2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Monday, April 4, 2011

Message From Richard Seivert

The St. Thomas More Mission Team is in flight, lifting off at 8:57 Houston time. They are scheduled to arrive in Tegucigalpa 14 minutes early, 10:49 Honduras time. Godspeed St. Thomas More Mission Honduras.
I will blog again when I know their plane has landed safely and they are in Tegucigalpa. It will take them a good hour or better to go through immigration, baggage claim, and finally customs before my brother Frank will call me that he has all of them. At that point I will blog everyone.
Follow the blog throughout the remainder of the day. I plan on posting a few messages now and then. Once they are in Esquias you will receive your first blog from Mary Casey and Katie Falkowski - probably sometime late afternoon or early evening.


  1. We would like to wish our St. Thomas More Cavaliers a safe flight. We are praying for them while they are gone We look forward to following them on their journey.
    Tracy and Deanna

  2. God speed our STM Mission Trip! Thank you for representing all of us at RCCSS. Looking forward to following the journey, too. Lots of prayers being sent your way!

  3. First thing I do in the morning is check the blog...My fervent prayers for you as you work so hard in that heat...Love the pictures and the updates. Makes me feel like a part of God's work. Barb - all is quiet on the western front. I know that with your work ethic you are keeping up with the students! May His peace, love, and strength be with each of you. Have a great day. Marcia