2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome Home St. Thomas More Mission Honduras

Wheels Up

To all readers. The team from St. Thomas More is on the last leg of their journey. They will be in Rapid in a couple of hours.
Take Care,
R. Seivert

Flight Schedule / Weather

Greetings to all readers: just checked St. Thomas More's last flight from Dallas to Rapid. It is on time. It is flight 2813 and leaves Dallas at 12:00 p.m. (CDT). Arrives Rapid City Regional at 1:15 p.m. (MDT).The weather looks good in Dallas and only a chance of some thunderstorms in the Rapid City area for afternoon. At this point it looks as if they will fly with no weather issues.
R. Seivert

Dallas Overnight

To all readers. Obviously St. Thomas More got into Dallas last evening right on time, for a needed good nights rest.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wheels Down in Miami

STM has landed - 7 minutes ago in Miami. Welcome home to the States.

Wheels Up / Over the Mountain

Greetings to all readers. St. Thomas More team is in the air headed to Miami. Frank called and said they were wheels up and over the mountain at 12:43 Honduras time. They are on the way. Will let you know on this blog when they land in Miami.
R. Seivert

Flight Schedules / Weather

I have checked the weather in Tegucigalpa, Miami, Dallas, and Rapid City for both today and tomorrow. Weather looks good for flying.
Have also checked flights for today and everything is on time.
Remember, their flights are all 'American Airlines'

Todays Flights:
Tegucigalpa to Miami Depart 12:30 Honduras time - arrive Miami 4:50 p.m. Miami time - Flight 954

Long Layover

Miami to Dallas Depart 9:30 p.m. - arrive Dallas 11:30 p.m. - Flight 1724

Overnight in Dallas
Thursday Flight: Dallas to Rapid City - Depart 12:00 p.m. - arrive Rapid 1:15 p.m. (MST) Flight 2813

If you want to track their flights just type in American Airlines in the URL area. Then click on 'Flight Status'
Then type in the flight number and hit GO.

I will be in phone contact with my brother and blog everyone when they have left Tegucigalpa. Once they are in Miami I would imagine they will begin to phone you.  I will keep you posted as best as I can throughout the day.
To get even more information go to the URL and type in www.flightaware.com
On this page, behind Airline Name type in 'American Airlines.'
Right below that type in the flight number and hit 'Track Flight'
Once this page comes up go over in the right hand column and check all the flight information.
Scroll down and it will give you even more information.
R. Seivert

Rise and Shine

Buenos  Dias
As we get ready to depart we'd like to post one last blog, maybe the most important one yet.  Our experience would not have been as full, impacting and amazing without some key people.  A heart full of gratitude to our support crew:  Frank, Julio, Angel, Carlos, Tacha, Sylvia, Noellia, Carolyn and Linda.  And a special THANK YOU to Dick.  Your parting words to us last night were beautiful and once again brought tears to our eyes.  Your hard work on the ground is behind the scenes and makes this experience possible. 
Finall,y we would be remiss without thanking the beautiful people of El Picacho for welcoming us into their hearts and homes.
God Bless you.
The Rapid City Mission Honduras Team

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Viva Picacho……Viva St. Thomas More!!!

That’s our theme for the day.  We had a joyful day filled with tears, hugs, kisses and gratitude as we said good bye.  As you’ll read below, it was very powerful.  Tears were shed by both the Hondurans and our team.  They truly did not want us to leave, which made it more difficult.  The immense sadness we felt was a sign of the wonderful relationships that were built.  You could have heard a pin drop on the bus as we drove away from the village. 

On the way home Frank informed us that there was a bridge out so we had to take a detour.  Our spirits were uplifted when we discovered it was really a surprise party thrown for us by what would be the equivalent of our governor.  We were treated to a fantastic lunch and a touching thank you speech. Gifts of t-shirts were presented to each of us as they called us up by name.  Once again we were brought to tears.  We are very humbled by their outpouring of gratefulness for the little we felt we have done. As we have been saying all week, they do so much with so little.  Yet this in no way keeps them from being joyful.  We were able to share our love, and received theirs in return.  Bishop Gruss told us at our send off prayer service this would happen.  He was right.
It’s been a long emotional day and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you when we return.
A Honduran adios for the last time in 2012……..  Good Night from Honduras.
Our love to all,
Karrie, Barb & Mary

Hey!  This is Dani.  Today was a very rollercoaster emotional day for almost all of us.  Today was our last working day in Picacho, and after Mass in the school house, we brought out all of our stuff to give to them.  They absolutely LOVED IT, and there was some pushing and grabbing involved, but it was so awesome to see how excited and grateful they all were.  Then, it was time to say “Adios.”  There were kids from the village starting to cry, and I felt the tears coming.  What made the water works start was when an elderly lady from the village grabbed me; I bent down to hug her, and she started kissing my cheeks saying some Spanish with tears in her eyes.  Later, I found out that she was saying, “Thank you for everything you have done; God bless you forever.”  I hugged the kids so tight while bawling my eyes out.  I didn’t know how to say, “I love you forever” in Spanish so I signed it to a girl, and she said “Si, Si” and gave me another long hug.  I’ve never been so overwhelmed with happy emotions for the memories, good times, and everything we have shared with Picacho, but I couldn’t bear to think that I could never see these people and kids again.  I couldn’t bear to think about their lack of opportunities and how much potential they all have.  I wanted to take them with me so badly it kills me just to walk away.  I know we did what we could to help, but this was the most difficult, yet rewarding day.  Tomorrow we are flying to the USA…hip-hip-HORAY! (Yes, that was intentionally rhymedJ)  I’m sad to leave the people, amazing food, and incredible landscapes, but I CANNOT WAIT to see everyone again!  Two more days!!! Lots of love—Danielle

Mark here…Theresa, how did it go for your mom today? Hope all is well – really been a great trip. All our love. See you Thursday = we’ll call when we get to Miami.
Hola for the last time from Honduras!! Today was a rough day. We woke up and went to work again, but only for 2 hours. We worked, and then went to Mass and then gave our stuff away. Saying goodbye to the kids today was one of the hardest things that I have done. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. The one family in particular that made a good amount of my pictures was the hardest to say goodbye to. The two older girls, Sarah and Hannah were crying, which caused me to start crying. The two little boys whom I got closest to were the hardest to say goodbye to, Joel who is 3 and Emerson who is 5. I gave them both hugs and put them down and told them that I had to go back to my house in the U.S., which I think that is when they understood that we weren’t coming back to work anymore. After I told them that, Joel started crying, which is the first time I had ever seen him cry, which made me cry harder. Emerson followed as he started to see Joel crying. I have pictures with them both so don’t worry! They became my children for the week. When we left, our bus had a flat tire so we stopped in a village for lunch while it went and got fixed. The place we stopped at ended up being a tourist restaurant/karaoke/pool place. They had really good avocados. We then made it back to Esquias and looked at the church there! We went and played at the park for a while. There is this boy there named Dennis who is probably like 8 or 9 who was the bully of Esquias we decided. He would steal everyone’s things and run away, making us chase after him. He drove all of us crazy, so he got the name “Dennis the Menace”. Now we are just trying to survive the heat here and we are waiting for dinner! We have an early morning tomorrow! See you guys Thursday!! Love You!! –Jordan M.

