2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Tonight we celebrated three birthdays - Austin Meyer, March 30; Trevor Bouma, April 6; Julio Rivera, April 7. We sang Happy Birthday in English and Spanish and enjoyed a delicious Honduran style birthday cake.

The guys react when their birthday candles relight.
Discussion at nightly junta

Villagers of El Picacho with missioners

Carlos poses with the family who got the cement floor.


  1. Heyyyo Austin. That picture looks like you had a fun time celebrating your birthday. :) It looks like your razor broke though. I will be blogging tomorrow again. Get excited to see a blog from your fav sister. I just saw the picture and I thought I should blog something quick before mom gets to it. Well she is bugging me for this laptop to see this picture of you so I should probably let her have it eh? Make sure you keep putting on the sunscreen, or is it just blushing? (Mom said that part)
    We are really hoping for a blog from you tonight or tomorrow. Next time you can blog just go for it. I know the keyboard is Spanish and you don't know that the best but just try your hardest. :)

  2. Happy birthday to the three of you! What a great way to wrap up your final work day! Enjoy the rest of your time and your shopping day tomorrow.

    Joe, you think I would remember that you aren't in the country but this afternoon I picked up the phone to call you and had to remind myself that you wouldn't be picking up. I was calling to let you know that I'm second guessing my new name. Besides my lovely new nickname "Large Katie" that I've been givin to differentiate myself from your sister (Z called me that all weekend hahaha) my identity was stolen by some who lives in Ankeny and there was about $500s charged to my account (breathe it was all reimbursed this afternoon). My theory is my old last name, Schorsch, is harder to spell thus harder to steal...

    Just kidding I'm so happy to be a Langel and excited for the day you get back because it will be our 6 month anniversary. Wish I could take credit for knowing that but your mom is the one who reminded me.

    Miss and love you only 4 more days!!!

  3. Dave and Janet,
    Praying for you and hope you are enjoying making the "volcanos". I sure appreciated the redi-mix truck today.
    Pat Jones

  4. Wishing everyone a Blessed Easter Weekend!
    Your friends at Community Bank
    Hope all is well with you Linda R. and that you are taking lots of photos. Happy Easter

  5. Awesome birthday celebration!! Really appreciate your work. Planning to throw my sister a birthday party at one of local Seattle venues. Have taken many ideas from internet for the day. Hope will organize best party. Quite excited for this day.