2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Day Is Done

We  completed our digging project for the day.  We were served a fantastic lunch of fried chicken, rice, tortillas and fresh tomatos and salad.  It was delicious! You'd be proud to see how your children ate light and then shared what was left with the villagers.  The ride home was a little quieter than on the way up.  Everyone enjoyed a refreshing cold shower followed by a much needed siesta.  Then we dove into the bags filled with all the wonderful donated items to be given to those here who are in need.  As the saying goes, many hands make light work.  We had everything sorted in about an hour.   Before dinner Fr. Jim celebrated Mass for us and the support team. Today's Gospel of the Road to Emmaus took on special meaning for us as walked the road in El Pichaco alongside our new friends.
We look forward to tomorrow as the project continues.
 Mary, Barb and Karrie

Hey everyone back home! I miss you all! J It is so amazing here! The plane ride here was so scary (mom you would have freaked). We drove way up into the mountains today on gravel and in a bus and mind you there were no guard rails haha I put my life in the hands of our bus driver Carlos. Mom and Dad I am proud to say now that I am not the worse driver in the world. Come to Honduras and you would be bagging to have me back haha! Well got to cut this short but I love you all and will see you soon! P.s. Ice cream has never sounded better! –Rylee H.

Hola everybody! First day of work finished, and already too many stories to tell in one night. All of the people are so welcoming to all of us, making us food, and guiding us through our work. Even though feels like it’s 100 degrees out, we have been lucky with rain at night and shade while working during the day. Being in Spanish 3 is very helpful here, being able to translate and speak some sentences to the kids, but not every phrase or vocab word can be caught by us Spanish kids, leaving us a little clueless sometimes! Mom and Jen I miss you guys like crazy (especially Jen’s random weirdness) and Dad and I can’t wait to see you guys next week, even though today I feel like I could be stuck here for weeks and be excited! Haha tell Grandma I am thinking about her as her surgery comes up on Tuesday and that she is in my thoughts and prayers each day. Lots of Love J -Catherine G.

Hello everyone! Hope all is well back at home. I miss everyone more than you can imagine! Especially my family.. Sky, JP, Jed, Nan, Grandma and Grandpa Schock, and Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan: Hope you guys are doing well and I want you to know I miss and love you guys a lot!! Don’t think I forgot about the 2 most important people in my life.. mom and dad, I miss you guys so much and I wish you could be here with me. I’m thinking about you every second! The work is pretty hard, but today the weather was incredible and there was a lot of shade. It’s so hard communicating with the people, but I think they’ve somewhat accepted me as their own so they are very welcoming. The vegetation is so amazing here! It looks like a movie and I love everything about it. The only thing really sore is my hands. Holding the pick axe is some pretty tough work.. worse then picking weeds(don’t get any ideas) haha. Well, I got to go.. I’m trying to win in cards! Haha Love all you and miss you tons!! –Jake Sully

This first blog post will have to be my shout out blog post due to the amount of people that I promised shout outs to. Here it goes....I would like to give a shout out to the Miller family first and foremost. Miss you guys a ton! This country is hard to get used to, and so far it has been a difficult adjustment but I will be just fine. MOM STOP WORRYING. Second shout out goes to Rocky and Gary, I have not met Juan yet so I don’t think that I will fall and love and stay here. Although I did meet a man, Marcello or something like that, he did serenade a number of us girls with his Enrique Iglasias songs, which I enjoyed! My last shout out will go to Coach Shaw, I didn’t forget about you! I am pretty dang sure that you would love it here! I hope the kids at school don’t drive you insane, I will be back before you know it to get things under control. Well my turns are being skipped in this new card game called Pitch, which Mr. Dobesh pretty much has to play for me. This is all for now! Love you guys! Hope to blog again soon! J -Jordan Miller

Hey Family!  This is Dani!  Today was day one working in the village in Picacho!  We woke up at 5:30 AM and got to work by 8.  We worked until 12, and after that, some of the village people made us lunch of the BEST fried chicken, rice, tomatoes, and Sprite.  I got sunburned on my arm and neck today which came as no surprise since I sprayed the sunscreen with no direction and am the most pasty one here.  It has been pretty humid here, but not as hot as I expected it to be.  Today at work we shoveled deep trenches where they will place the waterline.  Working with the Honduras people was challenging and frustrating at first because of the language barrier, but after one of the workers started singing Enrique Inglasias, it was all good from there.  Everyone here is extremely friendly and will stop whatever they’re doing, and they will smile and wave even to our bus.  Tonight we also went down to the playground where about 8 kids followed us.  We gave them our flashlights and they didn’t want to give them back.  The people here are so extremely hard working and happy.  The joy is definitely contagious!  Just wanted to let you know that I am doing fine and everything is going great!  I miss you guys a lot and I can’t wait to see you!  FYI…my camera died this morning, but Tessa and Mrs. Casey are taking lots of pictures, so no worries J  Love and miss you all LOTS!!

