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2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Monday, April 25, 2011

Confirmed Flights for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Dear Students, Parents, Family Members,

As you probably know the team is on their way to San Pedro Sula. In a different blog I gave you the name and phone of the motel. But, they won’t be there for quite some time. Below is the final list from Continental to return our mission team involving Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I am sorry if it isn’t what some or many of you hoped for. It is not ideal but it will get them home. Carolyn and Frank also have this list and I will be going over it again in the morning. So, here goes. We don’t have Frank booked just yet. Hopefully soon.

Tuesday 26 April into Omaha: CO 1139 arriving at 11:03 P.M.
Becca Vonnahme
Julie Hagen
Mary Henrich
Al Vonnahme
Kate Walsh
Kyle Walsh
Nick Wankum
Patrick Washburn
Rachel Heuertz

Tuesday 26 April into Omaha: CO 2314 arriving at 8:38 P.M.
Jeff Adam
Sam Ahlers
Mitch Christoffel
Mary Kate Dougherty
Mitch Duckwitz
Ashley Ellensohn
Pete Fitzsimmons
Fr. Cosgrove
Jenny Rehan
Linda Reichle

Wednesday 27 April into Omaha: CO 2314 arriving at 8:38 P.M.
Sr. Renae Hohensee
Brittany Jaminet
Mike Jaminet
Anthony Moreno

Thursday 28 April into Omaha: CO 1139 arriving at 11:03 P.M.
Sana Naqvi
A.J. O’Brien
Greg Probst
Bailee Schultz
Corinne Spears

Thursday 28 April into Omaha: CO 2314 arriving at 8:38 P.M.
Becca Swalve
Steve Swalve
Sister Joan Polak

Thursday 28 April into Minneapolis: CO 616 arriving at 9:59 P.M.
Mary Klein
Matt Klein
Eric Loutsch
Brittney Tegels
Megan Tentinger
Josh Vaske
Carolyn Bickford
Joe Loutsch
Zach Maxey


  1. YOU DID IT! God Bless you for all your hard work and frustrations to find flights to get the team home.

  2. Julie and all, I will be at the airport tomorrow at 11:00P.M., if not before. If anyone else needs a ride, I can take 2 or 3 more back to Sioux City. I will try the hotel # later. If I don't get through, it's O.K. I know you're safe. I will keep watching the blog. Love you, Mom

  3. Wow - what a logistical tour de force!! THANK YOU for all your hard work and success!! One step closer, Gang!
    Flights were moving nicely in and out of San Pedro today, so we're very optimistic.
    Best wishes to all travelers, and thanks to those who volunteered to stay later.
    The Walshes

  4. Sam,
    Jeff and I will be at the Airport @8:30. We can bring a few others back to Sioux City from Sam's flight. Fr Cos that includes you if you need a ride. Hopefully be able to communicate verbally tonight, but if not we are watching the blog.
    Have a good flight on Tuesday.
    Love mom

  5. Bailee we are so proud of you. Hang in there and it will all be just a dream soon. Really excited to get you back. Be safe and have some fun. An experience you will probably never get to do again. Love you much gma and gpa

  6. AJ, (it's Mom, not Jack)I will be there when you arrive and would be able to bring others with me if they need a ride too. I won't call the hotel tonight because I'm assuming you are all exhausted. If you need me, you can reach my cell anytime (712 490 7372). Should we be trying to wire money or anything like that? Hope you're all holding up. It's sort of an adventure within an adventure!

