lizard!)

Bailee: I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE!!!!  Today at the orphanage, a little girl by the name of Betsy was sitting on my lap, she is my absolute FAVORITE, and I just started thinking about how hard it is going to be to say goodbye. My eyes started watering up and I tried to hide it but she looked straight at me and said “Why are your eyes raining?” (In Spanish, of course) The kids here are so unbelievably precious. I know tomorrow as we say our goodbye’s, we’ll be leaving a big part of ourselves here and taking a big part of Honduras home. Needless to say, tomorrow will be bitter-sweet. Mom and Gramma—it would be nice if you would “learn how to comment”, gracias.

Josh: hey everyone! Here I am, at the end again…

First point: Sam, I think a few comments for you got tacked onto my post. Might be worth a look.

Anyway, so I hear you guys are having some rough weather, despite directly stating I didn’t’ want to hear about it. My sympathies. The weather has been very nice here . Kat, if you could let me know if you got in touch with LAMB, that’d be great. Other than that, I’ll let you go, cuz I’ll get to bore you with my day to day here some time in the future! Chao!


  1. Hello! My eyes "rained" reading Bailee's comments. It is so wonderful reading your blogs and hearing the joy in your words. Your outpouring of love and kindness is truly remarkable. On the home front, many cancellations of sporting events. The musical is underway and tonight I saw Cory C., David C., Alex W., and Andres F., in western wear getting ready to rehearse. They miss you all. I have had so many people tell me they are following your blogs! It is the new Decorah Eagle watch! Please know that you are all greatly missed and the countdown has begun until we get to see you again. Love to you all. 143 Corinne!

  2. Tegus team...as you pack your bags to continue your journey, know that your hearts are full from the people you have touched and that have touched you :) It will be so fun to meet up with your friends. We cannot wait to hear all about your experience. Lots of love Lori & Pat

  3. Bailee I have been commenting--I have written a ton! Very proud of all of you! Love and miss you!

  4. Hola Crusaders! I have been keeping up with your blog and I am so proud and touched with your work and how much you've all grown! Continue to enjoy your trip, use your Spanish, and grow in your faith. Miss you guys!

    Senora Mugge-T

  5. Dear Bailee, So I went through and most of my comments aren't there--grrrr! Once again technology 1000366790654 wins over me! Anyhoo--I gave Sadie and Lexi info so they too could post comments to you. I am on this blog too many times to count to see the amazing things you kids have accomplished. I feel all your comments, and am very proud of the work and the lasting impression you all will leave with the people there. Safe travels, God Bless!

  6. Dear Bailee, We all are very proud of you and the whole group. I am glad to hear that you are getting up in the morning without any problems. When you get home I will look for a new alarm clock for you with a rooster to wake you. :) Embrace the experience. Love, Dad

  7. Bailee,

    Your dad just sent me this link. It reminded me of when I left college to build houses in Mexico. It was a life changing experience. I am sure it will be for you as well. Take in as much as you can. Be safe, I look forward to hearing your stories when you get back.


  8. Olga Dougherty: 5th period Spanish 4 says don't forget the treats on Wednesday! We do not want mini-reeses. We want something homemade that's not cookies. Claire said. Thank you and good day!

  9. Dear Julie,
    Hope you are feeling better. I know I was until I read your blog from yesterday. I am so proud of you for all you are doing and sharing with others. I think everyone's prayers (especially) Grandma's) had more to do with F.J.'s amazing
    journey than I did. I know your patience and understanding had a lot to do with his optimistic outlook. I miss you lots.I even miss the way you roll your eyes at me when you're thinking how wierd and out of the loop I am. Please stay hydrated and do whatever the experts recommend. Mr. Seivert has been so good about keeping me informed. I'll be forever grateful for his help as well as everyone with you in Honduras. Stella keeps looking for you,especially when I bring out a doll or toy that she knows is yours.We love you and miss you bunches. F.J. and Stella and everyone says "hi" and they miss and love you bunches,too. Love,Mom and everyone

  10. Hello to our baby girl! The time has gone by so fast!We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! What a great experience you are having as you share your heart with the sweet children of Honduras! We are praying for you each day!Miss you , Mary Kate!