2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Monday, April 2, 2012

Working Hard

We got off to a late start today due to a puncture in the bus tire. That happened during yesterday’s trip to Sulaco, but thankfully didn’t flatten until after our return to Esquias.

We enjoyed a nice rain last night. The accompanying lightning and thunder cut the trip to the park a bit short, but we definitely enjoyed the rain and the coolness it brought. Everyone agreed that last night’s sleep was better.

Now, picture a gravel road in Iowa and you need to dig through it with a pick-ax and shovel. That was what our group had to do today. It was a daunting challenge to keep digging through such hard material, and even a bit depressing when we’d check the distance covered, which didn’t seem much. However, we celebrated when the group got to move down the road and start in another spot. It was a small victory, but we appreciated it nonetheless.

Originally, we had planned to pour a cement floor for a poor family in Esquias. Julio & Carlos suggested that we choose a very poor family in El Picacho instead. So a family with 6 children will be getting 2 rooms of concrete floor during our mission trip. Today chaperones and students worked in shifts on trench digging. Others worked on the cement floor. We plan to give everyone a chance to make cement by hand because it’s a unique experience. The forms have been laid for the flooring and a little base cement is in place. Our team will pour the bedroom floor tomorrow and then do another little room for the same family.

Today’s lunch consisted of pescado (fresh fish fried with the heads on), fried plantains, red cabbage and vinegar, and tortillas. It is a time-consuming meal to eat because the fish is extremely bony. Everyone said they tasted it; not all ate the whole fish. It took our cook almost 3 hours to fry our fish in a single frying pan on her wood stove.

After lunch we returned to work. Everyone worked a little slower, but we are very proud of everyone. The students are working hard and not complaining about the work. You parents should be quite proud of your children. They are participating well, working hard, listening to us, and pitching in. A small group of them even fixed the gutter in the compound with string and a stretched out piece of clothes hanger. They are turning into true Hondurans. I’ll have to post the picture so you can see their fix-it job.

I’m sitting at the table now, waiting to eat supper (cena). We’re eating fried chicken, rice, and vegetables. Oh yes, there are always tortillas, and my favorite, watermelon (sandia). Gotta eat. Later.

Rachelle carries dirt out of the house getting a cement floor

Joe & Chad work at scraping the dirt out of the bedroom.

Bryce & Conor carry wet cement for the new floor.

Gehlen Mission Honduras at work with villagers

Mick & Conor with their Honduran buddy.

Ross shows off his lunch.

The boys carry 90 lb. bags of cement down the mountain.

Dave & Don do some digging,


  1. Thank you for keeping us updated. I refresh this page several times a day to get the latest info. It makes me feel very proud and humbled by the selflessness you all are showing. I miss you, Phil and Bryce. Bryce, your baseball cleats came in today. You will like them. I will let you know tomorrow how the basketball game goes tonight. Hold still for a picture too. I know how you Huberts love photos! Love you both, Lesley/Mom PS= Phil I think I messed up your blog when I made mine. Sorry!! Can you blog with Bryce?

    1. FYI- Kentucky won over Kansas by 8.

  2. Ali! I cannot wait until you tell me how you ate fish with bones in it! Calla says you HAVE to work hard down there. Josie says be jealous because they went to the ice cream parlor today. It got up to 92 here, I broke down and turned the air on for a bit. Emma says she misses you and loves you. Keaton just likes hearing about everything you are doing. He hopes you are playing lots of soccer.
    Take care!
    Proud of you!
    Mom, Josie, Calla, Emma, and Keaton

  3. Rachelle, I miss you a lot. I can't wait until you are home. I can't wait for you to tell me all of your stories of Honduras. Remember to stay safe. I love you.

  4. Mick, we think we know somebody who "might" have only taken a bite of the fish!! Looks like they are keeping you busy, and you're doing much appreciated jobs. It looks like you are making many new friends. They are so cute. Oh, Monica thinks your pictures are so cute, too. Remember sunscreen! ha, ha! Dad is still sick today, guess he really misses you, cant get along without you! think? We all miss you and love you. Take care!! mom

  5. Hey Joe B.~
    Chris-- Hey Joe how are things going there in Honudras? We are fine. Do you understand the people? Is your Spanish class paying off? In your free time what kinds of games do you play with the kids?
    David-- Do you understand their language? Is it cool in the mountains? Is it hard work? We saw the pictures of you and your friends. What is the little baby's name that you were holding in the picture? The baby is very cute.
    Madeline-- How are you doing? Is it harder then you thought? Is the food good? Was the pescado good? How many babies have you held? Are you working hard? ( I have been playing your ipod) Miss ya.
    Mom-- hope all is well. I love you and miss you!
    Sarah--When is my brother going to get home?
    I love my brother.
    Dad- Hi Joseph, kinda bored here, no one to argue with. Hope you are doing well and working hard. We'll have to sit out on the back step and talk about everything your doing. I miss you. Love, Dad

  6. Looks like everyone is working hard. Chad, looks like you need to do laundry!! And you have a good start on your tan (burn??) How did you like the fish, as good as what your dad cathces ? Joe - what did you have for dinner - a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? It is almost half time of the championship game and Kentucky is up 39-22.
    Love you and miss you.
    Mom and Dad

  7. It's nice to see a picture of you both (Joe and Chad). Good to see you are hard at work.. Looks like I have some work to do in the tanning bed to catch up with you both! I'm also curious to know what you ate for lunch instead of fish Joe?
    Miss and love you!

  8. Hey mick! It's so good to know you're enjoying your time there. I am so glad you are embracing the opportunity you have been given. Just so you know I didn't eat the fish either! I love checking the blog during the day to see what is going on and all the pictures. I am so excited to hear all about your experience when you get home. When you go to the park is there a little boy there who can't see very well? He would always jump on the guys last year and try to play with them! I know you are working very hard so keep it up!

  9. To Linda R.
    Glad things are going well for you and the team.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we are in this Holy Week. Have a good day and blessings upon your day. Your friends at Community Bank

  10. Looks like you're working hard. Make sure you leave some work for the STM team. :)
    Stay cool!!
    STM mission team