  7. Linda R. and mission team,
    This certainly has been an adventure that was not in your plan but God had a plan for you to be together just alittle bit longer in your mission field of Honduras. Our prayers are with you for a good nights rest and safe travels ahead for tomorrow and the following days. Thank you for the blog updates, they are greatly appreciated by us back home. Anxious to have you back in Alton Linda, we miss you.
    Blessings to all, Gretch

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  9. Dear Jenny, Mom and Dad will be at the airport on Tuesday. Please know you have been constantly in our thoughts. We can only guess how hard it has been to be wait at the airport for many hours. We love you and can not wait to see you again. Love, Mom and Dad

  10. Mitch D. We will be at the airport to pick you up. Can't wait to see you.

    Mom & Dad

  11. In checking the phone # for hotel I found 011-504-552-9999. Hope they will soon be there.

  12. Mitchel C. we will be at the Omaha Airport to pick you up and celebrate! Let us know if anyone needs a ride home. Our love, Mom and Dad

  13. Joe L. Sooo glad you all have flights booked! I talked to your parents earlier and Betty has a track meet on Thursday otherwise she really wanted to be there. We thought if needed, I can make it up to Minneapolis to pick you and Eric up on Thursday and would have room for 2 more. We all weren't sure here of the plans or how it would all work, but this way we could at least get you guys back. I have sick leave I can take :) Hopefully talk soon!!

  14. Ash,cant wait to see you. We have all missed you soo much. We will be in Omaha to pick you up tomorrow night. Have a safe trip and we love you.

    Mom, Dad, Leah, Eli and Tess

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  16. Sorry to here you all are still in Honduras! But I guess it just gives you more time to say goodbye! I hope you all travel safely and make it back to the states soon! We are praying for you back here in Springfield! Best of luck and God bless! Megan Haller

  17. Hang in there everyone. Anthy we will see you in Omaha on Wednesday. We miss you! Nicholas says he going to give his big brother a big hug when he gets here. Love ya! Mom

  18. Megan,
    Glad to see you all have flights to get home. We will be there to get you at the airport. call when you can we love you mom and Dad

  19. Brittney T
    Glad your all safe and have a plan to get back to the US over the next few days. I laughed last night and joked with mom, “watch Britt fly into MN. It’s funny you will arrive @ your home airport! Mom fly’s out tomorrow at 9:30am, so we won’t be able to spend the weekend in MN to visit. I will need to figure out how to get your car/house keys/cloths from Omaha back to Minneapolis to you. Let’s try and communicate via email tomorrow. I will be traveling most of the day, but can email via my cell. Thanks to all who worked out a plan that allows everyone to get home safe! If we can,will try and call. Love M&D

  20. Corinne, Please pass this information onto Caroline and Frank!

    Your Aunt Marlene (Chicago travel agent) found two seats on the Tuesday morning flight to Houston and made you and Bailee Schultz a reservation to get home tomorrow.

    Your Continental record locater #BP4NRL, Continental should honor this! Continental #763 leaving SAP at 11:50 am arriving Houston at 3:40 pm. Then Continental #6406 leaving Houston at 5:30 arriving Chicago/OHare at 8:00 pm. Then Continental #6113 leaving Chicago/OHare at 8:37 arriving Omaha 10:11 pm.

    You have a very tight 37 min connection in OHare. Marlene is going to try to swap you onto the Houston-Omaha flight in the morning. If you miss the OHare connection your Aunt Marlene will host you two in Oak Park tomorrow night.

    Bailee Schultz's Continental record locater #BPXN25, again Continental should honor this. Continental #763 leaving SAP at 11:50 am arriving Houston at 3:40 pm. Then United #230 (same exact plane as you but different code number leaving Houston at 5:30 arriving Chicago/OHare at 8:00 pm. Then United #639 (again, same exact plane as you...) leaving Chicago/OHare at 8:37 arriving Omaha 10:11 pm.

    Corinne and Bailee have seats 28D and 28E on the Continental flight to Houston tomorrow.

    Thank for managing an impossible situation Richard, Frank and Caroline. Travel safely everyone!

  21. Hey Mary! I will be picking you up in Omaha. Sarah has a concert tomorrow night in Spirit Lake and would be home alone until we got back, so mom is going to be with her. Can't wait to hear all about your adventure on the ride home.

    Love you!


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