2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shop Till You Drop!!

Before we "shopped till we dropped," we were sad to say good bye to Carolyn and Linda.  You can see them below with the rest of our support crew.  The entire Mission Honduras group are amazing people who have dedicated a good portion of their lives to this program.  They take our saftey and our experience very seriously.  We see God working through them continually.
We had a blast pumping our money into the Honduran economy. For lunch we were treated to Honduran style pizza and ice cream. Like everything else, it was delicious. Leftovers, which we Americans take home and usually throw away, were gathered up and given to those whom our bus driver Carlos, one of our Gaurdian Angels, felt were in need. One happened to be a young boy walking down the dusty, dirty road. The picture below tells it all.
The second group picture below is of the team and Julio, another one of our Guardian Angels.  The kids have commented on how safe they feel with him around.  We wanted you to look into  the loving eyes of Julio, whose very poor tribal village,Montana de le Flor, will receive the food that we packed at our Packing Hope day. On behalf of the entire mission team we want to thank you for your generosity.  We are seeing first hand the difference YOU made by following Gods command to feed the hungry.

It was fun to hear the kids talk about and shop for you all. The thoughtfulness that they showed as they shopped told us how much they love you......then they dropped!!
Off to bed. Back to work tomorrow.
Barb, Mary and Karrie

PS  Bill, I'm excited to share with you how much I saved by shopping in Honduras.  And Carol Cooper.....are you working or blogging?  :)  Barb

PS2  Dan, I wasn't able to come up with 75 pounds of coffee....just 50.  Bag weight limit.
Get the machine ready. The team is all coming over for lattes.  Karrie

PS3  Bridget, thank you for insisting I buy that HUGE package of batteries.  I'm almost out!!  Mary/Mom

PS4  Bill and family, are you breathing?  Anyone home?    Mary & Karrie

Hello! Jake here.. Today was really fun because we got to go shopping and best of all I finished the Hunger Games!! Can’t wait to start number 2!! Everything here is going good. The days are going by so fast, but I am excited to come home to my wonderful family!! JonPaul- don’t worry buddy, I’m coming home soon and we can play xbox and guts all you want. I miss you so much and please don’t run away again because I want to see you! Skylar- I will definitely crack your back when I get back. I got you a sweet knife. You’ll love it. Just don’t stab me. Haha Jed- I might get grandpa a big machete so you can have the one I got for him. It’s really cool. Savannah- well, I guess I forgot to get you something.. haha just kidding. Mom & Dad- I can’t wait to see you guys. I just hope I have a clean room to come home ;) And I’ll be in “yard work” condition, so be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts. Well, everyone is wanting to blog so I better let them. Love you guys so much. Miss you even more. 4 more days!!

-Jake Sully

Hola again! Sorry I haven’t been writing often, there’s just so much to do here! I’ve either been playing cards, playing with the kids in the village, or singing. Last night we got all the boys to do some duets with us and we recorded them so you’ll see them when we get home! The day before, we visited a “soup kitchen” type of place for about 30 kids in one of the poorest villages in Honduras. The kids just clung to us. We brought them lots of toys, hair accessories, and vitamins. They went crazy. I’m pretty sure almost every kid had at least 10 stickers stuck to their faces. When we left, each of them came up to us and gave us huge hugs and just didn’t seem to want to let go. Today we went shopping at Valley of the Angels. We had pizza and ice cream and I got everyone some souvenirs. Then we came back to the compound and played with some kids from the village. They sang and dance some songs they knew and we did the same. A couple of the girls know a little English, so it’s not too hard to communicate. Tomorrow we go back to Picacho to work. Well, I won’t be working, I’ll be taking pictures and playing with my favorite little kids Jolé, Emerson, Fernando, and Ingrid Johanna. I really can’t even begin to imagine leaving these kids. I’ve spent so much time with them and I’ve become more than attached. They are the sweetest, funniest, and absolute CUTEST kids I have ever known. (Don’t worry I have LOTS of pictures of them to show you.) So don’t be surprised if I come home with a few of them. It’s just so hard to think about us going home to our lavish lives and leaving them here. I can’t help but think about what their lives would be like in the States. For now, though, I will enjoy my last two days with them. It’s so crazy to think that this amazing adventure is coming to an end soon. I want to stay longer, mostly for the kids.  I miss you all. I can’t wait to show you pictures and the things I bought today and share my many stories with you.  Much love!

-Tessa Pesicka

Buenos noches! Witt and Chris here had a great time buying all sorts of gifts in the Valley of the Angels. That is pretty much all that happened so see you all soon enough! Just three more days!

