2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seeing the Job Come Full Circle......Priceless

Another day of digging led Mark to comment, "If the good Lord would "  Fortunately we got to add the tasks of laying the pipe and filling the trenches back up.  On top of that we were able to trench up to one of the villagers houses and lay and bury their pipe. You can't imagine how good it felt to see a small part of the project come full circle.  The smiles on everyones faces were uplifting.  We now have a new surge of energy.  It will come in handy tomorrow when we go to the Valley of the Angels for our day of shopping!
Junta, our nightly time of sharing our thoughts of the days events, tonight was especially inspiring.  The kids were to share how they saw the Resurrected Christ in their day.  Again we were amazed at how deep their reflections were.  You are raising beautiful Christ centered children who certainly know how to live the Gospel.
We find ourselvles a bit sad tonight as tomorrow we have to say goodbye to two of our fearless leaders.  Carolyn Bickford and Linda Reichle are leaving us to return home.  They have guided us in this unfamiliar land and kept us safe.  We pray for a safe journey home for them and will treasure their friendship!!
One last note, did you parents know that your children can sing?  Tonight Fr. Jim broke out his guitar and the woman who has been keeping us fed, Tacha, joined them in singing some Spanish songs.  Yes we did get it on video and yes, you will get a copy.
Until tomorrow.......Barb, Karrie & Mary

Hello everyone! Mr. Dobesh and I are doing quite well! We are definitely loving the food here; it is fantastic! Yesterday, I caught a basilisk, and unfortunately all I got to keep of it was the tail. But it makes a nice souvenir! After all the hard work we have been doing the last couple of days, we finally got to see it come through after laying down some pipes in the ground today. Don’t miss us too much and we both love and miss you mom and Corten! Be home soon, just a little more work to do!

-Witt and Chris Dobesh

Hey everybody! Jake here.. another productive day in Picacho. We laid some major pipe for a while then we dug. The sun wasn’t out at all and it was so cool. Then we came home and I took a much needed shower. Then we played(well attempted to play) soccer with the children. After about 30 minutes of butt kicking I’m back here writing to you all. Hope all is well. Miss and love you guys!

-Jake Sully

Elizabeth here! Everybody is playing cards right now and we still have an hour til bed.  I just want to say that today felt like lots of work was done! Pipes were laid in the trenches we dug, a true sign of progress.  For supper tonight Tatcha made tostadas… not sure what that means for everyone, but it was like fried tortilla, a mix of meat, potatoes, and carrots, topped with lettuce and fresh tomatoes.  YUM! It was everyone’s favorite. I hope things are great back home! Landon, I hope your ACT went well…I’m sure it was fun;). I was so excited to hear from you Watts’! I miss you family! Tomorrow we go to Valley of the Angels! Matthew, Steven…want machetes?!?!

PS. Dominic says he misses and loves you guys! (to his family)

PS2. Jordan says to her family that she loves them and misses them and congratulations to Sarah on her First Communion!

PS3. Catherine says to tell her mom that she misses and loves her also, and asks you to tell Anna that she finished the three Hunger Games!

Love Elizabeth

Hi it’s Rylee! So I was really not feeling well today which made me pretty mad because I could not help dig or work. I am feeling much better now, I had to take some nasty drink all day. It was like salt water but Honduran style. Weird. Anyway we are all relaxing now and will be going to bed soon. I was not faking like Kia thinks…butt head. Tomorrow we get to go to the Valley of Angles to buy presents J Um Luke…arm wrestling match is ON! Also Kia and I were outside by the gate for awhile tonight talking and enjoying the air when she would get a little too excited to start Junta or scare someone she ran into the clothes line twice and swung back so fast….she won’t ever learn.  Hope all is well at home and I miss you guys! Love you! J

Hola Amigos! It’s Kia! I am great! I just want everyone to know how awesome Rylee is! She is so funny and super pretty. Despite the fact that she faked sick today and skipped out on work! Remember that Dad, you thought I was lazy!! Well, as much as I would just LOVE to see you all again (hope you caught that sarcasmJ), I’m really not ready to come home. I can’t imagine me feeling any differently in four days. It is so nice here, I love it. The people are so friendly and if you couldn’t tell by my greeting, I’m learning a different language! I know you guys won’t believe me but I am doing the best I can when we work, yes it is hard but I think I’m growing some muscle (Rylee actually thinks hers are bigger… HA)! Booyah!! Well, Jay would like to post something so I’m going to get off of here. I hope you all are having a grand old time without me.

PS. Elizabeth Wade and Michelle Jaeger, we love you both and we miss you. She is sitting right next to me and we’ve been thinking about you both this whole time. I hope you guys are having a blast!! LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!! (Kia and Rylee) <3


Hi Dan, Brendan, Liam, Moira, Ciara, Aislinn, Mairin, and Declan.