 PS. I did give Sarah a shout out on her First Communion, it was just attached to Bez’s blog post because I didn’t get a chance to blog that day!! That’s all!! See you soon!

Good Evening Everybody,
A boy who cries becomes a man; a man who cries has a heart. Today I tried not to cry when saying good bye to all of my new friends. When my friend Philippe said good bye tears were impossible to hold back. He said good bye my brother in English. Tears flowed because I know I will probably never see him again and I did so little and yet had such an impact on this boy’s life that he would call me brother. These tears of sadness kept coming as more and more kids ran up to me and gave me hugs and said good bye, calling me “Loco” because that was my nickname from the first night. Soon after words my tears turned into those of Joy. I will be home in 2 days, and able to see all of you that I love so much. As I sit here writing this the tears continue to flood my eyes, but that’s ok because I was once a boy crying and this trip changed me into a man with a heart.
God Bless, see you Soon!

Witt and Chris here. Can’t wait to see the family and friends when we come home. Be back real soon to tell you all about the trip.
-Witt Dobesh

Last Hola to everyone back home! Tomorrow we will be leaving, and soon we will see you guys for the first time in 10 days! Super excited even though my heart breaks when I think about all of the new friends we have made here. One thing that I cannot express enough is the fact of how close our group has grown together. We seriously have become one family, and are bound in a way that can only be expressed through service and sacrifice. Love you all, and for the last time in Honduras, Buenos Noches! –Catherine Gibbens

Jay speaking. Pretty emotional day today, had to say goodbye to all the kids I made a relationship with. But that means im just a day away from seeing you all! Just a couple plane rides away. Im so anxious to get there because despite the amazing experience ive had on this trip I still want to get home more than anything. Love you dad mom Kelly kaci and kaylee and ill see on Thursday. Oh and by the way I just finished the hunger games and I need to go the movie Friday night if any of u want to come! See u soon.
-Jay Cooper
Hey guys.. Jake here. I’d have to describe today with one word: emotional. I can’t even begin to explain how tough it was to say goodbye to all the kids I’ve made relationships with over this past week. It was so hard trying to explain to them that I was leaving and wouldn’t return. Especially when some of the kids touched the left side of their chests saying “you will always be in my heart and I will never forget you.” It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Also, I’ve become extremely close to these 2 brothers that live by our compound, Felipe and Josue(jo-sway). Today as it was getting dark I was out with them and I wrote them a little note and they wrote me one. As I was leaving and told them adios amigos and that I’d never forget them, they took my hand and said “brothers forever.” All I could do was hug them and walk away. I now know why our theme is “won’t let go.” I can’t and I will never let go of the memories I had while in Honduras. I am so grateful I got this opportunity. Thanks to everyone who helped me and to my family. I love you all, and I’ll see you soon.
Much love – Jake Sully

Today was our last day in Honduras. It began with two hours of hard work in Piccacho and a very emotional goodbye.  We have built up so many friendships with the people here that for most of us it is hard to leave, especially, with the project not fully completed.  For most of us we left the village in tears with the realization that we will most likely never see or talk with these people again, but they will forever remain in our hearts.  Words cannot describe this experience, and it was a wonderful end to such an amazing trip.  In the words of Mr. Dobesh, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”  Yes, it may be some very cheesey advice, but that was enough to remind us all what we came here for, and that we left with so much more.  See you all soon! Muchos Amor!
--Katie Kusser

When the team was preparing for this trip, I was beyond excited. However, when people would ask me how I felt the only true answer was surreal. It was beyond my comprehension that I would be away from my family, in a different country, speaking a different language, and building relationships anyway. But that is exactly what happened. We all experienced the initial difficulty, awkwardness, and frustration because we couldn’t speak to the people of Honduras, but as the days went on, we learned to communicate in different ways. We played and learned new games with the children, and we knew enough Spanish to ask the people we were working with how they were. A simple question that conveyed much more than the outer lying meaning. Today was filled with joy because we were able to give gifts to the needy, strong, enduring, and proud people of Picacho. It was touching to see grown men looking for small shoes or little clothes for their families. We all got teary-eyed when Emerson and Joel, two little boys that we had gotten very close to in Picacho, began crying when we said good-bye. Now, as we prepare for our journey back to what had once seemed familiar and necessary to everyday life, I find that THIS journey feels surreal as well. I probably won’t be fully adjusted to the comforts and regular tasks and hours of home for at least a few days. Everyone on this journey brought something different and unique, which made this trip a once in a lifetime journey. I feel sad saying good-by to the people of Honduras and the friends we have made here, and I feel anticipation to be home and see my family and friends again! Most of all, I feel blessed that I was able to show the Honduran people God’s love through my work and see it through them because of their joy, gratitude, and familial love. Our mission trip theme has been extremely fitting because no one on this journey will ever let go of our experience here.
--- Sincerely, Jordan S.

Hey its rylee! Just wanted to say hi. Cannot wait to see everyone in two days! I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly! Like almost everyone said above, today was a very emotional day. It is so sad to know today was our last day. We said goodbye to everyone we worked with and the friends we have made. I am so excited to tell you all about this amazing experience when I get home! Words cannot decide how amazing this trip has been. The love of all the Hondurans will stay in my heart forever. This trip will never fade in my heart or memory I love everyone here! Miss you all and love you! Can’t wait to see you! Goodnight!

Elizabeth here! I love reading these blogs, and I can’t wait to see everyone! Today’s goodbyes were hard.  I tried to stay strong, but I broke down once I saw Ingrid Johanna trying to hide her crying.  It made me realize they were sad we were leaving, and they trusted and loved us for us, not just another mission group.  I won’t forget the bonds, and I will treasure our pictures we have taken forever.  I think the hardest thing about this trip is going to be trying to tell people about it… I’ll start thinking now! I miss you all and love you and see you soon!
Love Elizabeth

Won't Let Go

And here we are. At the end of another high school mission team into Honduras. The team from St. Thomas More, Rapid City, S.D. A very special group. The ‘power of young people.’

As you  young people read this tonight I know you are back in the compound at Esquias. You’ve probably taken your one minute cold shower, had a little something to eat, packed for your trip home beginning tomorrow, and are ready to begin the last leg of this most amazing journey. You had a great day, didn’t you? The day was filled with all kinds of emotion, probably a lot of tears, and experiences that hopefully will be forever logged in your memories. My question to you is really quite simple. Will you ever forget the children of Picacho, Esquias, Comedor Pasionistas de San Diego, and even for some of you, Las Uvas ? Will you ever forget them?  Will your young lives ever be the same again? Will you ever think of water the same? How about food?

