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2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello Back Home

Megan Heissel- Dear people of Le Mars, tomorrow is our last day of work, I am so happy that it is! Mom-remember everything I told you to bring when you come get us. If you can fit the shower in the car, bring it along, we didn’t shower for three days. Oh and my bed. We are all working hard and becoming closer. The meal tonight was amazing; our cooks need to take some lessons from Tacha! J Love and miss you guys, see you in 5 days (:

Bervs(what Dennis calls me);Brittany Loutsch: hey guys! How is L-town holding up? I never thought I would say this but L-town seems to have a lot more then these Honduran towns. “I’ve been working on the railroad(aka trenches).” Megan and I sing this song when we are diggin. And the song off the movie Holes. We also had a light show and puppet show with our flashlights. We are becoming deprived from technology and starting to get back our childhood imaginations. I got to talk to Seiv today so got a dose of home today: he cried so much because he missed me. Happy Birthday to Chucks and Kenzie from everyone here!!!! Also Cheri if you could bring me a shower and bed to the airport too I would be grateful. Peace, Bervs

Lauren Eide: I’m done blogging until someone writes me back…I am beginning to think you guys don’t care about meL

Rachelle Lipp: These past few days have been some pretty tough work for me- just ask Seiv.  I took some time out of my busy schedule to talk to him on the phone.  The electricity is out for the night, but at least most of us got showers! It’s storming; it’s pretty awesome.  I love it.  Anyway Krista I miss you too and can’t wait to tell you all about it.  Marisa there is a girl named Lilly that reminds me of you! She is so sweet and kind.  Andrew, none of the Honduran boys remind me of you because they are pretty creepy here.  Thanks everyone for thinking about me and all the prayers.  J I’m not sure I’ll be ready to leave.

Ali Galles: Hello family! Okay Mom, the child was three years old and hadn’t been there long. It is downpouring here right now. This is the second time! I love it. The work is hard but tomorrow is our last full day of it. We have zero electricity right now and Carlos (main man) is saying it will be out all night. Dad, you don’t blog much. Tell Michele and Colten I say Hi! We go shopping on Thursday so I will get everyone gifts. All the Honduran kids are awesome and they remind me of Calla and Emma. I love you all and I will see you soon!

Mick Sitzmann: Hey family and Monica! I miss you guys! Dad I just want to tell you how much I feel like Red Green donw here with all of the duck tape I have been using! I have used it from patching holes in my gloves to completely covering my knee wholes in my pants with it! I know, I know I’m awesome! Alright well I just wanted to clear everything up about the fish things. .. . Joe and I shared an entire fish! So ya I did eat half of one! Expect no more of eating that stuff from me! Alright I gotta go now so ill talk to you later! BYYYYYEEEEE

Dave and Janet Klein:  Glad to hear from all of you oh none from our friends and family??? Having a great time poured cement with Carlos today – Janet has learned a lot about mixing and making cement she just about has it down.  Digging was a lot easier today got a lot more done.  Hope everybody is doing good at home see you Sunday!!!

Alec Mousel: Hello I’m still here. Brittany and Jordan you have blog for journalism what else do you have to do. Blog me.

Trevor Bouma: Hello Family and Steph, Today we dug trenches again. It was very hard. Right now it is pouring rain. Its been awesome so far down here. See you guys in a few days. Also I agree with Moose Steph and Jordan you guys have to blog in Journalism. Give us a shout out.