We don’t have much time to blog because we want to get this posted, but we wanted to let you know how unbelievably comforting it was to find out that all is well at home. Liam, your friend Alex from Esquias says hello! We are looking forward to our day at Valley of the Angels tomorrow. Oh, and Moira, we are missing our lattes too! Time is flying by—we miss you and we’ll be home soon!! And it is good to hear that you’re missing us too! God Bless. Caitlin and Mom
Hi Everyone,
You made my day when I saw your message. I miss you all terribly!! Love, Mom/Mary

PS Carol, don’t worry about the contract. I’ll take care of it when I get home. I’ve already touched base with her. Miss You!!!!!!



  1. I enjoy reading all of your messages. Especially the messages about the lizard creature from last night. I think you should try bringing one back for my classroom. I think Bubba the frog would LOVE a friend! So glad Witt was able to come to the rescue. I cannot express how proud I am of all of you! You are experiencing something that very few people get to. I wish I could be down there working alongside you all. May God bless you and keep you safe! Can't wait to see you all soon!

  2. Okay the trees and foliage on the picture of you all "pretending to work" (hahahaha) is absolutely amazing!!! So beautiful! Love the orange cap, Jay - can always pick you out in the pics. Dad is giving your room "an enema" and we are going to give your sheets their yearly washing so you can return to a clean, fresh bed. Not to embarrass you, but i might just pull up a chair and watch you slumber away all night Thursday cuz I've missed you sooooo much.
    Will be reading Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's blogs and comments in class on Monday - takes care of lesson planning for that day (hope Mr. Sullivan doesn't read this).
    Love and hugs to all!!!! You are making a difference in this world in more ways than you know!

  3. Karrie and Caitlin: The pictures and stories are wonderful. We are so happy that things are going well for all of you. We miss you very much.

    Today was rain. All day. We really needed it. The track meet wasn't much fun, but the rain was worth it.

    Have fun tomorrow at Valley of the Angels. And remember the 75 lbs. of coffee beans!

    God Bless, Dan and All

  4. Hi Everyone:
    It sounds like you guys are making great progress on the water project. Could you please put some pictures on the blog showing the pipes in the trench? We were a part of the Gehlen Mission Team so to see it would be very gratifying. Linda and Carolyn have a safe trip back we will see you when you are back in Iowa. Hello to Frank and Carlos wish we were with you. STM keep up the good work.

  5. It is great to hear everyone is doing well. Kia I hope you are taking lots of pictures. We miss you. Siri is in Minneapolis at a volleyball tournament, Dalton had a track meet in Custer and spent the weekend there with Grandma and Grandpa and so mom and I are experiencing empty nesting. I do have to say she has been able to get out of the house faster in the mornings since she doesn't have to wait on you. Does everyone have to wait on you there too? It sounds like you are having a lot of fun and getting some work done too. I knew you were going to love it there. Keep working hard and get Rylee going again. I'll try not to tease her about it. Love ya,

    1. Jordan and mission group,
      Enjoying your daily blogs and pictures. It truly is a heart warming story to read every day. Keep up the good work,and when back in the comfort of your homes let each warm shower and cold drink of water be a reminder of your mission trip and all the hard work you did to make their lives a little easier. God's blessings to all. Love Grandma Jackie

  6. Wow, you guys should be so proud of yourselves and all of your accomplishments thus far on your Honduras mission. It's a wonderful opportunity and I'm sure everyone there appreciates your hard word!
    Hi, Elizabeth! We all say a big "Hello" and send love from Connecticut and South Carolina - where we are right now in Hilton Head! I'm not trying to make you jealous or anything (ha ha) I hear we might see you guys down here this summer. That would be great! Well, be safe and take care of yourself!
    Love, Jean, Joe, Sophie, Grandma, and Grandpa

  7. Jakeb- JonPaul is having a mild breakdown with you. He attempted to run away yesterday. He said he didn't want to live here anymore. He took one of my fake diamond rings "so he could sell it to buy a house of his own," a small bottle of hand sanitizer "in case his hands get dirty," and a blanket and pillow. Off he went down the road in the rain, tellng me to "have a nice life!" He made it to the grandma's house next door and said he"changed his mind and was just kidding." And that was the end of his little adventure. It's still raining. We will go to church this morning and then go to Walmart. Cooper's are making me feel guilty about the room cleaning. I may change your sheets and clean up your room. Love you babe!!!!!!

  8. Hi Rylee - Hope you're feeling better. Better work twice as hard today to make up for it. Missing you. Your grandma was here for five days, so Honduras was looking pretty good to me. Rainy, cool last couple days here. You're not missing much. See you soon. Love you.

