2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"The Kids Are Amazing"

The title of this blog came from Chris Dobesh.  The second day of  hard work showed the kids true colors.  They worked their tails off!  Nothing got in the way, not blisters or the lack of a traditional bathroom.  You can tell our kids are from SD and used to camping. 
The highlight of the day was watching after only one day with the little ones, how attached the kids are to them.  Lunch plates were filled to maybe a quarter of what they normally are so they could share the leftovers with them.  We're finding it hard to balance not offending the cooks with a passion for sharing the bounty.
We made lots of progress on the trench which will bring water to one section of the village.  Villagers from a  neighboring community came and helped in hopes that by showing how hard they worked they could be the recipients of the next water project.  We'll see if that materializes.  We will be taking some of our donated items to them  Monday.  They are in need like everyone else here.
Unfortunately our trip to the malnutrition center has been canceled.  The roads are impassable due to rain.  So tomorrow we are going to serve food at a center similar to the Cornerstone that serves children.  We'll take some of our supplies to them also.  Tessa is taking her job of photgrapher seriously so we'll have many photos of our visit to share with you tomorrow. 
The picture of the team is from the top of the mountain that houses the holding tank for the water that will flow by gravity to the village.  The view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking.....don't worry Pesickas a lot of thought went in to getting Tessa up and down safely.
More tomorrow....
Mary, Karrie and  Chris
PS  Dick called and the food we packed is on it's way to Honduras and from what we've seen it can't get here soon enough!

Hola!  Today we worked again with digging trenches for the pipeline to go through. Today I did not get to work in the sade as much as yesterday but I only managed to burn my ears! We worked and a met a few little kids in the village, they were so cute giving us flowers and laughing at us. We then had mass in the little school house with all the workers. In the past two days i have also managed to break both of my 1.5 liter water bottles. Awesome. We are now back at the compound ready for a hot relaxing night! I miss you and love you all! <3 see you soon! LOVE YOU! :)   ---Rylee H.

Hello Miller family! Today was just a strange day to me. We worked on digging trenches again today and this time is was a little more difficult to dig because the road had 34 million rocks in it. We met more kids today and had Mass in the school. We got in a little fender bender on the way back to Esquias; it was not a big deal, we just got backed into. Carlos (our bus driver) was not very happy. Now we are just sitting around, napping, showering, eating etc. I think that we will go to the park a little later to play with the kids. That's all for now! Love you!

--Jordan M.

Hello from Esquias! Today was successful and in more ways than one.  We got farther on our digging project, but also got more interaction with kids.  Aside from throwing cicadas at us (which are huge!) they loved us! I got flowers like petunias in my hair from them and we got to give them food from our lunch which they loved too.  I am not going to lie... I am sore! Mostly my knuckles which are a little puffy.  But its all worth it :) Well adios til manana! Love you!


Hola mi familia (Griffith's). Today was another hot, but successufl day. Everything is just different here, but the scenary is gorgeous! We hiked to the top of a mountain and words and pictures can not capture the moment. Mom you would have loved the hike! Dad's doing good. The food is actually pretty good, and the people are happy all the time it is very humbling.  Hope all is well and keep us in your prayers.

Love Nicole and Dad

Blogging from Honduras from for the second time. I am really working on my tan, looking nice and gold right now. Today was not as hot as everyone is making it sound, ok it was, but i got to work in the shade!!! I worked with some guy whose name was  Hernadez, he was 17, and a way harder worker then me. We did get alot done how ever, and Jordan Stratman also helped about half way through the day. The food we had for lunch was so good, but i did not want to eat because the people of the village were waiting for us to get done to eat. Tonight we are going down to the park and hopefully I can get over to the store to do some shopping. Well talk to you later!


Hola madre and padre (Justin and Veronica Kusser)! This is the first time I have had the opportunity to blog.  To start off I still cannot believe I am in Honduras. Everything here is so surreal.  The people are so welcoming, and everywhere we go people are always sitting outside waving and smiling at us.  The work is hard, and yes mom you can say I told you so because I  am very sore after only two days of work, but this has been an amazing experience thus far.  Tonight we are going to the park to play with the kids and probably going to have another delicious supper of tortillas and rice. Mom you would be very jealous of all of the fresh fruit here, and dad the coffee is  amazing! Unfortuanely we are unable to get to the malnutrition center tomorrow due to bad roads, so instead we are going to visit an orphanage. Saturday we are back to work, and sunday we are going shopping in the Valley of Angels.  Well that is all I have time for! Love you lots!

--Katie Kusser

Buenos dias everyone! Honduras is such an amazing place; it has only been two days and I already feel like I am at home!  All of the kids are adorable, and the people are very welcoming.  My dad says it is really hot.  I just want to leave with assuring everyone that we are all fantastic!