Chad & Joe Langel: Its storming pretty good here right now but we don’t mind, it’s a nice way to cool off after a hard days work. Tomorrow is the last hard work day then we are another day closer to you guys getting to see us which I am sure you are missing  my jokes.. Byeeeeeeee

Joe Begnoche: Hey family!!! Still doing good down here and having a blast. Still miss you guys a lot and can’t wait to see you when I get back. I will answer all of your questions when I get back cause that would take me forever to blog that haha. It is storming pretty good here right now and this is the second one that we have had in the past couple days. I heard the weather there has been pretty warm? I hope you guys are doing good. Tomorrow is our last hard day of work and hopefully it goes as well as it has been for the last couple days. Alrighty well that’s about all I have to report so see you in a couple days! Miss you all. And Kendall I miss you too and can’t wait to see how many messages I have from you on my phone when I get backJ Can’t wait to see you and to hang out! Later Gater!!:)

Carolyn Bickford: As you’ve probably read, we’re getting lots of rain tonight. Honduras really needs it, so that’s good. The days are passing quickly and very soon all the missioners are going to be back home. They’ll have lots of stories to share, I’m sure. Jay, give Paige a kiss; Drew give Mya one. Take care.

Phil & Bryce: Things are going good. Looking forward to seeing you in a few days. Can’t say more because we have power problems. Love your eternal husband and son.


  1. Lauren!!!!! I wrote you everyday. I check the blogs all the time. Wish you would have blogged this time. Please say how it's going for you next time you have the chance. I miss you! (I dont know if I'm allowed to do this)

  2. Hey mick, manda again! Monica came to visit today, even went to see the boys, mas may love her more now! He wanted me to tell u he is big like a T Rex, i'm not sure why but i can hear u already, "man that kid is wierd!":) proud u ate fish, shocked, but proud! We r all missing u! Hurry home, u owe me a " work day" for my bday! He he. Tell Poo Bear hello too! Love u plenty (thats Ross' new one)

  3. LOL oh em gee guys its your buddy ole pal zach wurth LOL duh!! since i have been reading this and trevor and moose complaining the whole time i figured they might want me to "blog" them. I miss you guys. I miss Alec's mean comments to me. I miss slapping Alec in the face. Fats (trevor) i miss you musk, your extremely pungent musk. I sure hope you can read this otherwise i feel as though I've wasted alot of time. Shout out to all my boys down there. Hope to see you guys all very soon.

  4. Joe and Chad-hope everyone remembered to take their malaria pill today. Glad tomorrow is your last day of hard work. Hope you are taking lots of pictures. You will really appreciate your shower and lights and bed when you get home. No baby yet! I think Jake is missing you Chad! The boys golf team beat Akron yesterday.
    Love and miss you. Mom and Dad

  5. Hey, Mick, we look forward to your blogs every night. You always say we have no life without you around!! Dad is finally feeling a little better. He says he knows that you were worried about him. So proud that you had some fish, but doesn't that have to be a first? Proud of how hard you all are working, too. What a great group of missioners! And you are even wearing your gloves out? Oh, saw Molly today, and she says she misses you! What foods should we have ready for you when you get home? though it does sound like you are getting fed pretty well there. Love you, take care! mom and dad.

  6. That's nice that the rain is helping cool things down for you and I'm happy to hear you only have one hard work day left.

    So far I've kept busy since I've gotten back to DSM to help time move faster.Tonight I went to a movie with Lauren for her birthday... Guess what we saw? Drum roll.......The Hunger Games!... Again! Haha I hope you are reading the book Joe so we can break it down when you get back!

    I keep checking my phone to see a phone call from the family saying Katie's in labor but I think little man is holding out for your return.

    Have a good day tomorrow

    Love you!
    Katie and Dexter

  7. Good Morning Everyone~
    Sounds like everyone is doing well. Glad to hear you are getting some much needed rain. Hopefully it will make digging the trenches easier. Cooler temps expected again today--
    Joe We are going to make a day out of our trip to the airport on Sunday-- we decided to go to the zoo for the day before we meet you at the airport. Aunt Therese is supposed to come on Friday to visit for a few days.
    The "Littles" are excited to see you. Sarah thought you came in the garage yesterday as she heard the door go up and she said "it's Joe." I told her that you were in Honduras. She said'" Awww again?"
    We can't wait to hear all about Honduras and see your many photos:)
    Hope all is well. I am glad you are having a great time.
    Love you and miss you
    Mom and Dad

  8. Alec...hello...your family put a blog under your picture didn't you get it? Details...we need more details please! Sydney and Ethan keep commenting that your blogs are shorter than others so again more details please. We know you are a person of very few words, but when you are talking about mission work in another country it would be nice if you were a little bit more 'flowery' with your descriptions of your days...thanks!