In last night’s message Catherine Gibbens wrote, “Tomorrow will definitely be a day to remember, because none of us will ever let go.”

Once again, for about the hundredth time, I just finished watching and listening to the theme song of this year’s mission program on youtube – “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts. I’m not sure but I don’t think we could have picked a better theme for your experience in Honduras, at least your messages on the blog seem to indicate that, much like Catherine’s comment. But that will be your TEST in the coming days, weeks, and months, won’t it? Who has received more in this mission – the people and children of Honduras, or you?

In the song ‘I Won’t Let Go”, he sings, ‘It’s like a storm, that cuts a path, it breaks your will, it feels like that’. Personally, I think of Honduras and all of its children often when I hear those words, and I have thought of you a thousand times in the past few days because of those words, and the strength and will that each of you have shown during this mission and hopefully will continue to show and experience in the years to come. I think of how you were THERE for Honduras and the children of Picacho when no one else was – much like the teams from Heelan and Gehlen. The sacrifices you and your families have made to help others. In the 1960’s, in one of his books, Michael Harrington wrote, “That the poor are invisible is one of the most important things about them, they are not simply neglected and forgotten, what is much worse, THEY ARE NOT SEEN.”

Dear St. Thomas More Mission Honduras, thanks for SEEING the poor of Honduras, and in ‘them’ you will see the plight of billions all over our planet.  Like Catherine said, ‘none of us will ever let go,’ please don’t.  My belief in the inherent goodness and power of young people leads me to conclude that you will keep this experience close to your heart. In the message I sent to the Heelan group right before they left Honduras I used a famous quote that says, “ Preach the Gospel every day, use words if necessary.” From this point forward St. Thomas More, never be afraid to stand up for the poor. Do you remember that other part of the song that goes, ‘It hurts my heart, to see you cry, I know It’s dark, this part of life, Oh it finds us all, and we’re too small, to stop the rain, Oh but when it rains, I will stand by you.’

That’s you St. Thomas More, standing tall tonight for the poor of Honduras. On behalf of the people you went to serve, the children of Honduras, tonight I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Many thanks as well to everyone that has made this trip so successful. Special thanks to our Honduran contingent: Julio, Angel, Carlos, Tacha, Marta, Marny, Fr. Bonilla, and all those that assisted you in any way. Many thanks to Francis, Carolyn, and Linda. Once again you have stepped up for another group of young people and I hope that your example will lead them to great things in their future. Many thanks to the wonderful chaperones on this years team, what a great bunch you have been. Special thanks to Mary Casey and Barb Honeycutt. Your planning, wisdom, love, and effort have made all of this possible. And most especially and finally to all you students, thanks, but ‘Don’t Let Go.’

Godspeed St. Thomas More and your return to Rapid City – may the wind be always at your back.

Richard Seivert
Mission Honduras     

Monday, April 16, 2012

Kudos for the Kids

It has been a privilege to work alongside your kids these past few days. We knew they were an awesome group of young people before we left, but having the opportunity to be with them affirmed how great thery truly are. There love of Christ continues to be a beacon of light for all they encounter.Thank you for sharing them with us.

A few observations:

Witt - One of the few who can keep up with the Hondurans.
Jake - Discovered his voice! Considering dropping football for Fine Arts.
Nicole - Age is not a barrier for her when it comes to making friends with all Hondurans.
Katie  - Lulls us all to sleep with her giggles.
Jay - The kid magnet; can create a game out of nothing.
Caitlin - Renewed old friendships, including updating Elbe and Alex on Liam.
Jordan Miller -  Family comes first for Jordan, remembering and praying for her cousin, who was making her First Communion.
Elizabeth - Needs to use every fiber of her being not to pet the darling puppies.
Tessa - If she ever needs a babysitting job in the U.S.A., she passed the test in Honduras.
Dani - Thanks to her artistic gift, a part of our team will be remembered forever through the beautiful mural she drew.
Jordan Stratman - The children are intrigued by her; she is as fair as they are dark.
Dom - Heart the size of Honduras.
Rylee - Tiny, but mighty.
Kia - The girls scream for her at the sight of a snake...for that matter, the boys do, too!
Catherine - Her Espanol helped immensely in bridging the communication barrier.

Today was a great day for all! Very hot, but that did not slow us down. We picked, dug, carried pipe, layed pipe, and last of all, covered it up! We were also able to deliver another truck load of our donated items tostampe Las Uvas, a neighboring community.  Like the feeding center we were welcomed with open arms.  As Dani put it when the kids came running it felt like the buffalo stampede from them Lion King. We are all so ready to reunite with our families, but leaving will be bittersweet. Tomorrow, our last work day, will be only 2 hours. Following work, we will have our last celebration of the Eucharist with our Honduran friends. The music is getting more beautiful and lively everyday and tomorrow will be a joyful time. The ladies of the village have fed us well and are incredible cooks. They do so much with so little.

Beings our time is coming to a close, we were able to thank our incredible support team that we have grown to love. Our three cooks, Julio, our gurardian angel, Angel, the engineer of the project, and of course, Frank, who has a heart of gold. They loved their rosaries, STM shirts, colorful aprons and the thank you speech delivered in Espanol by Jordan S., Elizabeth, Catherine, and Dom. They joined us in a rousing rendition of "Alabare a mi Senor!" What a joyful sound it was! Clapping, dancing, laughing, and tears made it a memorable evening. God has blessed us through them and we will miss them all.

Until tomorrow.......

Barb, Karrie, and Mary

Hey everyone! As you probably read yesterday we went shopping and I got everyone their awesome presents! J It was so much fun to see the town and all the shops. It is crazy to think I only have two days left here and it makes me sad to leave all the people we have met and worked with. I am ready to be home and shower for more than one minute! Haha Today we worked digging trenches again and it was actually soil and not rocks so it was a good change of pace. Also we brought along the donations from everyone to a nearby village FULL of kids! We stopped at a “daycare” and showed them the vitamins and shampoos when all the sudden school was out and about 30 kids came running down the street. Luckily I was standing by the bag of toys….(sarcasm) they all came running to the toy bag so excited to receive a new item to bring home. They were all full of smiles with hands reaching out. It was good to know all the toys, clothes, vitamins and shampoos are going to some wonderful kids who really needed it. While Dani and I chose the lucky numbers to get to drop off the bags all the other kids were still working hard in the dirt. We are all now getting packed to go home and waiting for dinner. Over all a great day! Tomorrow will definitely be hard for a lot of us but we are all thankful for our time here. Love you all back home and miss you! <3 (MICHELLE AND LIZ never fear I got your presents! J) Love you see you soon!