-Witt Dobesh

Hey its jay, sorry I missed yesterday, ive come down with the malaria…haha just kidding-knock on wood. Today we went to the valley of the angels where we basically shop all day long. It was some crazy stuff but I managed to get u all the stuff that u will love! Just two days til I can come home. Love u mommy daddy Kelly kaci and kaylee and ill see u soon :)

-Jayshawn Cooper

Hola it’s Nicole and Dad (Tony),

Sorry guys we haven’t been writing we are so intrigued in our card games and I can’t believe I am saying this but our books. Yes, we are actually reading! Everyone has a book at all times. Today we went to the Valley of Angels it is similar to a Keystone and has many shops. Dad and I spent ohhh enough money, but can’t wait to give you your gifts! We had pizza at a pizzeria and it was delicious! We traveled again through Talanga on our way today and witnessed more poverty. Words really can’t describe it. What is Sheldon and Stephanie up to? How are Grandma Julie and Grandpa Ed? Mom have you gotten my hair appointment for prom all figured out? If not it is no worries don’t stress over it. Miss you guys! Love you.

Hola fellow Kussers,

Today was another adventurous day in Honduras.  Today we went to the Valley of the Angels and we were swarmed by vendors and shops.  Everything there was crazy cheap and I made off like a bandit.  We are now back at the compound relaxing and playing cards.  We all have really grown together as a group.  We have two more hard days of work tomorrow and Tuesday, and Tuesday we will be delivering our clothes and left over toys to a village nearby Piccacho.  I have had a wonderful time so far! Lots of Love!

--Katie Kusser

Hey Bradfords and Everyone else, sorry it has been awhile since the last time I blogged. I am having such a great time! Today we went to Valley of Angels and shopped, I hope you like what I got you. Unfortunately I was out 20 bucks before the day even started; in the third store we walked into I bumped into a vase and broke it How has the baseball team been doing? I am getting a mad farmers tan! And I haven’t shaved the whole time, starting to look like a barbarian. I honestly am having such a great time it is going to be hard to come home, but I miss you all so much that I am starting to feel like I need to be back.

Love you All, God bless and good night


Hi everyone! Today was a nice and relaxing Sunday for us; today we went to Valley of the Angels to shop! Mom and Jen, Dad and I got some cool things for you guys and I can’t wait for you guys to see them! All of the jewelry and wood carved items were gorgeous! And Mom I am really jealous of the potato pizza! Since it’s my favorite and all :/ We will have to get it when Dad and I come back! If anyone at school is reading this blog I miss you guys, but still not quite ready to leave here yet! It’s so amazing all of the experiences I am been able to have, and the different change of pace. Love all of you and good night and God watch over us as we sleep!

P.S. Jen tell Ry-fy that if there are not any cookies when I get back he’s going to get a talking to!

Catherine G.

Hello! Today was a busy day, but different than usual.  We went to Valley of the Angels and got to go shopping! It’s more crazy than anything there…But it’s an experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss.  Family: it was almost like shopping in Cozumel or Jamaica! I got to wear my dress today! For lunch we had awesome pizza and I had mango ice cream too.  I am still learning  on my pitch strategies and I’m getting better! One of our Junta questions was how do we think the Hondurans are rich.  I believe they are rich in pride.  For example, driving by many villages with poverty, you still see women sweeping broken down steps in front of a shack with a broom made of a tree stick with leaves.  She has enough pride in keeping those steps clean that she still sweeps them to present her house as best she can. 


  1. Oh my Dom, all I have to say is I hope Jay smells better than I'm imagining he does.
    Thanks for picking out presents for all of us, Jay.
    Malaria is nothing to joke around about, young man!
    Simply don't know how I'm going to get through the next three days - your flights better be on time!!!! Love and miss you!

    Barb - getting myself settled into your office and blogging are taking up a lot of time. But dang your furniture looks good on me! Smile!


  2. Missionaries, we are so proud of you and all you have done there for the people of Honduras. Two more days to accomplish all you have set out to do. The blogs have been wonderful for us to experience and see what you have done for the people there. We are all anxious to see your smiling faces and hear the life changing stories that you have to share. Katie we saw the shovels in your hands and will await your arrival for the yard work. Zaz really misses you he sits at the top of the stairs looking down and waiting for the tummy rub. Love and miss you Padre and Madre Kusser.

  3. So, so proud of you and it was great to see pizza and you all shopping and enjoying some personal time. Seeing those pictures of some sleeping tells us you're still in good shape to return to school! Dom, baseball team is doing well and we are all proud of you. Keep up the great work and finish your mission with no regrets. Prayers and good thoughts your way...