  9. Hey Megan! Aunt Sharon here. Missed you at lunch on Saturday :(

    I've enjoyed keeping track of you and your fellow missionaries on the blog.

    Glad to see you are getting lots of practice working outside, Grandpa Punk might need you to mow his lawn this summer. At least he has a rider for you to use :)

    Your eggs will be waiting for you at Grandpa's. I'll try not to hide them too hard :)

    Thanks to you and all the missionaries for your hard work helping the people of Honduras!

    I hope you've been able to take lots of pictures and can't wait to see them and hear all about your time there!

    Keep up the great work and God Bless all of you and travel safe home!

    Lots of Love Always,
    Aunt Sharon, XOXO

  10. Megan - Yes I believe I have your list down - (Is it okay if we bring your brother?) however I believe your phone is broke and your not up for an upgrade til next year:) Just kidding - it's on and I don't know how to turn off since it's in lock mode - where is the trust:)
    Glad you are enjoying your days -
    Now girls - when i was little and it was raining we played in the rain - if you guys haven't showered in three days, I would have taken advantage of the rain to rinsed off - you could have sang singing in the rain since you are already singing when you are working:)
    Glad you are all doing well - enjoy the Easter Celebration - see you soon -
    Love and miss you. Mom

  11. I suppose I can write something ...Alec Seiv. said you were lucky to see a cat..So i'm hoping that's a good thing..feel free to bring that one back because my search back here is not doing to good :)..S/O to Trevor miss you bro... Hurry Home!

  12. Hey Dave and Janet, I am getting things ready for a Seder Meal and Kendall told me you needed a message. I am sure you are having a wonderful time helping others and spreading the word. I hope that your Holy Week is wonderful. Say hello to Rachelle and Joe, even though I know Kendall has already said Hi to Joe.


  13. Hi Joe! I miss you too and can't wait to see you and hangout as well! :) It looks like you are having a great time and working hard! I can't wait to hear all about it!! haha i hope you enjoy all of your texts because they are pretty awesome :P haha
    -Kendall :)

  14. Britt~
    I'm impressed that you didn't give me a list like Megan. But now that you have had time to think about it- is there something(s) you want us to bring. I know DJ is at the top of your list but he might stay back to enjoy Easter at the Bollins. Big meeting today to decide if Grandpa stays at the hospital for a few more days or goes to a nursing home for a couple of weeks. He is doing great but Grandma can't handle him by herself yet(as if she ever could!). Love you & can't wait to see you!
    Mom & Dad

  15. Hi Micah, Morgan called and was wondering why no blogs from Micah. I said you are a man of very few words. Hope things are doing great and you are having a wonderful experience. Gabby has been sleeping in your bed during the day and it has not been storming. I think she misses you. See you soon love mom and dad

    1. Ditto to what mom said! I check daily to see if you have any updates or even a hello but each day I am disappointed. Dijon seems to think that you have to wait in line to use the computer and if that is the case I understand that waiting around is not your thing! I can handle the suspense of waiting to see you but at least give your girlfriend a break and blog a 'hello' for her. Enjoy your last few days.
      Love ya Becka,Dijon and Nora

  16. Megan - this is from Jackie and Joe:
    We are thinking and praying for you. Very proud of you!!!

  17. Lauren, I think I finally figured this out. I have been checking the site daily and have seen everything you have been up too. I hope you are enjoying yourself I know it's hard work but I'm sure you think it is well worth it. You know that we are just a bit challenged when it comes to technology please don't quit blogging we love hearing from you. See on Sunday we love you!!

