2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, April 1, 2012

8:15 a.m. Report from Esquias

Greetings to all readers.
Carolyn called at 8:15 a.m.
They were all up and ready for the day. She didn't think she would have time to blog this morning. They will all be part of the Palm Sunday Procession through the village of Esquias, which begins at 8:00 their time. Sometimes it lasts for three hours so Fr. Bonilla has been warned they might cut out early. They leave for Casa Carolina (the malnutrition center) in Sulaco at no later than 9:30. It is a long and hard ride and they should get back before dark. They will probably be able to spend no more than an hour with the children.
I encouraged her to take the computer just in case she might be able to blog right from Casa Carolina.
Casa Carolina has been in danger of closing for just over a year now. A year ago I asked for help to keep the malnutrition center open. Support has been good but has fallen short of my hopes. Mission Honduras LeMars, coupled with a couple other Catholic Orders of Sisters, has been able to pay the monthly bill for the center - $2200.00 per month. As I write this I am not 100% sure of the status of Casa Carolina. About 3 weeks ago I was informed that the parish in Sulaco would be taking it over. I will be anxious to know the final decision. In any case, Sister Joan is along on the trip and Casa Carolina was one of her most important missions. I know she will get to the bottom of the issue.
Carolyn said everyone was fine and looking forward to the day.
Take Care,


  1. Hi Mick, this is Amanda! Just wanted to write u and tell u we miss u tons, a few times Friday I wanted to text u and had to remind myself u wouldn't get it! Mason wanted to go see u today, as always! Keeping in touch with Monica for u! Work hard, see u soon, love u. The smalls

  2. Thinking of you all tonight. Hope the day went well. Looks like Rachelle got out of hauling sand on Saturday, so better make her work a little harder tomorrow. All is well here Rachelle, miss you lots.

  3. Just wanted to let Joe and Chad know I'm thinking about them. I had a great week with the Langels but wasn't lucky enough to have Katie go into labor while I was there; so a second trip will be in order sometime when you get back! We did have some April Fools fun this afternoon fake announcing a baby to a few people though.

    I just got back to Des Moines and of course Dexter was thrilled to see me...I was thrilled to see he managed to not burn the house down in the 5 days we've been gone. Now that I've settled in I've realized a home isn't really a home without your loved ones (apparently your presence masks the creepy noises the house makes)... I miss you a lot and I appreciate the blog updates about your experiences more and more everyday.

    I'm very proud of the hard work everyone is doing.


    P.S. I have now had two delicious fish dinners in you absence..of course I would trade them for chicken to have you here; but like they say "When in Rome..."

  4. Hey Ali,
    Great to hear from you. We miss you a lot. Hope everything is going well. Seeing you do physical work brings a tear to my eye. LOL. We all love you very much. Be safe
    Dad, Michelle, Colten, and Josie

  5. Joe and Chad
    Great to hear from you and everyone else. Chad -want you to know we got most of the rock work done for you! Dad went golfing today and then he and Zaylee drove the golf cart here to wash it. Then she had to wash her bike too! Sounds like the meals are good. Remember to take lots of pictures !! Miss you.
    Love, Mom

  6. Just wanted to let Lauren know that I am so proud of her and I hope you're learning so much! We all miss you so much! :) love ya!