2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shop 'Til You Drop

It's been a long day for all of us. After a breakfast of french toast, we got off to an early start for Valle de Angeles. Think Old Market in Omaha and you kind of get the idea of what the shopping area looked like. You could even get a horse and buggy ride, BUT we did not. The views along the way were awesome, as usual. Sr. Juanita was especially blessed today because she spotted her favorite Honduran bird 5 times as we drove.

I guarantee that many of you back home will be receiving nice souvenirs. Every shopper I heard was shopping for family and friends before looking for their own souvenir. We took a pizza break at noon; most then enjoyed an ice cream cone. That left an hour for shopping before we returned to Esquias.

We ate hamburgers, chips, and watermelon for supper and prepared for Mass. Janet had prepared a booklet for each of us with the readings so we could follow them during the service. None of our gentlemen got their feet washed tonight, so we watched a typical Honduran service - LOTS of enthusiastic responses and singing. During the sign of peace everyone goes everywhere to hug and give the sign of peace. During junta we commented on how the Hondurans all participate joyfully.

We weren't able to have junta until 9 due to the length of the church service and needing to allow journaling time. Thus, this blog is late and most of you will be reading it on Friday morning.

Lesley, Phil suggests you mow the lawn before he gets back. He would be forever beholden to you.


  1. Sounds like a good day of shopping - can't wait to hear how it went!!
    Looking forward to hear all about the trip and the Easter Celebration - only a couple of more days -
    Megan, Do hope you are ready to come home as I am missing you so much!!!
    God Bless to all - Have a wonderful night.
    Mom/Cheri H.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR!!!!!! miss you!! have fun your last few days and can't wait to see you on Sunday!!! :)
    P.S. tell Alec I miss him too :( and just a heads up Brittany might have found a cat hahahaha

  3. Glad it was a safe shopping trip. Sounds like you ate well also. See you soon!!

  4. Ha! He is already forever beholden to me! I will see what I can do. Have a safe trip back.

  5. Mick, sounds like the day in town, and the scenic trip went well. First i have to remember to say happy belated birthday to Dean, and then happy birthday to Trevor, too. And there are more April birthdays to come. And that new sitzmann baby seems to be waiting to maybe share a birthday!? Just a few more days of your wonderful esperience. I'm kind of selfish, and cant wait till ur home. God bless you all and stay safe. Love, mom and dad

  6. Chad and Joe
    Great to hear about your day yesterday, shopping, EATING and church service. You only have few days left to get GOOD PICTURES - the camera better be full! Miss you both. See you soon.
    Love, mom and dad

  7. Good Morning Joe B~
    Hope your day of shopping was good yesterday Sounds like it went well.
    The kids are excited to pick you up at the airport. (Not just the zoo) Dad heard it was supposed to rain?
    Have a great rest of your time in Honduras.
    Love and miss you!
    Mom, Dad, Jake, Chris, Madeline,David and Sarah

    Happy Birthday Trevor!

  8. Heyy Austin. It's your favorite sister again. I am super excited to see what you got me(If you got me something). It is way different here without you because I can't go out with friends because there is no one to bring me home at mignight and I can't drive home. hahaha. Well I hope you guys have fun your last TWO days! Make sure you took lots of pictures like your camera should be almost full. I know it won't be full but it should be pretty close to it.
    Happy Birthday Trevor!
    From your sister Emilyy. :)