  18. Hey Ali! He was 3 years old! OMG! So little! I am so happy that all of you were born healthy and that we live in a nation where we have things like running water! That makes me so very proud of you and all the others that are serving on this mission! Think about what this means to them! I do agree with Cheri, if you could not shower for 3 days, you should have gone out in the rain! Stay safe! Enjoy your last days!!

  19. Hey guys! Hope everything is going great down there! Someone tell Brittany she needs help with her Kardashian obsession :) haha and Lauren I need you back in journalism, it's not as exciting making fun of Nicole with out you! Hi Trevor! Just thought you should know Kansas and Kentucky played in the championship. I told you my bracket was awesome! And is anything good going on Friday? It seems like a horrible day ;)Anyway,I hope you are all having an amazing time! It's so quiet in the halls without you guys! Miss you all!! Can't wait to see you soon! :)

  20. Hey Micah, Yes I did ask your mom why there are no recent blogs from you. Just being my daily self of worrying haha anyways it looks like your working hard and having an awesome experience. Remember to drink lots and lots of water! Well I hope you are reading my blogs and i'd love to hear from you soon or whenever you have time. I have lots and lots to tell you and I hope you have some neat stories to tell me to which im sure you do. Take care and I can't wait to see you on sunday! Miss you!! :):) 4 more days.

  21. Lauren- I was wondering how often do you get to look at the blogs from us? It seems like I have been refreshing this website every ten minutes on my phone. There is not a lot going on here in Le Mars. I really miss you and am excited to see you soon. I hope your having a good time. I saw Ross with the picture of the fish. They said on the blog that everyone tried it, I was wondering if they ment every one but Lauren! I'm excited to hear from you again next blog. I have felt bad about your last blog. I didnt know I was supposed to blog back. It sounds like tommorow you get to go shopping instead of working. I bet your excited for that. I also saw the picture a few days ago of you working. I saw on my phone its been about 95 degrees there everyday! I hope I don't get in trouble for writing this much, bye! See you in 4 days!

  22. Sooo Austin. I haven't seen a blog in a LONG time. Just wondering how everything is going. Your car is doing great. I can't figure out one thing, but I have it under control.
    Yes, Chad I am lost without you or Austin. I just felt it today. It's going to be very wierd these next two days because no one will be here. Everyone will be working. Miss you two!
    P.s. I don't think I was quite as lost because driving Austin's car made me feel like he was at school. Wierd, I now. Well stay safe and healthy. See you guys in 4 days.
    Emily Meyerrr. :)

  23. You know me Ali, whether its texting or blogging I am horrible at it :) Make sure you get me something cool when you go shopping haha. Josie wants me to tell you she misses you big time. Colten says "what's up sis" we all love you and we will see you soon.

  24. Joe and Chad-
    Glad things are going good and your on your last day of work! Hope you worked hard, and we are sure Chad worked harder than Joe! Don't forget tomorrow is Katie (sister) Birthday! She does not want to spend her day in labor... so obviously I hope she does! She goes to the Doctor in the AM so we will know more tomorrow!
    Here is a message from Zaylee-
    zaylee fuiuwrnedeie[h2eriee-weie4ouce0ejcxjckeoeweewjedkjdeokedusduiydiuhdccccccccccccccccued2'qwsp;jdwsuoo9w0r0rddddoedods-0
    yuhyfty. TRANSLATION: Miss you Joe and Chad! Baby Brother is here..... APRIL FOOLS!! ( we thought her what April Fools is about... does not really get it yet.) Zaylee says Hi to Dean, Conor, Mick, and Alli.
    She also learned to type her name! End Translation!

    It has been quiet with out Chad, Dean, and Conor around, but I am sure that will change! Miss you boys!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip and see you on Sunday!
    Love your favorite sister!
    Kristen :) xoxoxoxo