Hola!  Sorry to my family that I haven’t blogged in a few days!  Yesterday we went shopping in Valley of the Angels, and I bought some pretty cool stuff for all of you, so get ready.  Valley of the Angels was CRAZY with bright colors everywhere, vendors, and the store people were so nice too!  They would even say “Gracias, God Bless!” as we were leaving the store; how awesome is that?!  Today, we went to Picacho and continued to dig trenches.  Rylee and I picked the lucky number to go to another village with Mrs. Casey, Tessa, Frank, and Julio to deliver all the goods we packed in our black bags.  We brought them to a little school where a few kids and two teachers there.  Frank explained how to distribute the vitamins, how to use lotion, etc.  We brought out the toys to give to a few kids, and suddenly, like a herd of buffalo, around thirty school kids come sprinting down the hill to get toys…WOW!  It was very overwhelming, but so rewarding!  I just got back from the local store where I purchased a mango fruit bar for about 25 cents!  I am going back tomorrow to buy some candy and goodies to take home!  I have a hard time thinking out us leaving Honduras, especially the kids here (I want to take them home…yes, Mom and Dad? J)  I am also so excited to see everyone!  I miss you all lots and lots!

Lots of love, Dani J

Hola Miller family!! I am so sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days, too busy!! Saturday we worked, we dug and started laying the pipes! It was a long day but we got through it, we had Mass and I can’t remember what else happened because it was too long ago. Yesterday morning we said goodbye to Carolyn and Linda, which was kind of sad, so we are kind of on our own now. We had our 3 hour bus ride to the Valley of the Angels. Shopping was awesome! It took a lot out of me! I am glad to say that I will be coming home bearing gifts!! We were exhausted when we got home and then later we said the Divine Mercy Chaplet. This morning we got up to work again! It is sad to think that tomorrow will be our last day working and then we will never get to see these kids again. L We dug more trenches today , surprise surprise and they were uphill today so it was more difficult to dig! We had Mass there and ate lunch there again today also! We started teaching them some songs and they were singing and playing music on their phones while we were working which seemed to pass the time! We got back and then we needed to start packing what we were going to give away and what we were putting in our carry-on and what we were putting back in our black bags. I struggled with that and managed to be the last one to deliver her stuff. Also, today a bird flew into the dining room as Caitlin and I were reading and talking to Mrs. Duffy. All 3 of us were sitting under the table while Jake, Witt, and Mr. Dobesh thought it was the coolest thing. The bird landed and Tacha managed to catch it with her bare hands and throw it out the door. We will just have a normal night again and I am going to try and make a bigger dent in the first Hunger Games book. Wish me luck! See you Thursday!! Love You! ---Jordan M.

Hey its jay! Second to last work day, we had some intense work today. Have gotten within the last mile or so of a near seven mile trench and it feels so good. Just one more work day and ill be on my way back. I miss u all so much, love u! :)

-Jayshawn Cooper

Well hello again! You can’t get on me for not writing now, Mom! ;) Today we went back to Picacho. We really have lucked out with the weather this whole trip. It’s hot, for sure, but not as hot as it usually is (so we’re told). Today Rylee, Dani, Mrs. Casey, and I got to go with Frank to Las Uvas (a village about 20 minutes away from Picacho) to deliver a lot of toys, vitamins, and other things to a day-care type place. We started handing out toys to the 15 kids at the day-care and word must have spread because they let out school and probably 40 more kids came herding to the day-care with their hands outstretched for toys, stickers, and anything else they could get their hands on. They were all so excited and it was extremely overwhelming, but it felt good to share something that we usually take for granted. Then we headed back to Picacho for the last hour of work before Mass and lunch. I immediately found my little friends and got to playing. I pulled out my journal and pens and let them have at it. They loved it. They wrote their names and drew lots of pictures of cats, houses, bunnies, and trees. We, once again, took lots and lots of pictures. I can’t even stand how cute they are. I feel like they are my little babies and leaving them tomorrow is going to be so hard. I try not to think about it too much. After work, we had Mass and lunch at Picacho. We hardly eat though, because we usually grab a kid, have them sit on our lap, and let them eat the food we get. It’s too hard not to. When we got back to the compound, we showered and packed up the stuff we want to leave the people of Picacho tomorrow. Then we headed down to the store to get ice-cream and lots of candy to take home. It’s really hitting me that this trip is almost over. I really don’t want it to be. At the same time, though, I can’t wait to be home and share everything with you guys. So many stories to tell you. Love and miss you all!

-Tessa Pesicka

Hey everyone! It’s Jake. Working today felt like it took an hour. It was so fast. We got a ton done and I finally had a full convo with a Honduran. Somewhat I guess. So it was a pretty successful day in my mind. I just got back from the store with a HUGE machete for grandpa.. but don’t tell him. It’s so big. But now I’m relaxing and reading the 2nd book of the Hunger Games. I can’t put it down. These books have definitely made me love reading. Well see you guys soon!! Love y’all lots!

-Jake Sully

Hello Family and Friends! Yesterday I didn’t get to put my name on my blog, but it was the last one.  So today while working Fr. Jim and I were working with a very old looking man.  He talked to us and tried to teach us some Spanish words (I’ve found that “pala” (shovel) and piocha (pick axe) are two very useful words for this project). Then he told us that he is 74 years old and has a hernia, but doesn’t have enough money to pay for surgery that he needs.  I was so humbled because this guy was working just the same as I was… only his condition was much worse.  It’s just one of the many cool things that I’ve seen on this trip.  I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day here…I don’t know if I am even ready! I know that we have made a difference though and that the people are so grateful.  Well goodnight for now and see you in a few days Rapid City! Love you!


Good Afternoon South Dakotians! Today was probably the hottest day so far, so it made work a little more tiring today. Our main job of the day was to dig the trenches up this giant  hill, which I am pretty sure I slid down at least 5 time, and to fill in the dirt after placing in the pipes. For me it was a pretty hard working day. Sleeping seems to be the norm as you can all probably tell from all of the pictures posted! Riding on the bus for hours at a time just seems to take it all out of us! Today we are packing up all of our personal items that we want to give to those in Picacho, since tomorrow is our last work day L I am  so sad to leave this town since we have become like family with the kids and adults, but I am incredibly excited to be able to see the people’s faces when we hand them our clothes and other donations.  Tomorrow will definitely be a day to remember, because none of us will ever let go.

P.S. Grandma good luck and be strong tomorrow, you are in our prayers every day and I can’t wait to see you first thing when I come home! (The people loved the prayer cards and medallions that you and Aunt Lorie gave to me! ) Lots of love to all my family and friends, Catherine G.

Hey mom, dad, and Cassidy! Sorry it has been so long since I last blogged, it has been busy! Yesterday we went into the Valley of the Angels and got to shop in the tourist shops. We had the best pizza ever for lunch! Muy deliciosa! I got presents for all of you, but you will have to wait in suspense until I get home to see what they are! The team worked in Picacho again today laying pipeline and digging MORE trenches! We are all getting really close to the people of Picacho, especially the kids! Everyone was joking and teasing each other today even though we can’t all speak the same language. The language barrier is definitely still there, but it isn’t as much of an obstacle. I am missing all of you, but loving the no school lifestyle ;) It is going to be really hard to leave on Wednesday. I hope all is well back home! All my love

-Jordan S.

