2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Days 2 and 3

Katelyn: We experienced a lot of different emotions today. Somehow we found joy despite all the poverty we witnessed. We enjoyed passing out food to people living around the school. The blind boy we met who showed us his piano and singing skills really moved us all to sum up the details of Bailee’s post (: All of the children were a joy to work with. I would like to think that we are touching these people’s lives, but they are truly touching mine. We cannot find the words to thank them enough.

Josh: GAH! Today was AMAZING! Can’t wait to show the videos… anyway, some stuff I need…

Becca: if you end up watching, could you try to record Dr. Who? That would be fantastic.

Kat: I cannot send emails from here. Please tell Mrs. Woolley that I’ll take it 

Mom: when I read what you said about Aunt Joyce and can’t wait for the 4th 

Whoever sent the toilet thing: AWESOME!

Al-Day 2 and 3

Everyone is still doing well. Day 2 was filled with visiting Spaniard priest Fr. Patricio’s school of 1600 students and visiting the orphanage at Mother Teresa’s. The students and Fr. Patricio hit it off right away. He has built a high quality 1600 student school from scratch and with his charismatic personality, is probably part of the reason. The students seemed to bond with Fr. and his students in no time at all. In fact, I had to practically drag them out of the school as the local students were organizing a soccer game with the kids participating. Pictures and blogging in general are difficult. I can not seem to keep a connection. Thus pics and blogs could be limited but we are taking tons of pictures. There was a blind keyboard player in a dirt floor home near the school who really touched everyone. His talent, his positive outlook, and his willingness to share his talents with our group moved us all. The group also gave out free food from the school to these poor homes as well. In all my travels, I have NEVER seen worse poverty.

Mother Teresa’s orphanage really drove home for the girls the need for all humanity to be loved. While their material needs are mostly met, their need for love is huge and our students saw this right away. We spent about 2 hours there and plan on going back early next week.

Sunday was Palm Sunday and we participated in an hour long procession as well as a 90 minute plus Mass. The Mass was beautiful but the procession did wear all us out. The truck rides to the school and Mass are brutal. Bailey represents the uncomplaining attitude of all our kids. As she says after this brutal ride; “I can no longer feel my butte!” but never complained about it! Katie laughed when the wind in her face was so strong she could not open her eyes! I find it irritating, they are amused!

On the back of all Heelan football jerseys is the word PRIDE. All these students are representing pride in their faith, their families, and their schools and in themselves. This pride is based on service and humility and not on their own accomplishments. They give me hope for the future and I need that.

Our scheduling continues to be a challenge. The kids have bonded so well with the Fr. He is making all kinds of plans for the kids! We need a better agenda next year as its hard for the adults to proper manage this situation this year. The school has dorms and many projects the kids could do so it may be an option in the future to have this as our base. Al


  1. Sounds like you're having more fun than you anticipated Joshua? Are you feeling better than when we chatted last? Can't wait to hear from you and hope you are feeling better!

  2. Sam, Keep up the good work. We love you! Fr. Paul said prayer at Mass for you today.
    We love you.

  3. Hey Kate! The weather is wet and cold here. Your 4 x 8 team won the S.C. Relays on Saturday. We saw lots of your friends at the Palm Sunday Dinner at B.Sac. Sounds like you are having the time of your life -so far! Write when you can- be safe! Love and miss you baby!

  4. FJ: Hi Julie, I'm home and I miss you! :) Cindy: We miss you bunches and bunches.I called Mrs. Walsh to help me figure out how to get on the blog. As you can see, she is a great teacher. D.C. was great.Two busloads of 80 kids and 10 chaperones sang Happy Birthday on Friday. I learned so much about what a great country I am privileged to live in. Grandma and Grandpa said to thank you for the delicious roast beef and vegetables. I really like the new Corning Ware Dishes they sent back. Stay safe,work hard and pray often. In other words, Eat,Pray,Work and Love. We love you. Mom

  5. Hi Jenny!! Mom, Dad and Brenna miss you so much! You are such an inspiration to all of us. The mornings are not the same around here without you!! Ordered the graduation announcements yesterday and hopefully you will like them. You are constantly in our thoughts and we know you are making a difference in many lives this week. Love you, Mom, Dad, Brenna, Ollie and Macy

  6. Hey Josh!--One more thing. I was on the phone with your mom today, and she would like you to share more because you have family who are looking at this who will never see your video journal because they live far away. We love you and miss you! Hillary :)