--Witt Dobesh

Hi again! It's Jake.. Today was day 2 of work and the sun was shining bright. Working in shade is cake compared to with the sun right on top of you. Although I really enjoyed today because I actually felt like I was working hard. I feel like I'm on the movie Holes, except we're not digging 5x5 holes. haha. We took a break from working and walked up the mountain to see the well. The view was absolutely amazing. I took a video and pictures so I can share it back home. The showers are feeling better and better. Even though they are only 1 minute showers, they are cool and extremely refreshing. Last night we got to go play with the kids at the park, and they were crazy! haha. They stole our flashlights and were running  everywhere. This kid named Dennis really seemed to like me. He came up to me and showed me like 5 different hand shakes and was climbing all over me. He loved taking pictures and looking at them. The funny thing is Jed, my little brother, looks almost the same to all the kids here. ha! Well, it's about that time. I'll be trying to do this everyday.. Much love to the fam and friends! Be home soon!

 -Jake Sully

Hola everybody! For starters, I miss you all a lot! Everything's so different here... we have to throw our toilet paper in the trash can. Not to mention every day one of us has to clean it out.  The showers are different too. I was freaking out for my first 60-second, ice-cold shower, but it really was not that bad at all.  It felt so good after being so dirty and sweaty all day. It is SO beautiful; the vegetation is unreal. The colors of the flowers are so remarkably bright and the air is extremely humid. Today we went on a hike (don't worry Mom, I rode in the truck) and the view was crazy. I took lots of pictures of it, and everything else too. It's only day 3 in Honduras and I have over 750 pictures. And that's just on my camera. I've been snapping pictures on Mrs. Casey's camera along with everyone else's throughout the day. So yeah, I'm doing my job. Today I made some friends: Fernando, Emerson, and Jole (sp?). Our friendship started when they all came up to me and handed me flowers they had picked. Then we played and took LOTS of pictures for the next 2 hours. They are seriously so, so adorable. After each picture I took, I would show them and they would smile from ear-to-ear and just start laughing hysterically. Emerson's laugh is the cutest thing I've ever heard. I took a video so you guys could hear it too. Then, at lunch today, I started eating and saw all the kids watching us. I called little Jole over and he sat on my lap and finished my plate... and Elizabeth's... and Jake's. He just didn't want to stop. I can't wait for you to see pictures. I've been getting some good ones! Well, I love you all and can't wait to share with you the experiences we've had! Keep following the blog! Adios!

-Tessa Pesicka

This is is my first blog. At first I thought I didn’t belong at this trip. I felt out of place and wanted to Be done. But as it went on my body became aware of what was happening and I feel great. The first two days have been pretty crazy, early mornings, hard work, shocking poverty, and cool people to meet. We have made great progress with the trench and we all seem to be doing well with health.

The people I have met are pretty cool. They are surprisingly well off though with good clothes and their bodies looking to be in good shape…probably the hard work. The food is better than most American food, haha. So far we have had  fried chicken, steak, and a lot of rice for our main stuff. I’m in my place for sure but I can’t wait to see u all. Love you mom dad kelly kaci and kaylee, see u soon!

-Jay D Coop

Hey everyone!  Today was day two of work, and it was definitely WORK!  We continued to dig the trenches today.  A few of us got stuck on the side of the road digging, and it was all sand and rocks; we figured that the rocks we were digging up were the infrastructure for the road, so hopefully the rain won’t wash out the road now!  I also got to meet Nicole today who was so so so shy, but she let me hold her and I could tell we had that unspoken connection J We also went down to the local park today and met a ton of kids!  They are so fun to play with and try to talk to!  I am absolutely loving it here, but I do miss everyone, and I can’t wait to see you all soon!

Love and miss you lots!  Love, Dani

Hey everyone! Wow! What a great day. This is Mom and Caitlin. It was a hot but productive day of work. We really connected with the people of Picacho today. Words cannot describe how precious the kids are. We were able to hike to the top of the mountain where the holding tank is. It was rewarding to see how the project looked from above. There are so many things to share already- can’t wait to tell you about them! Moira, please log onto Caitlin’s Facebook and tell everyone to check out our blog (and maybe post the link). Know that you are all in our prayers and thoughts. We love you so much!!


  1. You all are amazing! I love reading all the stories and seeing the pictures. Happy to hear everyone is well. That looks like a nasty blister though! We are praying for everyones health and safety as well as the wonderful work you are doing. God Bless!
    I sure do miss my boys. It is so quite here without them. ;-)

  2. Your work is so amazing, what an impact you are making on the lives of those around you. God Bless and know that we are praying for you all. Katie we love and miss you. Zaz is really lost, dad found him in your bedroom last night. Prayers Mom, Dad, and Ashley.

  3. So fun to hear from you...I'm very proud of what you are all doing. I hope you don't run out of camera card room. Can't wait to see your pictures. Thanks for all the updates..love & miss you & it's very quiet here too...no singing going on. Keep up the good work...lots of love.xoxo

  4. Wow, I agree with Chris.. you ARE amazing! We loved reading your stories.. you truly are making a difference, and we are so proud of you... take care of yourselves and your sunburns and blisters... keep taking pictures - we love to see your smiling faces!Love you and miss you Elizabeth... bring one of those cicada exoskeletons home for my science center!