Hey everybody!! Dom here and I have to say flying is the coolest thing ever!! Seeing the ocean from the plan was also pretty cool, at some points it looked like we were upside down looking up into the sky instead of down into the ocean. I slept like a baby last night, which was kinda odd because I couldn’t sleep at all the first night. I have learned to love the bus, it is the only A/C that we have! We worked today, and I got to talk a little to a guy named Piro, and he was so cool! We also went down and played on the play grounds with the kids. As we walked down it was so cool because one step out of the gate I was greeted by a little boy and he carried asked me to carry him to the play ground. While on the play ground we played soccer with some of the boys, and one of the smaller boys got up on my shoulders. This made my trip so far!! When we had to go he would not get off, the girls literally had to pry him off.  Well I better get back to our game of Pitch, Jay needs my help. Blog Later!!!

Hey everyone! This is Mom and Caitlin. We had a great first day of work today. It’s a lot like last year, Dad… hard work, lots of pick axing hard rock, delicious food, short (but refreshing) showers, adorable kids, and lots more. Mairin, you would love being outdoors playing with the kids here. Declan, there was a little boy named Emerson who reminded us of you. Moira and Ciara, hope track is going well- tell Scott we’re getting a workout digging in the mountains! Aislinn, hope all is well with you too. Liam, got to see Elbie (the little blind boy from Esquias) and he rode on Caitlin’s shoulders at the park.  Brendan and Dad, hope you’re holding down the fort okay. How is the Ramen Noodle supply? We have so much to share with you already. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and we love you so much!!!

Hola mi familia! It’s Jordan S. here and I definitely got a lot of Spanish practice in today! Our first day of work went really well. We got up at 5:30 (Yawn!) and had breakfast before we got on the bus. We went to Picacho and started our work for the water project. We were digging a trench for the pipeline to be laid in all morning. It was very humorous to see the STM kids and adults struggling to communicate to the villagers, none of which spoke any English. We all learned some new Spanish words as well as how to gesture to what we mean. We finished our work day with a delicious lunch of rice, fresh tomatoes, and fried chicken! Yum, yum! We spent the second half of the day sorting all of the donations that we brought down. Everyone is definitely glad to be done lugging those heavy black bags everywhere! We got to go to the park in Esquias, where we are staying in the compound, and meet a few of the local kids. We are looking forward to another day of work tomorrow, so wish us luck and keep us in your prayers. I love and miss you, mom, dad, and Cassidy! Hope you are all doing well!!! J

Hola padre, madre, y hermanitos! Hola amigos y amigas y Landon! I guess I am one of the last ones tonight to get to blog, but my memories are growing with my time here…and it’s only been a day.   The days are long, but yet go so fast.  One minute I was pulling a sheet on because I was cold, then we were working, and then we were playing games and eating supper.  I can’t wait to show you all my “Junta” bracelet.  It’s when we all gather and tell about the significance of a bead that we choose to represent our day.  (the beads go on a bracelet).  For example, Jake today chose a red one because he saw two red snakes which was one of his worst fears!  I really like that part.  Well the work is hard here, but the people make up for it.  I bet we can blog again soon! I love you and miss you family! Elizabeth   P.S.  How are my fish?:)


  1. Hi everyone. How awesome to hear directly from all of you! Your excitement, enthusiasm and even your tiredness shines through your messages. Thanks so much for sharing your daily journey and thoughts with all of us at home. While we miss you tons we know that right now you are where you belong...serving and being served- loving and being loved in return! Catherine, your message makes me smile...I will be sure to let your sis know how much you miss her:) Sending hugs and love to both you and your dad. Sleep well, drink lots and enjoy the journey! keep the messages coming, mom

  2. Hey guys! This is Katy Freidel :) I am loving reading your blogs and living vicariously through you all as i would give ANYTHING to be there right now! make sure you soak everything in because those 10 days go by way faster than you think! I hope your loving the hard work because it doesn't get any easier haha! But i just wanted to say hey and let you know I was thinking about you guys :)
    Love you all!
    Katy F
    p.s. send my love to all the Hondurans!