P.S. Cassidy, we should definitely name the bottle calf Carlos after our awesome bus driver here in Honduras! Tell dad thank-you for riding Ginger for me, and I’m sorry Molly is being a hassle!

Hey everyone! Today was a great day at work in Picacho. We dug ditches, hauled pipe, and covered the trenches after the pipe was laid. We walked down to Mass in the school room feeling very accomplished. We came back to the compound and began packing and sorting—preparing for our trip home (can’t believe it’s already here!). It will be very hard to say our goodbyes to the people of Picacho tomorrow, but we will always have a connection with them and a hope that what we accomplished will affect their lives half as much as they have affected ours. We are missing all of you and are getting very excited to see you! Brendan, Liam, Ciara, and Aislinn, Caitlin is almost finished with the Hunger Games- and she started it yesterday!! God Bless you all. Love, Mom and Caitlin  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shop Till You Drop!!

Before we "shopped till we dropped," we were sad to say good bye to Carolyn and Linda.  You can see them below with the rest of our support crew.  The entire Mission Honduras group are amazing people who have dedicated a good portion of their lives to this program.  They take our saftey and our experience very seriously.  We see God working through them continually.
We had a blast pumping our money into the Honduran economy. For lunch we were treated to Honduran style pizza and ice cream. Like everything else, it was delicious. Leftovers, which we Americans take home and usually throw away, were gathered up and given to those whom our bus driver Carlos, one of our Gaurdian Angels, felt were in need. One happened to be a young boy walking down the dusty, dirty road. The picture below tells it all.
The second group picture below is of the team and Julio, another one of our Guardian Angels.  The kids have commented on how safe they feel with him around.  We wanted you to look into  the loving eyes of Julio, whose very poor tribal village,Montana de le Flor, will receive the food that we packed at our Packing Hope day. On behalf of the entire mission team we want to thank you for your generosity.  We are seeing first hand the difference YOU made by following Gods command to feed the hungry.

It was fun to hear the kids talk about and shop for you all. The thoughtfulness that they showed as they shopped told us how much they love you......then they dropped!!
Off to bed. Back to work tomorrow.
Barb, Mary and Karrie

PS  Bill, I'm excited to share with you how much I saved by shopping in Honduras.  And Carol Cooper.....are you working or blogging?  :)  Barb

PS2  Dan, I wasn't able to come up with 75 pounds of coffee....just 50.  Bag weight limit.
Get the machine ready. The team is all coming over for lattes.  Karrie

PS3  Bridget, thank you for insisting I buy that HUGE package of batteries.  I'm almost out!!  Mary/Mom

PS4  Bill and family, are you breathing?  Anyone home?    Mary & Karrie

Hello! Jake here.. Today was really fun because we got to go shopping and best of all I finished the Hunger Games!! Can’t wait to start number 2!! Everything here is going good. The days are going by so fast, but I am excited to come home to my wonderful family!! JonPaul- don’t worry buddy, I’m coming home soon and we can play xbox and guts all you want. I miss you so much and please don’t run away again because I want to see you! Skylar- I will definitely crack your back when I get back. I got you a sweet knife. You’ll love it. Just don’t stab me. Haha Jed- I might get grandpa a big machete so you can have the one I got for him. It’s really cool. Savannah- well, I guess I forgot to get you something.. haha just kidding. Mom & Dad- I can’t wait to see you guys. I just hope I have a clean room to come home ;) And I’ll be in “yard work” condition, so be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts. Well, everyone is wanting to blog so I better let them. Love you guys so much. Miss you even more. 4 more days!!

-Jake Sully

Hola again! Sorry I haven’t been writing often, there’s just so much to do here! I’ve either been playing cards, playing with the kids in the village, or singing. Last night we got all the boys to do some duets with us and we recorded them so you’ll see them when we get home! The day before, we visited a “soup kitchen” type of place for about 30 kids in one of the poorest villages in Honduras. The kids just clung to us. We brought them lots of toys, hair accessories, and vitamins. They went crazy. I’m pretty sure almost every kid had at least 10 stickers stuck to their faces. When we left, each of them came up to us and gave us huge hugs and just didn’t seem to want to let go. Today we went shopping at Valley of the Angels. We had pizza and ice cream and I got everyone some souvenirs. Then we came back to the compound and played with some kids from the village. They sang and dance some songs they knew and we did the same. A couple of the girls know a little English, so it’s not too hard to communicate. Tomorrow we go back to Picacho to work. Well, I won’t be working, I’ll be taking pictures and playing with my favorite little kids Jolé, Emerson, Fernando, and Ingrid Johanna. I really can’t even begin to imagine leaving these kids. I’ve spent so much time with them and I’ve become more than attached. They are the sweetest, funniest, and absolute CUTEST kids I have ever known. (Don’t worry I have LOTS of pictures of them to show you.) So don’t be surprised if I come home with a few of them. It’s just so hard to think about us going home to our lavish lives and leaving them here. I can’t help but think about what their lives would be like in the States. For now, though, I will enjoy my last two days with them. It’s so crazy to think that this amazing adventure is coming to an end soon. I want to stay longer, mostly for the kids.  I miss you all. I can’t wait to show you pictures and the things I bought today and share my many stories with you.  Much love!

-Tessa Pesicka

Buenos noches! Witt and Chris here had a great time buying all sorts of gifts in the Valley of the Angels. That is pretty much all that happened so see you all soon enough! Just three more days!

-Witt Dobesh

Hey its jay, sorry I missed yesterday, ive come down with the malaria…haha just kidding-knock on wood. Today we went to the valley of the angels where we basically shop all day long. It was some crazy stuff but I managed to get u all the stuff that u will love! Just two days til I can come home. Love u mommy daddy Kelly kaci and kaylee and ill see u soon :)

-Jayshawn Cooper

Hola it’s Nicole and Dad (Tony),

Sorry guys we haven’t been writing we are so intrigued in our card games and I can’t believe I am saying this but our books. Yes, we are actually reading! Everyone has a book at all times. Today we went to the Valley of Angels it is similar to a Keystone and has many shops. Dad and I spent ohhh enough money, but can’t wait to give you your gifts! We had pizza at a pizzeria and it was delicious! We traveled again through Talanga on our way today and witnessed more poverty. Words really can’t describe it. What is Sheldon and Stephanie up to? How are Grandma Julie and Grandpa Ed? Mom have you gotten my hair appointment for prom all figured out? If not it is no worries don’t stress over it. Miss you guys! Love you.

Hola fellow Kussers,

Today was another adventurous day in Honduras.  Today we went to the Valley of the Angels and we were swarmed by vendors and shops.  Everything there was crazy cheap and I made off like a bandit.  We are now back at the compound relaxing and playing cards.  We all have really grown together as a group.  We have two more hard days of work tomorrow and Tuesday, and Tuesday we will be delivering our clothes and left over toys to a village nearby Piccacho.  I have had a wonderful time so far! Lots of Love!