  5. So fun and humbling to read your comments and stories. You are all doing Gods work for sure. The pictures are great and Jordan S. I know you should have plenty of room on your camera with the new Memory card I stashed in it along with the extra batteries.LOL!!Take care, don't forget your sunblock (I know what your thinking)it all comes from my love for you. Miss you, Love and Light! Blessings. Mom, dad and Cassidy

  6. Was great hearing from you, Nicole. Sounds like your experience will be unforgettable, for you all and those you are helping. The pictures are so appreciated; it's amazing getting to see up close what is so far away. We miss you but know you are the hands of God where you are. Keeping you all in prayer. Love, Mom Sheldon Steph Aspen
    P.S. Give Dad a hug from us.

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  8. hey it's Kaci i miss you so much. When ever i come home and see your car i think you are home but then i remember that you are in honduras. So how is it? Is it cool or sad? Can you sleep? Is it hard to do all that digging in the hot sun? Love you, Kaci
    Ok now for the cool sister, its Kelly, haha. I hope you are having fun. All the pictures i have seen have made me really jealous! I find my self crying for no reason when I think about you and how you are so far away. I can't wait to see you again!! Oh and by the way, I redid your room and have moved in SORRY! :) love you-KELLY
    We love the honesty in your blog, Jay. When you truly give of yourself totally, it isn't always easy, but it turns out pretty cool, doesn't it? We keep thinking about what it must feel like to be desperate and impoverished and then to have young people from so far away step in to help. What a feeling of hope and love you are bringing - the message that we are all one family and we are simply here to share Christ's love. May God bless you and the whole team. Love and miss you!!!!!! Mom and Dad

    Mary, can you come home now? Miss you! Carol

  9. Greetings everyone! It's good to hear from you, we love reading the blogs. It sounds like the food can't get there fast enough though. Maybe the change in plans is a God thing.

    Jay- It's a good thing you blogged tonight. Your mom and I were up late last night waiting to hear from you boys! I'm glad things are turning around for you.

    Dom- Maybe you should share your sunblock with Rylee, it sounds like she needs it more than you do. The baseball team won 10-3 in Lead; your cousin came to watch and sat with the STM team. We are afraid for his safety now;) Dad says it was really cold. How is the video diary going? xoxo Mom.

  10. Hey Danielle! Thanks for sending pictures and a note to us! We miss you so very much but we know you are enjoying your work and loving what you are doing. Looking forward hearing from you again :) Again, miss and love you! God bless all of you!

  11. I am loving reading all of your messages! Keep them coming! I am so proud of what you guys are doing down there and can't wait to see more pictures when you get back. Jordan Miller, I think Bri is missing you in first hour, it was surprisingly quiet today. :) Praying for you all! Keep up all of the hard work!

  12. So exciting to read all of your blogs! Keep working hard! We are all so blessed to live the life that we live! We love all of you and can't quit thinking about you. Jakeb, your family all agrees that you need to go to college somewhere very close! We are struggling without you honey! :(

  13. Hi Rylee!
    It's S! We all love your picture, Mom would totally be ok if you took her home with you, she's so precious! We have another mission for you, while digging your ditch, with your shovel and pitchfork, start singing Mulan's "I'll Make a Man Out of You" :) And get one person to join in with you! May the force be with you! We love you!

  14. Miss you Rylee. Looks like you got your first work-related blister. Congratulations!


  15. Can't even find the words for how proud I am of all of you! I miss you here, but am so glad you are able to have this opportunity. Hold each moment in your heart! Many, many prayers on your behalf that God will reveal himself to you in ways that only He can.

    Mrs. Gibson

  16. Great picture Rylee-very cute little one with you! Keep up the good work. Thinking and praying for you!

    Aunt Laurie

  17. Hi Dani! I can already feel what this trip is doing to you...how fulfilling and such joy you are bringing to the Honduras people and I know you won't be the same person with what this experience is giving you. I'm proud of you for stepping up to the plate to take this on appreciate all the updates.
    Love you! Auntie Bef:)

  18. Jordan S.Hope you had a fantastic day! I am sure you all are working very hard and I can imagine all the local people are enjoying to get to know you. Thoughts and prayers are still coming you way. Every time I think about how you and the others are selflessly giving of your time, your attention and most of all sharing the Love of Jesus Christ, I am humbled and reminded of the words he spoke of Being like a Child. May we as adults, be reminded of being Child-Like and may all of you keep these moments and continue to be the Light Of Christ.
    All is well here, :) Love and Blessings Mom

  19. Miss you Rylee! Hope your having fun and cant wait to see your bad sunburn (:! Hope your having a great time, see you soon.
    -Luke Haugen(your awesome and only brother)
    P.S: MACHETE!!!