2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Long Hours on the Bus

Megan Heissel:  Hola familia y amigos, today we went to the malnutrition center. It was an eye opener. The kids are so much fun to play with! It seems to be getting hotter everyday! Yesterday’s work was even harder than the first days. Rachelle and Ali lucked out and didn’t have to do any of it. Oh well, it builds character. We had today off but we start again tomorrow. Love and miss you guys.

Lauren Eide- Hey!! Today we went to the malnutrition center and got to hold all the little babies. We also stopped at the woodcarving place and I got some gifts for you guys! The trip was four hours there and four hours back!! It was a little scary because the roads got really narrow at times and it looked like we were about to fall off a few times but don’t worry we made it!:) I’m missing you guys a lot and I can’t wait to see you again! Bye love you!

Brittany Loutsch: Hey guys, I miss you lots. Um I am still alive ha I don’t have much to say-I love the kids, and I really want to go play with them right now so I’m going to go, but I love you and miss you. Right now, well in about and hour and a half I would be watching Khloe and Lamar, so I am a little depressed cuz it looks like a good episode. Watch it in remembrance of me, and Dad at the airport I want you to fill me in on what happened, and DJ fill me on on Tosh.0. K gonna go. Lots of Love<3

Ali Galles: Hey family! I forgot to mention Josie last time soooo hey jose J I miss you all a lot! It is getting hotter every day we are here. We got a day off today and attended palm Sunday mass. It was the longest gospel reading everrrr. We also went to the malnutrition center and got to see the kids. It was eye opening. They were so small, some of them couldn’t walk because they were too weak. It was a four hour trip there and back also. I love you all and miss you tons. See you in a week!!

Rachelle Lipp: It’s awesome how a smile is understood in every language.  Even though none of us are really good at Spanish, we all can understand a simple smile.  We’ve made so many friends even with the language barrier, and I’m so happy for my knowledge of Spanish. It helps so much! Yesterday I finally cracked open the peanut butter- not because the food was bad, because I actually missed it.  Tacha makes the best french toast (sorry mom), tacos, pancakes, rice and she’s just amazing.  Mom- yesterday one little girl (Molly) told me I was very “linda” which means beautiful. J Love and miss you all!
Alec Mousel: Hey there friends an fam. Today was a long day of driving that’s about all I have. Jordan needs to see this message: I spent most of yesterday telling they had high altitude pulmonary edema on all these mountains we were walking up. It wasn’t as fun without you there saying it with me. Oh and Brittany I saw a cat. See ya’ll in a few days or so.

Mick Sitzmann- Hola Familia y Novia (Monica)!!! Miss you guys! Its absolutely amazing how attached you can get in such a short time!  My friends Dilmar and Alixsson are the best! They are so much fun and always find ways to communicate with us even though our Spanish is very bad!  They spend most of the time laughing in our faces about our words but it is ok I suppose!  I love it here and the kids make all the work completely worth it.  That’s all the time I have, we are going to the park now! Happy Birthday, Amanda!  Cya!! Love you guys!

Chad and Joe Langel: We just heard our first thunder and saw a bunch of lightening.  I think we are going to have a rain storm tonight.  Hope it helps cool things off, as we have to go back to “work” tomorrow.  Katie (wife) hope you have a good week of work as well, don’t worry it won’t be that bad in Des Moines alone!!  Miss you and love you.  Barb, glad to see you are following along with our adventures as well.  Katie (sister) hope you are holding off having our nephew (Chad’s Godchild J).   Talk to guys again soon.  Byeeeeeeeee
Joe Begnoche: Hi everyone! Still miss you guys a lot and can’t wait to see you in exactly a week. Today we were on a bus for like seven and a half to eight hours! I slept so it wasn’t too bad haha. I hope nobody is missing me too much;) How are things going with you guys?? Tomorrow we start to working again and it should be pretty good. How is the weather there?? It is still pretty hot here so ya you all better not be complaining!J Well talk to you later!! Oh and Kendall Hello! I’m glad that you got my blog. How are things going with you?? Everything is good here and I’m still keeping up with your letters haha. Well talk to you later! Byeee!:)
Trevor Bouma: Hello family and Steph, I am still having an awesome time. Today we had mass and went to the malnutrition center. We also stopped at shops. I am looking for gifts for everyone. My Spanish is getting better, but still not good at all. The kids are so awesome here. They are starting to really warm up to us and we are creating many friends. Tonight we may have a rainstorm. Hopefully it cools down so I can sleep better. Miss and love you. Be back soon.
Linda Reichle:  Hello to my family, friends and co-workers.  I am having a great time as usual and even got to see the stick lady today. Of course we will have to change her name now since she no longer lives in a stick house. It was a bittersweet moment to see her in her new house the Mission Honduras team was able to provide for her.  I miss everyone and hope all are well. Most (all) of the others throw off their sheets at night, but I seem to need to put on a couple of towels to keep warm – figure!! I need to say Happy Birthday to my Mom for tomorrow and hope you have a great day. Love to all and give my little grandkids a hug and kiss for me. 

Carolyn Bickford: I don’t think there is a lot for me to add because it looks like everyone has filled you in on our day. The Palm Sunday procession is special because they dress up like the people looked in Jesus’ time and act it out like that also. The man that played Jesus’ part fits the look, I think.
The kids were right about the tough ride. However, I agree with Linda. I was really anxious to see Virginia’s (Stick Lady) new house. It was quite gratifying. And watching our group intermingle with the malnourished children is as close to seeing Jesus work through them as we can get. Jesus would want us to hold those children, clothe them, feed them, and show them the love they need.