--Katie Kusser

Hey Bradfords and Everyone else, sorry it has been awhile since the last time I blogged. I am having such a great time! Today we went to Valley of Angels and shopped, I hope you like what I got you. Unfortunately I was out 20 bucks before the day even started; in the third store we walked into I bumped into a vase and broke it How has the baseball team been doing? I am getting a mad farmers tan! And I haven’t shaved the whole time, starting to look like a barbarian. I honestly am having such a great time it is going to be hard to come home, but I miss you all so much that I am starting to feel like I need to be back.

Love you All, God bless and good night


Hi everyone! Today was a nice and relaxing Sunday for us; today we went to Valley of the Angels to shop! Mom and Jen, Dad and I got some cool things for you guys and I can’t wait for you guys to see them! All of the jewelry and wood carved items were gorgeous! And Mom I am really jealous of the potato pizza! Since it’s my favorite and all :/ We will have to get it when Dad and I come back! If anyone at school is reading this blog I miss you guys, but still not quite ready to leave here yet! It’s so amazing all of the experiences I am been able to have, and the different change of pace. Love all of you and good night and God watch over us as we sleep!

P.S. Jen tell Ry-fy that if there are not any cookies when I get back he’s going to get a talking to!

Catherine G.

Hello! Today was a busy day, but different than usual.  We went to Valley of the Angels and got to go shopping! It’s more crazy than anything there…But it’s an experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss.  Family: it was almost like shopping in Cozumel or Jamaica! I got to wear my dress today! For lunch we had awesome pizza and I had mango ice cream too.  I am still learning  on my pitch strategies and I’m getting better! One of our Junta questions was how do we think the Hondurans are rich.  I believe they are rich in pride.  For example, driving by many villages with poverty, you still see women sweeping broken down steps in front of a shack with a broom made of a tree stick with leaves.  She has enough pride in keeping those steps clean that she still sweeps them to present her house as best she can. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seeing the Job Come Full Circle......Priceless

Another day of digging led Mark to comment, "If the good Lord would "  Fortunately we got to add the tasks of laying the pipe and filling the trenches back up.  On top of that we were able to trench up to one of the villagers houses and lay and bury their pipe. You can't imagine how good it felt to see a small part of the project come full circle.  The smiles on everyones faces were uplifting.  We now have a new surge of energy.  It will come in handy tomorrow when we go to the Valley of the Angels for our day of shopping!
Junta, our nightly time of sharing our thoughts of the days events, tonight was especially inspiring.  The kids were to share how they saw the Resurrected Christ in their day.  Again we were amazed at how deep their reflections were.  You are raising beautiful Christ centered children who certainly know how to live the Gospel.
We find ourselvles a bit sad tonight as tomorrow we have to say goodbye to two of our fearless leaders.  Carolyn Bickford and Linda Reichle are leaving us to return home.  They have guided us in this unfamiliar land and kept us safe.  We pray for a safe journey home for them and will treasure their friendship!!
One last note, did you parents know that your children can sing?  Tonight Fr. Jim broke out his guitar and the woman who has been keeping us fed, Tacha, joined them in singing some Spanish songs.  Yes we did get it on video and yes, you will get a copy.
Until tomorrow.......Barb, Karrie & Mary

Hello everyone! Mr. Dobesh and I are doing quite well! We are definitely loving the food here; it is fantastic! Yesterday, I caught a basilisk, and unfortunately all I got to keep of it was the tail. But it makes a nice souvenir! After all the hard work we have been doing the last couple of days, we finally got to see it come through after laying down some pipes in the ground today. Don’t miss us too much and we both love and miss you mom and Corten! Be home soon, just a little more work to do!

-Witt and Chris Dobesh

Hey everybody! Jake here.. another productive day in Picacho. We laid some major pipe for a while then we dug. The sun wasn’t out at all and it was so cool. Then we came home and I took a much needed shower. Then we played(well attempted to play) soccer with the children. After about 30 minutes of butt kicking I’m back here writing to you all. Hope all is well. Miss and love you guys!

-Jake Sully

Elizabeth here! Everybody is playing cards right now and we still have an hour til bed.  I just want to say that today felt like lots of work was done! Pipes were laid in the trenches we dug, a true sign of progress.  For supper tonight Tatcha made tostadas… not sure what that means for everyone, but it was like fried tortilla, a mix of meat, potatoes, and carrots, topped with lettuce and fresh tomatoes.  YUM! It was everyone’s favorite. I hope things are great back home! Landon, I hope your ACT went well…I’m sure it was fun;). I was so excited to hear from you Watts’! I miss you family! Tomorrow we go to Valley of the Angels! Matthew, Steven…want machetes?!?!

PS. Dominic says he misses and loves you guys! (to his family)

PS2. Jordan says to her family that she loves them and misses them and congratulations to Sarah on her First Communion!

PS3. Catherine says to tell her mom that she misses and loves her also, and asks you to tell Anna that she finished the three Hunger Games!

Love Elizabeth

Hi it’s Rylee! So I was really not feeling well today which made me pretty mad because I could not help dig or work. I am feeling much better now, I had to take some nasty drink all day. It was like salt water but Honduran style. Weird. Anyway we are all relaxing now and will be going to bed soon. I was not faking like Kia thinks…butt head. Tomorrow we get to go to the Valley of Angles to buy presents J Um Luke…arm wrestling match is ON! Also Kia and I were outside by the gate for awhile tonight talking and enjoying the air when she would get a little too excited to start Junta or scare someone she ran into the clothes line twice and swung back so fast….she won’t ever learn.  Hope all is well at home and I miss you guys! Love you! J

Hola Amigos! It’s Kia! I am great! I just want everyone to know how awesome Rylee is! She is so funny and super pretty. Despite the fact that she faked sick today and skipped out on work! Remember that Dad, you thought I was lazy!! Well, as much as I would just LOVE to see you all again (hope you caught that sarcasmJ), I’m really not ready to come home. I can’t imagine me feeling any differently in four days. It is so nice here, I love it. The people are so friendly and if you couldn’t tell by my greeting, I’m learning a different language! I know you guys won’t believe me but I am doing the best I can when we work, yes it is hard but I think I’m growing some muscle (Rylee actually thinks hers are bigger… HA)! Booyah!! Well, Jay would like to post something so I’m going to get off of here. I hope you all are having a grand old time without me.

PS. Elizabeth Wade and Michelle Jaeger, we love you both and we miss you. She is sitting right next to me and we’ve been thinking about you both this whole time. I hope you guys are having a blast!! LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!! (Kia and Rylee) <3


Hi Dan, Brendan, Liam, Moira, Ciara, Aislinn, Mairin, and Declan.

