2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April SHOWERS Bring May Flowers

It was another hot one today with temperatures similar to yesterday. Everyone was moving a little bit slower this morning and the muscles took longer to warm up. We had all eaten a good breakfast including plenty of fruit and the peanut butter is not really being used because we’re all eating the Honduran food. If our blog seems a bit silly today, it’s because the heat and lack of electricity and water is starting to get to us. However, we’re all lucky to get a shower today- trust us when we say this is a big deal.

We headed back to Vallecillo for another day of hard trench digging, but not quite as hard as yesterday, except for one sport. Victor gave everyone a hug as we got off the bus and once again thanked everyone in the group for helping his village. Today we had another mass with the village, and we were all entertained by the little boy who decided to go under the altar where Father was saying mass. We deviated from our normal path, thanks to Carolyn, and took a much more serpent type route home. The girls were unhappy with Brittney when she asked Carlos to go faster down the curvy road, but we obviously made it home just fine.

When we returned the girls headed for the Salon to pack up the last of the bags for the villagers and the guys headed over to the other house to lay cement. The guys were very impressed with themselves when they were able to create a perfect “cement volcano.” They were considering opening their own construction company- don’t worry, we encouraged college first. We finished this project and everyone was able to come home and shower and enjoy another great meal prepared by Tacha, Sylvia, and Noelia. At the end of the meal, our luck ran out and the electricity went out for the night, but we still got to shower! (Again, can you tell this is a big deal for us?) Thanks to Jeff, our drawing for this group is now complete.

Tomorrow, for the first time in their lives, the guys are excited to go shopping in the Valley of the Angels. We have an earlier wake up time tomorrow morning and by the looks of this blog I think you can tell we need our sleep so we’re ending it now! Goodnight!

Zach Maxey: Hey everyone! Honduras is great and a lot of hard work! It got up to 127 degrees yesterday! Holy Toledo! We also laid a new cement floor for a family in Esquias. This is the best experience and I love no snow! Miss everybody and can’t wait to see you guys! Love you Mom and Dad. Love, Zach. P.S. Haley Holton- These kids agree that you should go to prom with me! ;)

Jeff Adams: Dear John, Happy Birthday! Luv ya, Boog

Linda Reichle: Hello to all my family and friends back home. I am doing great and loving all the Hondurans and all they have to share with us. It has been very hot and very hard work but all worth it when you see all the smiles on their faces and their sincere gratitude. Miss you all and will see you soon.

Father Cosgrove: The Crusaders are anxious to meet up with the rest of our members at the Valley of the Angels. Rumor has it that they have had a wonderful time meeting the Cardinal of Honduras and going out to dinner, but most of all, working with the young people of the orphanage. We continue to thank the parents for the gift of their children not only at this time during the mission trip, but during all the years they have been a part of our system. Looking forward to seeing you all on what will be a special Easter for all of our families.


  1. Looks like my daughter is trying her best to break another pick axe handle! keep up the good work! Love you!


  2. Keep up your hard work, the finish line is in site. We can't wait to see you all Easter Sunday. Love, Mom & Dad Walsh

  3. Becca-No school today so I am watching Callie for a few hours this afternoon. Thought Callie and I could straigten up your room since she loves to play in it and I know how much you will LOVE sleeping in your bed on Sunday night. So PROUD of you for using a pickaxe! Sending a hug and kiss your way. Love you Mom
    Steve-Glad you have a picture of Becca working. We can't wait to see it. Can't wait to hear your stories. Sending a hug and kiss to you. Love you Connie

  4. Hello to all. You are doing amazing things down there. Another testament to what a great group of people we have in our lives. God bless you and keep you safe. Pete we are heading to DM and Vail this weekend - wishing you were with us and glad you are there. Love the picks. Four football fields is unbelievable!!!! See you Sunday. Love Mom Dad Jimmy Annie Mary and Joey :)

  5. Pete.....please take lots of pics!!!!

  6. Megan, I had yesterday off so i went down to your room for a while. Its ready for you to come home and sleep. No rain today but still cold. I know you are glad its hot there. Hope you had fun on your fast ride yesterday. I'm sure your stomach didn't. You will love to shop today.So proud of you and all the kids.Dad says hi. Love Mom

  7. Nick,
    We know you are having an amazing time. We can't wait to hear all about it. The week is flying by. We are going to visit grandma today at the farm. We will try to see if we can hook up to the internet there and show her your blog. She doesn't get very good reception. We are wondering how long the beard is by now.lol.We miss you and all your friends at the house. It just seems too quiet. See you Sunday. Prayers,love,hugs and many blessings. Mom,Dad, Ben and Michael p.s. don't forget to take your malaria pill today. I'm sure you already did.

  8. Thinking of you all today. I wish you smiles and happiness as you reflect on what you have accomplished, the people you have met, and the bonds you have made with your fellow travelors; and not sorrow for what you are leaving. Miss you Blueberry and cannot wait to see and hug you in 3.5 days--just saying:)God Bless and safe travels!

  9. We miss you much and think of you daily. So glad you are making the most of your journey.

  10. Dear Julie,
    I am glad you are feeling better. When Stella rode home from Grandma and Grandpa's with me today, she said"Julie's car" when we pulled into the garage. Jim and Jana went to Mass tonight while Stella, F.J. and I hung out at home. I thought about what a miracle we all saw firsthand when she survived and flourished.
    We are so lucky.I hope we can continue to make a difference in the lives of all your new special blessing friends.I miss you so much.
    please thank Al for me for taking such good care of you. If he survived raising three daughters, he's probably already been nominated for sainthood. F.J. says "hi" and he misses you as do Grandma and Grandpa. Love and Snugglebunny hugs, Mom

  11. Mitchel,
    Greetings on this Holy Thursday! Dad and I just got home from a beautiful mass that Fr. Matt had at St. James. The whole community ask about you daily. We are missing you and pray for your safe return. Your laundy is done and bedroom is clean! Can't wait to see you at the Omaha airport on Sunday. I think the Easter Bunny has something for you!! Good news Dad and I along with Lisa S. and Fr. Kevin will be chaperoning you on you Senior Retreat to Minnesota! We promise not to bother you! Our love along with hugs and kisses! Mom and Dad.

  12. Mary and Matt,
    We enjoyed Holy Thursday mass at St. James tonight. Michelle and I both thought about all of you while we sang "The Servant Song". The first 2 verses are
    "Let me be your servant
    Let me be like Christ to you
    Pray that I might have the grace
    To let you be my servant too

    We are pilgrims on the journey
    We are brothers on the road
    We are here to help each other
    Walk the mile and bear the load"
    Many people are following your blog and praying for you. Can't wait to see you on Sunday! Love, Jim, Michelle, Nathan & Emily

  13. Dude zach bro nice picture bro. haha i love you and corinne i miss you alottabit! hope you guys are having a blast and enjoy the weather cause its cold here. see you soon!