Meals today were French toast and fruit for breakfast, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and granola bars on the bus via Sulaco, and spaghetti & watermelon for supper. It’s back to work tomorrow. Hopefully, the rain will help us have a cooler day tomorrow. We’ll be digging trenches and mixing cement to put a new floor into a home.
We chaperones pulled a great April Fool joke on the students tonight. I told them that the Hondurans always fast from midnight to midnight on the day after Palm Sunday. Since we try to follow all Honduran traditions, that meant that we could only have water the whole day. Sr. Juanita had a story on why they do it. Mike had to argue that we shouldn’t do it. Everyone wanted to know if we could eat more tonight, and we even told them they couldn’t have Gatorade. It was a great joke, and it fooled all of them, including the chaperones we forgot to advise in advance.

Hellow to Jay, Miranda, Paige, Drew, Ali, and Mya. I watched a video of my granddaughters that was on my video camera. It was fun to see them. Give my granddaughters a kiss from their grandma!

PLEASE everyone - send us comments. We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Good Morning To all ~
    It is great hearing of everyones experiences of the day yesterday.
    Joe B.~ We will not complain about the weather--as long as you do not complain about the house being so warm and hot when you get home---Dad tried to kick the AC on yesterday as it was 90 degrees and guess what?--- Surprise surprise it did not work:) It is a good thing you are getting used to the heat:) Wear your sunscreen and there better be lots of photos on that camera:) Give all of the little kids and babies a big hug from your mom:)
    Chris's Rabiit had babies, we are thinking Sunday a.m. sometime. One died so Chris and Dad burried it:( Not sure exactly how many are there. Be safe.
    I love you and we do miss you tremendously!~
    Jacob is here with me too he says hi!

  2. Good Morning Austin. Sounds like you had another hot day yesterday.(It was very hot here to 91 degrees.) That was a long bus trip to the center, but I'm sure it was worth it. I do hope your day today is cooler. Glad to hear that everyone is healthy, and your progressing on the water project. Missed a blog from you this morning hope to see one soon. Keep taking lots of pictures :)
    Love Mom Dad Tyler and Emily (P.s. your car is doing great)

  3. Carolyn- So glad to hear everything is going well! Hopefully the weather starts to cool off for you guys soon. It is pretty hot here too. We made Fabio mow your yard again. He was super excited :) Mya misses her grandma. She hasn't gotten anymore scraps from playing outside since you left!! Hopefully she can start to heal the other ones now :) Poor girl! When you get home, you will have lots of pictures on your phone waiting for you!

  4. To all the hard working missioners who have devoted this time to some very special people, you also are very special. Austin, I am waiting to hear how you celebrated your 18th birthday. I sent you a birthday wish and your mom got it. Hope all is going well and will be anxious to see and hear from you on your return home. Miss your smiling face. Your favorite Aunt Mary

  5. Hey Britt~
    I love how every one of your posts has to have something about a Kardashian:( I am pretty sure when Kim was in Haiti she didn't work as hard as you are right now! I am excited to hear all your stories when you get back. Oh and apparently Dad tried to start a new tradition. We will have to explain when you get back. Miss you!!
    ~Katie and Phil

  6. alec high altitude pulmonary edema(HAPE) will getcha everytime. be careful with your mountaineering...since fatty didn't give me another shout out i'm defriending him!

  7. Hello there Joe! Things are going just dandy here...kind of boring but oh well! :P I can't wait to read your letters! haha i'm sure they are awesome! Also I have continued to "blow up" your phone so you have something to read when you get home! haha :)

  8. Hey Rachelle just me again. Wanted to let you know many (Grandmas, Karla, Aunt Sharon for sure) are all following your blog. So Hi from all of them!!
    Hope it wasn't too hot there today. Plenty warm here 89 right now. Thinking of you. Love, Mom

  9. Hello everyone! Ali, everyday we have to read the blog and look for pictures! Emma found the one of you with the little one from the center. She was like, who is Ali holding?? I think your baby sister misses you tons! It is unusually warm here right now, but I am sure nothing like what you all are experiencing. Josie says maybe when you get back you will have the muscle to beat her up, but for now, it is her...she said it! Emma did have a mishap on the 4-wheeler yesterday, we spend a good portion of the evening in the ER. She is ok, I am sure she will tell you all about it! Lots of love!
    Proud of every one of you!

  10. Carolyn and Linda- Hello! I've been following the blog since you all left. It makes me miss being there even more but it sounds like this year is going great! Tell Carlos hola for me! Stick Lady's new home looks amazing. Hopefully I will be able to visit Le Mars this summer and catch up with all of you. Tell the kids to enjoy EVERY second of being there because they will want to be right back there the minute they're home.

    Sending lots of prayers your way,

  11. Hello Missioners!! Megan we miss you so very much! Glad to hear of your experiences thus far!! sounds like very hard work - it was warm again here however it's suppose to cool down here. Can't wait to see you!! Love & Miss you - Mom, Dad and Cole

  12. Oh Megan - Love the Pictures!!! Looking forward to seeing more when you get back!!! Take care and be safe everyone.

  13. Hey Ali, Its great to see the pictures of you. It looks like its a great experience and that you are doing well. we miss you very much and can't wait to see you. Take care of yourself and be safe love Dad, Michelle, Colten and Josie