We don’t have much time to blog because we want to get this posted, but we wanted to let you know how unbelievably comforting it was to find out that all is well at home. Liam, your friend Alex from Esquias says hello! We are looking forward to our day at Valley of the Angels tomorrow. Oh, and Moira, we are missing our lattes too! Time is flying by—we miss you and we’ll be home soon!! And it is good to hear that you’re missing us too! God Bless. Caitlin and Mom
Hi Everyone,
You made my day when I saw your message. I miss you all terribly!! Love, Mom/Mary

PS Carol, don’t worry about the contract. I’ll take care of it when I get home. I’ve already touched base with her. Miss You!!!!!!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Visit to the Poorst in our Midst


As you’ll read below our day today looked much different than the past two.   Frank our guide here on the ground in Honduras took us to the feeding center in Talanga.  We were told this is one of the poorest parts of Honduras, this was evident in what we saw.  When we arrived we were swarmed by little ones who were dressed in their Sunday best for our visit.  We brought with us vitamins, toothbrushes/paste and of course……TOYS.  Word traveled fast when the toys were brought out and the crowd of children grew quickly.  Our kids had a blast distributing the toys and playing soccer with the barefoot children.  One child from a family of six who were working nearby gathering firewood wanted to play so badly, but was unable to because he had to help his Mom with the chore.  It was hard to see him left out.  They did eventually come over and get some stickers.  You’ll see two of them in the photo below in the white shirts.  It made everyone smile.  We were able to help cook and serve the meal and then see our vitamins distributed and toothbrushes and toothpaste used.  It was hard for us all to say goodbye but Frank promised us that he’d distribute more of our supplies to this facility.  So thank you so much to all of you who went out of you way to fill up our donation boxes and bags!   Upon returning to Esquias we were treated to a wonderful rainstorm.  The shampoo was brought out and the kids made good use of this much needed gift from the heavens.

Tomorrow we will find ourselves back on the trench line working up a sweat.  We’re hoping the rain will soften the dirt for us!!

Until tomorrow……Karrie, Mary & Fr. Jim

PS  Your kids continue to amaze us in their unconditional love for the Hondurans and each other.

Hola! To start off madre or padre if you could please visit the school and get my cars binder and my lit book with the white cover out of my locker that would be amazing. Second, it was another great day in Honduras.  We visited the feeding center in another village, and we were overwhelmed by about 40 or 50 kids.  We brought the kids toys and vitamins that will last them quite a long time.  By the end of the day I met multiple kids and gave them all the toy cars and silly bands which they absolutely loved.  Soon we brought out a brand new soccer ball for them which they taped up and will probably use for at least a couple of  years.  Tonight it poured.  So, Kia, Rylee, Elizabeth, Catherine, and I showered in the rain.  You will all be excited to know we are currently the cleanest here. We (Danielle), also, made our (her) mark on the dining hall wall by drawing our groups portrait. Hope you all are having a great time in the states! Much Love!

--Katie Kusser

Hey guys! It is Jordan S. We had a fun and rather exciting day today. First we went to a small village called Talanga and visited a soup kitchen that fed the children of the village. It was so amazing to be able to give them the vitamins, toothpaste, and of course toys! The kids were so excited, especially when we got the stickers out. They just about attacked Elizabeth and I! They had stickers all over; one even had 17 stickers all over his face and arms. We were also able to give them a soccer ball so the kids had quite the game going. When we got back to the compound, to our surprise we found a little friend. Well not so little. It was a giant gecko or lizard thing! Witt caught it and was holding it when it released its tail and ran away! As you probably guessed most of the girls were on chairs and benches… including myself! However, I did hold its tail and snapped quite a few pictures. Well I gotta go. We have to go pick up some firewood! Hasta luego! (See ya later)  

Hey everyone!  This is Dani.  Before I start talking about this exciting day, mom…could you please return those prom shoes?  I realized I don’t need them; thank you J Today was AWESOME!  We got to sleep in 30 minutes later, then, we went to Talanga where there was a soup kitchen for kids.  We brought all types of school supplies, vitamins, toys, hair accessories, and stickers!  The kids there were absolutely awesome, and they spoke to me like I knew Spanish…I just smiled and said “Si.”  There was one girl especially who clung onto me who covered herself in 14 stickers!  We drew our houses, and I tied a ribbon in her hair.  When we had to go, she just clung to my neck and would not let go!  Today has been my favorite day thus far!  When we came back to the compound, we found a lizard with an EXTREEMLY long and creepy tail on the wall.  Witt picked it up and its tail detached! AHHHH!  Now the lady who makes our meals is chasing everyone around with it!  Better get back to the card game.  Love and miss you all lots and lots, and I can’t wait to see you soon!


Hello! It’s Jake. Today was pretty laid back compared to the other days. We went to an orphanage and played with some kids. We pulled out a real soccer ball and all their faces lit up. It was such an amazing feeling. Every kid in Honduras has one thing in common.. soccer. They love it and make me look stupid haha. That’s pretty much all I have to say about today. Although something terrible happened today, my memory card won’t read in my camera. It must have broken somehow, but hopefully it still retained all the pictures and videos I took. Hopefully. But thankfully we have about 10 cameras, so there will be PLENTY of pictures. Anyway, hope everyone is safe and having fun! Love and miss you guys so much!!

-Jake Sully

Jay here, today rocked. We went to the feeding house and had a blast with the kids and parents. Yesterday was a different story though. A little kid named dennis stole my camera and took all 27 photos that it had, that little jerk! But I managed to get him back by throwing his flip flop off of our little soccer arena haha. We had a lot of fun, cant wait to see u guys still. Love u all!

-Jay Cooper        

Nicole and Dad (Tony),

We went to a children’s feeding center that feeds up to at least forty kids over lunch. It was in the village of Talanga. It was very high poverty. The kids had fun playing soccer with us and hopefully pictures will be posted. We did not eat there, but we packed our own sack lunches. Tonight we are having mass and doing our usual Junta it is a gathering of all of us and we reflect on the day. We miss everyone at home and hope you keep us in your prayers because it is extremely hot down here. Have you guys received any rain? Stephanie please don’t wear my jeans oh and dad says don’t bug mom about any sleepovers. Sheldon, you miss us? Little?  Love you guys! Goodnight!


Chaperone Mark……

What an awesome trip – the kids are great and make quite a team. Seems the guys gravitate to the nearest soccer field and the gals to the little ones – everybody pitches in and the days are flying by. The scenery is absolutely majestic here in the mountains, and the Honduran people are very happy in their un-harried lives. It is really neat to see how little stress there is here – there is definitely a lesson there for all of us on the STM team. Took a turn on the washboard last night – jeans came out clean, but a little stiff, so the locals tell me I need to rinse better. All my love to Theresa, Jen, Chris and Molly. Don’t worry, hon, I have your coffee order in the books!

Hola Miller family! Today we did not work, which was kind of nice because we got a break and were able to go to this other village and play with some kids. I don’t remember what the village was called because all of the villages here kind of sound the same to me. Anyways, there was this little boy there that met told us his name or age or anything, but he let us pose him for pictures. He was such an angel. There may be a picture of him on the blog, not too sure though. We were able to pass out toys and vitamins. They colored with the crayons we brought them and they managed to use alllllll of the stickers that we brought and put them all over themselves. Also, the little girls liked the hair clips, ribbons, barrettes, and headbands that we brought them. I got to play soccer again with them today. When we got home we made sure that playing pitch was in our agenda along with trying to figure out what to draw on the wall for our group. Also, as I got out of the shower, I heard everyone screaming and apparently they found some sort of lizard in the dining room. Well Witt caught it and it was spinning and then its tail fell off and ran away. That’s all for now! Hope to write to you guys tomorrow! Love you!

