2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mountaintop Central Report

I'm sitting atop the mountain this morning. Linda and I have climbed up here to do the blog and to send you the current photo of the tank. The last time I climbed up here the base was in. Now they have built up two layers.

The missioners are digging along the road again today. They've stated the top layer is as tough as yesterday, but they're reaching the softer underneath layer a little fast. That is great news for weary pick-axers.

The water situation has not been the best the last couple days at the compound. Apparently a broken pipe prevented Esquias from getting water yesterday and it took quite some time to fix it. We were promised water at 5, but it was closer to 7. The first people in the shower were able to get wet, soap up, only to discover there was no water to rinse with. We carried buckets of water from the pila, and gave them little scoops to use.

We had scrambled eggs, refried beans, tortillas, and fruit for breakfast. Everyone has been eating and resting well.

AFter last night's junta, Janet led a short prayer service. We sat in the courtyard and used candle for light. It was nice and we hope to do that nightly now that we are close to Easter.

We've begun scraping the second bedroom in the house where we're installing a cement floor. By the time we leave today, that house should have at least 1 floor completely done.

I plan to have the students blog tonight.

Big hug to my Mya from your grandma!

Janet prepares the floor for cement.

Water tank being built that will hold 10,000 gallons of water.

Carolyn blogs from Mountaintop Central.


  1. Brittany~
    I remember having to mix the cement by hand. We weren't very good at it but it was interesting. I just remember them yelling mas mascla mas mascla at us the whole time! Hope you are having fun Britt and eating lots of Tacha's french toast because it is amazing!! Also you should ask her to play spoons with you because all she does is scream the whole time! It is quite entertaining!
    Love ya!

  2. Good afternoon~ hope everyone is doing good today. The photos that are sent I can see how beautiful the background is and even the trees look quite amazing. I can only imagine the beauty that you are experiencing, seeing it and living it. God truly is amazing. And each one of you are amazing people to take on the challenge-- God's call to help those who are in need. What a blessing you are to those people of Honduras. What an experience for all of you.
    I pray for a safe and Blessed Holy Week for you.

  3. Megan - do hope you are enjoying your time in Honduras - it looks beautiful there by the pictures that are being posted - also sounds like hard work!!! do hope you are drinking enough water. Missing you terribly but know that you will be home soon - Steph stopped by last night to pick up the undergarments for track tonight - it cooled down compared to yesterday and Sunday - in the 60's i believe and of course windy. Sounds like the senior class is thankful for you guys being gone as they are making sure you guys don't get to far behind in your classes:)Sounds like they are working hard! Take care and love you so very much, Mom

  4. Ali-
    I have been showing everyone around Goodwill all the photos that have been posted! Like me, they think you are all something special to go and do this for people in another country! Answering Gods call in this way means so much to all of us that call ourselves Christian! They especially love the photos of the children. If you can, tell us how old the little one is you are holding, everyone asks!
    Remember to drink lots of water and take many pictures!
    Love, Mom

  5. Carolyn- Little girl misses you! She got a new ball sprinkler last night since it was so hot here. She didn't enjoy it too much, but Fabio and Drew did :) Can't wait to see you in a few days still.

  6. Thinking of you Rachelle. Not much new. Went to the track meet for a bit in Orange City. Really windy and chilly there. I watched the 4 x 800 team get second in their class. Pretty fun. Andrew was also running the 4 x 400 tonight and the 800, those were near the end so didn't stay. Working on your invitation, we had the wrong time for graduation. Thanks to Becca we will get it right!! Love you, counting down the days. P.S. Josh made it home safe. Has video for us to watch. P.S.S. Grandma and Grandpa Lipp say HI!!

  7. Brittany,
    The house is very quiet without you. DJ doesn't have anyone to argue with. Grandpa is still in the hospital but he is walking much better. Hopefully he will get out Friday. Sounds like you are working hard. We miss you & love you. Mom, Dad & DJ