  4. Hi Dani!!! : D

    God has certainly taken you on a wonderful journey this past week! Remember we talked about how cool it's going to be to see all that HE has planned for you? We couldn't be prouder of you for answering His call to be His hands and feet to the people of Honduras. Now that I heard you guys are a singin' group..."Holy Ground" couldn't be a more fitting song for the work you guys are doing for HIM. Blessings! We Love you! All the Allens

  5. Whew! So happy to see a picture of Jordan Stratman :) Since she has been busy playing with all the beautiful children, shopping,playing cards and digging ditches I can see why we have not heard from her. Just kidding darling. I know that you are in safe hands and I'm so happy and thankful that you are participating fully in this wonderful experience. Become one with the entire experience as we are called to become one with Christ. Im back from ND and am playing catch up. Miss you and love you bunches. PS your cat almost seems to like me a little
    but only a little. HA HA Love, prayers and blessings. MOM

  6. What a fun day of shopping! The pizza looks delicious... Elizabeth I hope a strange lady didn't try to braid your hair.. :) haha... The first graders send their love... they would love to hear your stories when you get back.. maybe some of you could sneak away and visit us! (Jay, they thought you must have been REALLY tired to be able to sleep that way...)It really cracked them up! God bless you!

    1. Haha we noticed the braid right away!!! Especially pleased with the hat!!!! Love that you got to go shopping!!! Allll of our love and prayers!!!!

  7. It all sounds so fullfilling. Once again, your stories and pictures tell it all. Jake- everything here is going well. I cleaned your room today along with 5 little people "helping" me! :) Enjoy the last few days. I am sure they will be bittersweet! love you tons and tons! Mom

  8. Glad everyone is having a great time! I have been praying for you guys everyday since you got to Honduras and I have been following the blog. I know that you only have a couple of days left there so I just wanted to let you know that this is a life-changing experience and you need to cherish every moment of it. Have fun!I love every one of you and I am praying for you(especially Mom and Caitlin). Can't wait to hear the stories you have to tell. Miss you guys. Oh yeah...there have been something like 96 tornadoes in Kansas in the last couple of days...I feel like I'm in the Wizard of Oz. That comment was probably not needed huh? LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

    With Love,
    Liam Duffy

  9. Dear Dom,
    Trevor here in the U.S.A. How are you? I want to play X-box with you when you get home.I miss you! Love Ya.

    Jay- You do not look comfortable...

    Dom- Thank you for blogging last night. I was getting worried that you were having so much fun you forgot that I'm home worrying. Kidding! I hope the rest of your trip is just as amazing.

    Love and Prayers. Mom

    1. PS. Your turtles miss you too. One of them tried to bite my finger when I was throwing the food in the tank.

  10. Hey Rylee missing you like crazy today!!! Love Ya~Mom

  11. Hi Nicole and Tony,
    Thank you for writing. Your being gone is getting harder each day. It will be soon that you are back though, and I hope you have a meaningful final full day tomorrow. Sheldon says he misses you everyday. Steph has a track meet tomorrow. Grandma enjoys reading the blog. I printed some of it for Grandpa to read. Yes, your hair appt is taken care of. May you all feel our prayers as you finish your time there. Lots of Love, Mom

  12. Elizabeth loves to have her braided when she visits foreign countries!

    Julie - what a great birthday present for you on Thursday - Elizabeth comes home! Yay!!

  13. As you all get ready to come home, I'm reminded of what the Bishop had to say before you left... That you are not only ministering to the people of Honduras, that you are not just being the hands and feet of Christ to them, but that the people of Honduras are ministering to you as well. That they are also Christ's presence to you. I'm so excited to hear from you what God has revealed to you during your time away from us.

    Many prayers for your continued strength and safety.
    Mrs. Gibson

  14. Chris you’re still alive!!! I thought that they would have had to bury with the pipe... Just kidding I have seen you stalk elk for 14 miles. I was pretty sure the kids were in good hands. I truly believe you guys are doing God’s work. There aren't very many people that get to do what you are doing so take it all in. I think that most of you guys will look at life in a whole new way. O yeah Witt, Jadyn says "Go Witt" later

  15. Hi Catherine and Mark. Sounds as if everyone had a very relaxing and fun Sunday, which is a good thing because I am sure it was not as relaxing today. Hope you were all able to work hard and now are able to take the evening and night to recuperate. What an amazing journey you have all been on! It is truly hard to take in everything you have shared through this blog site.
    I have missed both of you, and am so looking forward to Thursday. The house is much too quiet. Take care and know that you are in my thoughts all day, and with every thought there is a prayer:) Love you both, mom and Theresa