--Jordan M

My day was a little different than the rest. I stayed back at the compound recuperating from dehydration. I would have not said this last night, but today realize what a blessing it was to be sick. God continues to remind me throughout this trip that He is in control. Feeling under the weather provided me the opportunity to come to know Tacha, our cook, who nursed me back to health with all her “secret potions; manzanilla tea and delicious soup.  It tasted excellente and soothed my aching body. Tacha, an incredibly kind and loving woman, again showed me that love has no boundaries. It was also fun to spend some time with Tacha brushimg up on what little Espanol I know.  My precious time with her also included some time in Biology, where I learned about a rather scary looking relative of the lizard that had a tail at least 2 feet long or so it seemed. It was hanging on the shade and as I took a picture of it, it flew through the air. With Tacha yelling and chasing it with a broom, I supported her by standing on top of a chair!  ( Anyway, all is well and I look forward to rejoining the team tomorrow as we go to El Picacho to continue working on the project. My job tomorrow will be making sure everyone else stays hydrated and healthy! All I can say is, what beautiful people we are privileged to be with. I am grateful for the hard work of all the team and the beautiful way they continue to share their love with our joyful brothers and sisters in Christ.

Adios with love,


Hi everyone back home! Today I did not work which was really nice and relaxing. We went to a different village and visited an orphan edge. There were about 20-30 kids down there in a tiny room (imagine Katie’s room) I could not believe how many kids were there to receive probably the only meal that day. It was my favorite day so far because I met a Honduran named Karly (role the “r” and its Spanish haha) she was nine years old and was so pretty! She was constantly holding my hand and trying to teach me some Spanish words. We would color pictures, blow bubbles and put stickers on each other’s faces. I loved playing with her and making her smile. Little boys would jump on my back and ask me to run as fast as I could. Before I left Karly asked when she would see me again and I was sad I had to tell her she probably wouldn’t, she started to tear up so I decided to give her one of our drawings, a Jolly Rancher, and one of my bandanas that she loved. She gave me two kisses on my cheeks and said “Adios Amigo”. And boom it was my turn to start tearing up! I will never forget her. Once we got back to the compound sat down for a while and was taught how to play pitch by Mr. Dobesh, when all the sudden it started raining. All of ran outside and stood in the rain for awhile. It felt good even though it was only sprinkling. Everyone went inside while Kia, Dominic and I stayed out and sang when it started to pour we grabbed our shampoo and face wash and basically took a shower outside. It was so refreshing! Tomorrow we will go back to work in the mountains with the big muscles that I have now. (Watch out Luke, I might have you beat). Well I love you all and miss you like crazy! Time to eat dinner! Love you so much J Shout out to Tylor also! Love you guys! Adios!


Hola from Honduras again! Today was kind of relaxing… we got to go to the feeding center in a village with a lot of kids to see! We came with vitamins, toys, and some tooth brushes and toothpaste. I got to hand out the stickers and it was probably the best job.  I had a mob of kids around me for a while and they all wanted more! One boy had, I counted, diesisiete, or seventeen.  He was proud too! I got pictures with my sticker kids, and so far it’s one of my favorites.  We had rain today! Lots of it! And we were rinsed with the freshest water yet.  It’s the cleanest I have felt really!  Something I really liked to day was the bonding our group had on the bus! I think we spent the three hour trip playing 20 questions and other car games.  We are all getting really close on this trip. Well family, I am glad to hear my fish are doing swimminglyJ! I miss you all, but it’s half way until I’m home! Adios for today!

Love Elizabeth

Hola for the second time! Today was a break from work, because instead of going up to Picacho, we traveled to a village called Talonga, so that we could bring the kids at the feeding center toys and vitamins and play games with them.  I was especially mesmerized by this young girl that I unfortunately was unable to get the name of. She was sitting by herself in a corner, and I brought over a pink ribbon to put in her hair, and she was so shy she didn’t say anything, didn’t even smile. But she held my hand when we walked around for a little while, and that was pretty much like a smile to me. I also got the opportunity to meet and get pictures with two girls at the center whose names were Catherine also! I was really cool to meet girls that share the same name as me! Today it rained for the first time, and we all ran outside like we had been in the desert for weeks on end! A few of us even took shampoo and washed our hair, and that was my shower for the day! It was the highlight of the day by far. But I also had a cool experience today. During mass, especially during the Eucharistic prayer, I felt a sudden connection to God, which is what I have been waiting for this entire trip. We had mass inside and it had been really quiet outside for the entire mass, but when Father Jim said “this is my body, which will be given up for you” and held up the Body of Christ, I heard the wind blowing through the trees, and I just felt like God was right beside me! Anyways we all continue to pray for you and I am grateful for all the prayers and post that have been posted for us throughout the days. I think we all miss home a little bit but none of us are ready to come back yet! I know that I can’t even imagine the sadness of the day when we leave here, but we will all take a little bit of Honduras with us, and share it with others. To my family, I love you and I can’t wait to hear from you later on the blog! Tell Grandma we continue to pray for her up-coming surgery, and God Bless! Lots of Love, Catherine      

Hi Everyone,

I miss you all so much. Having all of Kevin’s classmates here has made me miss you more.   I know I keep bugging you to come with me some time but I really want to share this experience with you.  It’s amazing in different ways from last year but just as wonderful.  Today I got to help cook lunch at a feeding center in one of the poorest areas in Honduras.  It was humbling to be in the presence of the people who serve them every day.  I realized how we all play a part in the big picture.  How are things at home?  Are you surviving without me?  I’m sure you are.  I’m guessing you haven’t figured out how to write on the blog.  No worries, I know you’re thinking of me.   Going shopping on Sunday for trinkets and cigars…..I think you know who will receive what.  J

I love you all……Mom/Mary

Hi Guys,

I miss you all more than you can imagine and the perfect thing would be to have you all along for this journey. Thank you Dan for encouraging and supporting my coming…..I can see why you wanted me to come so much. Understanding the poverty and life of these beautiful people is something you can’t really grasp until you are immersed in it. It is a bit overwhelming though when you feel that there is so much to do and so many to help. We visited one of the poorest villages in Honduras today and children there were so precious and excited to see us. They clearly need so much but hopefully we were able to bring them joy today. Hope all is well there. We haven’t heard from you lately and would love to… Brendan and Mairin  how was the field trip? Declan, are you and your bro having fun? Liam, I haven’t met your buddy from the park yet but hope to before we leave.Moira Aislinn and Ciara …thinking of you too. Dan, I love you so much and can’t wait to see you.

God Bless you all,

Mom and Caitlin too J