  3. It sounds like you all will have some sore muscles today!

    The Kussers

  4. Enjoy the day! Feel the prayers!

  5. Have a great day! We loved reading everything you all wrote last night, sounds like you are having a great time! Dom, we miss you tons.
    Love and prayers. Mom

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  7. Jordan S. So proud of you. Great to hear about your day. I'm sure you were happy you were able to practice your Spanish and learn some new words. Ha ha. All is well here. Cassidy is off to school and golf, dad is still busy taking care of the cows and I' m off to North Dakota for work. Take care and look forward to talking tonight. Love and prayers. Mom

  8. Keep up the good work Rylee! I am following the blog and what you do. Very interesting! Hope you are writing everything down! Oh-I always thought your dad was the worst driver in the world!
    Love you!
    Aunt Laurie

  9. What a great feeling to hear all about your adventures! I am glued to my computer, waiting to hear updates. I am so proud of each of you and your willingness to give. Jake, at least twice a day, one of your siblings will randomly say "I miss Jake. How many more days?" Love you babe!!

  10. Hi, sister! Great to hear from you!! Sounds like you are having a great time and working hard... Hope your work gloves are holding up! Your fish have eaten every day since you left (are you impressed I remembered??) Matthew is enjoying your phone, your dad is enjoying driving your car.. and Felix has taken over your room... don't worry, you'll get everything back when you get home! :) Keep up the good work you're doing.. So proud of you and the team..miss you and love you lots! Love, Mom

  11. So proud of you all and love the updates! What you are doing is helping now...and, forever. The Success Center is a little quiet without some of you but the Thin Mints aren't disappearing as fast. Make each day your Masterpiece and cherish every moment. -Coach Shaw

  12. Dear kids in Honduras,
    We hope you're doing good. Do you know if the people liked the food we packed for Packing Hope? We hope you're having a good time. God Bless You! Love, Mrs. Carreiro's First Grade

  13. Mary - Your contract came in from Terra Sancta for the Junior retreat. Who is suppose to look that over and sign it? I'm happy to do it, but I'm not sure what should be on there.

  14. Wow! Good to see Fr. Jim getting down and dirty! I agree with Katy; it is so good to hear from you guys! I am overwhelmed with jealousy. Katy is also right at how fast it goes. Enjoy every minute of it. That is so awesome that you found Elbie! Good luck getting him off your shoulders :) Do you recognize anyone else, Caitlin? Know of my prayers.

    1. Rylee, this is because Carlos es un jefe (like heavy only with a "f" instead of a "v")

  15. So good to hear all the comments from the kids..Tessa, we're anxious to hear how this is different for you. What have you been doing? We love & miss you and are saying prayers for all of you. What an experience!! Lots of love, mom

  16. Hi Rylee! You still suck at driving :) It's Mom and Katie! We miss you and in the next photo, we want you to pick Kia's nose, or point off into the distance like Lewis and Clark! If you accept this mission, more missions will follow.
    Good luck!
    (And we love you, miss you, are praying for you and like all of your pictures!)

  17. Hey Jordan! This is Alex. I hope all is going well! I wanted to say i miss you! I have no one to watch Criminal Minds with!!! And none of the family are liking my anti-jokes! Plus Rosie misses you and is calling your name!! So have fun out there kid. BYE

    Hey Jordan!! This is Payton.
    I love you and miss you. I can't wait for you to get home not just because I want to see the pictures and stuff I just want you to came home. I love you and miss you soooo much!!!
    Love ya BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dom,
    How are the one minute showers? We haven't run out of hot water since you left. :) I am still hurting and wish you were here to bring me popsicles in the middle of the night. Love, Keara

    I want to use the X-Box. You aren't here to stop me. Kidding. Can I use it? Love from your brother who misses like bananas. Trevor.
    PS. I hope you are having fun and are not to sore.

  19. Hi Danielle! Thinking of you and the group everyday! Love and miss you!!!