2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heelan Mission Honduras / Report From Francis Seivert

Dear Heelan Mission Honduras and Families,
Please read the following report from my brother Francis. Also open the pics at the bottom and look at some of the area and homes you will work on. Actually you will be leveling both of those homes, building pila's for water, and then constructing new homes in both places. The pic of the basketball court is the center of the school - St. Terese of Jesus, where you will live.
Take Care,
R. Seivert
Fr. Cos and Dick. We made a visit to Nuevo Capital today with Marta Sosa. Julio was with us. We also had Nancy (from ACOES) who will be the lead during the mission. We met Lillian, the over-all coordinator for the schools Santa Clara and Santa Teresa. We also met with Antonia, who will do the cooking. Nice meeting. All in understanding. Saw the quarters in Santa Teresa. They should be fine. Good seperation between adults and students. We will need to by 2 or 3 truck loads of water for showers, banos etc. Remember, no water in this area. Where the team will stay we only have 4 showers, and 3 banos, but other banos are close. We also visited the families of the 2 homes that will be built. I will send pics with this message. This is quite the place. The mission will be tough. Kids will work side-by-side with teachers at the school in English classes etc. The day will begin with breakfast at 7 am and then work at 7:30. I will drive the work team to the site.
It's a bit more than a 5 minute walk. The coordinates for the homes are:
1. N and W
2. N and W
Both are at 1400 meters high, so it will be warm and tough. The terrain is really tough. The road is bad getting there but we only have to drive it so often. The kids should have ample time to play and interact with the kids. 2 groups of kids. 1 in the am, 1 in the pm. The day ends at 5 pm. Nancy and Lillian will work out a plan for distributing the items the team brings. Go to Google earth and see where these homes will be built. SW of Tegus.
So, I will call you later Dick. This will be a great mission. Also, let Sr. Joan know that the Sister’s of Charity will be starting a sewing school at St. Teresa and the nun is from Texas (I think) so Sr. Joan should do well. She will not be able to travel to the work site each day.
Have a great day. Peace.
Mr. Francis