2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, January 30, 2014

30 January 2014

Hello to all from GehlenMissionHonduras, MissionHondurasLeMars and Then Feed Just One.  I have finally figured out how to once again use this blog (with much help from Carolyn and Dick).  It's been almost 2 years since I used this blog, and since I have gotten older and my memory is not what it used to be I needed remedial training.  The last post I made to this blog was from Internet Tree Central in Nueva Capital with the team from Heelan.

I arrived in Honduras 2 weeks ago today, 16 January 2014.  Marta Sosa met me at the airport.  Marta and I had a nice meeting that day about many items.  Julio joined me on the 17th of January.  Marta had much trouble trying to find me an apartment like the last 2 years.  I will be in Honduras until 1 April 2014.  She was able to find a small house (owned by the owners of the apartments I have rented the past 2 years) which is about 10-12 minutes Southeast of Valley of Angels (VOA).  Julio and I moved in on Saturday 18 January 2014.  It's comfortable but I have no internet access there so I need to come into VOA each day to use the internet.  This is where I am at today.  There is a Catholic church about a 10 minute walk from the casa so that is really nice.

We can either walk about 15 minutes to the big road that leads out of VOA towards Tegucigalpa (Tegus) and catch a motor taxi ride into VOA or drive.  We can also catch a motor taxi in the area we live if one is traveling by.  The ride to VOA from either location is limpera's 20 ($1.00 U.S.) and the same for the return. 

Julio and I traveled to Esquias (our former base of operation) on 20 Jan 2014 and spent the night there.  Tacha was in the USA.  We visited with her elderly parents.  Thanks to Carolyn and Linda all the supplies in the bodega were well sorted, and in tubes or bags.  We left a few items for the Central De Salud in Esquais along with some other supplies for people in need.  Julio and I returned to VOA and the casa on Tuesday 21 Jan 2014. We then left for Julio's casa near Acote.  I stayed there with his family until Sunday 26 Jan 2014.  It was special for me to be there with his family and his wife is a great cook. 

On 24 Jan 2014. Julio and I visited the communities of LaLima and Aguacote.  These are where 2 water projects we recently completed.  I have been to LaLima 2 times before but with our medical team and JTFB (Joint Task Force Bravo) [the U.S. military] but, the road, if any existed, was very bad.  Julio said that ours is the only truck that has been there in about 2-3 months.  If you were on the road you would see why.  Thank God for Toyota Hilux 28-D.  Here we found a little 3 year old boy that has a bad heart valve.  MHL began helping that little boy and pregnant mother that moment.  She will be in Tegus on Lunas (Monday) of next week.  She will meet Julio at the bottom of that terrible mountain road and he will take her to Talanga to catch a bus to Tegus.  We will follow up.  Dick has probably mentioned this kid along with others in some of his messages.  I always look at these types of rides with their difficulty as something special because this is where you can find kids, or adults that would never get help.  It has happened so many times. We also gave the school in both communities notebooks for the kids from MHL.  In both communities the people were very thankful for the water project and the books.  Of course, along the way 3 other communities asked for help with a water project.  These are always difficult for me, but maybe in the future. 

On Friday Julio and I went to LaCeiba in MDLF for market day.  What a wild day.  And of course, it was raining.  I will never forget my lst ride (I was driving) off the mountain in the rain.  The road from Acote to LaCeiba is as bad as I have ever seen it.  The rains have been terrible.  The people get so isolated.  The big trucks carrying up supplies to trade do not help, but these people would not have access to food and other items.  Of course if the rivers are to big, they don't go.  Incredible day.  Many old friends seen.  Many indigenous needing help with food especially.  Also others needs $$/lps to get to Tegus for medical care or visit a family member in Hospital Esquela.  We also handed out notebooks to 2 more communities.  They were well appreciated.  On the way back to Julio's casa we visited with little Francesca who was seen and treated during our clinic in San Juan in 2009.  Her mother had died that morning and she was very sick, malnourished and next to death.  She received Plump Nut from Mission Honduras LeMars and 2 boxes of Then Feed Just One food.  Each time we pass where she lives, we check on her.  Julio always makes sure she gets boxes of Then Feed Just One rice when MDLF (Montana de la Flor) gets the food. She will also get new shoes for school.  I also saw little Mayveline (surgery a year and half ago).  She has dengue fever.  MHL bought medicine for her and her little sister.  We then saw Franci that continues to need other surgeries to lengthen her leg. I saw Yesenia's family along the trail.  Yesenia stayed home with her brother.  All 4 of these kids will receive special school supplies from MHL when Julio passes, which is either today, tomorrow, or maybe Saturday.

Julio and I were in Tegus on the day of the new presidents inauguration on Monday 27 Jan 2014.  We knew the police and military presence would be big with many roads closed so we got there at 7 am and got our business finished and left by 10:30.  We watched some of the celebration on TV.

Well guys, I better sign off and check other stories.  I think we will meet with Marta next Monday or Tuesday and travel to Nueva Capital and probably pick the families in need of a new house that you will work on. 

God bless.  Pray for heat.  I left a very cold South Dakota with lots of snow to get warm and so far its been really cool to cold.  Those mountain people are very cold.  Believe me they will get some blankets.

Well from my location many kiloments away from Internet Central I say goodby for now.  Soon you will be reporting from Internet Tree Central.  We will have all the logistics completed for your trip when you arrive.  Peace.

Mr. Francis