  9. Good morning everyone. Well, a nice rainy Sunday here at home- and I am not complaining! Loving the rain. Catherine, Jen and I went to breakfast after 7:00 mass and saw Leslie...she misses you! I told her I would give her blog address so she could keep up with what you are doing. Update- dress is completely finished! Can't wait for you to put it on. I am going to make some ch. chip cookies today:) you can have some when you get home, that is if Jen, Ryan and I don't finish them off first, HA. Since you have finished H.Games#3, maybe I should start #1. Oh, got message from library...book is in! Something else to look forward to when you get home. Mark, got together with 'the gang' on Friday, and everyone said to tell you hi. We all missed you and thought of you as we enjoyed pizza and wings...yes Catherine, potato pizza! Hope you both have a very enjoyable Sunday and I look forward to hearing from you tonite. Lots of love, mom/Theresa

  10. Hi Elizabeth and all,

    I have been extremely impressed with the work you have accomplished. Truly a rewarding experience. The boys would like machetes. They think that would be cool. This is probably too late but they would be happy with anything. Love Dad
    Hey, sister, another rainy day here.. it's great~ hopefully soon the grass will be as green as it is in Minnesota! :) Cleaned your room yesterday... you too will have fresh sheets! :) Cleaned your closet too.. You have ALOT of t-shirts! You could open your own cavalier gear store and be in business for awhile... Thanks for the updates.. did you see Jean and Joanna blogged also? Grandma and Grandpa Z send their love but since they don't have a computer, no blogging for them.. take care, love and miss you LOTS! Love, Mom

  11. Rylee-Hope you are feeling better and had a fun day shopping! Cold and rainy here. Bring some of that heat and sunshine back to SD! Enjoy your last few days of vacation! EmilyJo says hi and hope to see you soon! Take care! Love, Aunt Laurie

  12. It is so wonderful following your blog! The work you are doing is of God's world! We are so excited for all of you to be blessed with this life changing experience. We keep you all in our prayers .... Keep up God's work! God bless all of you on this Divine Mercy Sunday as you discover the true meaning of the works of Mercy. May you all discover the riches of God's love! The Johnson's Debbie, Mike, Kayla & Dillon

  13. Hey everyone! Reading your posts has replaced my daily ESPN.com ritual. Sure am proud of you all and am sending prayers so you finish strong and healthy. Be proud of all you're doing. Proverbs 27:17 "Iron Sharpens Iron..." You ALL are living proof. Can't wait for the next update! - Coach Shaw (Ps. Dom & Jake, hope you're doing long-toss!)

  14. Hi Elizabeth!!! Yay for blogging!! I am so happy to hear you have access to machetes!! Haha.....Abby would like to know if you are braiding your hair daily???!!!! Make sure you are combing it she says.
    We love the updates and are thrilled to hear of your amazing progress. Ethan said that you must be tired but is finding Honduras on the globe as I blog :)
    Please be safe and know that you are being prayed for!!!
    Love you!!!!
    Aunt Joanna and family :)
    P.S. it is raining here too!! Slippers are on.....

  15. OK Tessa - if you don't start writing to us more often, I refuse to clean your room...you may come home to dirty sheets...=) We miss you and I can't say enough how strangely quiet it is around here. How is your knee doing? Glad everyone is watching out for you. Keep the pictures coming & be sure to jump in front of the camera every so often. Looking forward to more stories tonight, love & prayers, mom

  16. Catherine - the homily today was about being open to feeling God's presence in your life - thought about you.

  17. Barb - Hope you are feeling better. Your family in
    Tomahawk, Wisconsin is so proud of you and all of the rest of the team. Anxious to hear all of your stories when you get back. Take care and stay safe!!
    Love and God bless, Becky

  18. HI everyone!!! Hope you all had a great day! In some ways it feels as though you have been gone for weeks but then I remember you will be home on Thurs and it feels like we were just sending you off!!Jordan, I'm feeling a lot of pressure from the parents back here to clean your room and wash your sheets..I'll see what I can do but just to be clear I am not touching your bathroom! You will be happy to know that we are getting your bedroom light fixed! Had a nice time in Mitchell at Sarah's !st Communion...she was beautiful! All for now...Sleep well everyone, Love you Jordan...Mom

    PS-- Alex says he misses you and can't wait to see the pics. Ditto for Payton.

    1. Jordan-
      I find myself not being able to go to sleep without reading your blog! It's so interesting to hear about your day and everything you've gotten to experience! I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've tried texting you this past week and then realizing that you don't have a phone! It's killing me!!
      I stopped home on Wednesday with the girls while we were in Rapid to go shopping. You'll be happy to know that Mom, Dad, Alex and Payton have no idea what to do with themselves when you're not there! It's pretty funny!
      I'm so proud of you for the work your doing over there and very jealous of what you're getting to experience. I can't wait to hear alllll about it! Sending you lots of love from everyone here in Spearfish!:) Miss you more than you know! Be safe, have fun and work hard! Love you!!

  19. We hope you all had a relaxing Sunday and that you enjoyed the markets. How was Mass?
    Dom- Today's game got cancelled- we've been having rain for the last two days. It has stopped now.
    Love, Dad.
    We love reading the blogs from everyone! You all look so happy in the pictures. What a blessing for both you and the people you are serving.
    Love and Prayers- Mom (Ginny)

  20. Kia - just as fair warning, I believe you have a right to know that dad felt guilty after reading all of the blogs that the other kids' families were cleaning their rooms, BUT he, of course took it a step further - he has moved both you and Garet to the loft storage in the shop. He figures it will just be easier when you both go back to college in August! ;-) Glad to hear you are having fun and working hard! Keep it up and know you are in our prayers! We love you!

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