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2017 Team
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Monday, April 25, 2011

12:35 P.M. / San Pedro Sula

Donna called a few minutes ago and she continues to work on this issue until it is resolved. She is not sure if the 18 seats will be all Heelan or not. She is trying to get them re-issued with those names. We will just have to see how it all happens.
I have also learned that over the next couple of days the rest of the group would be brought to Houston but probably not into Omaha. I have given her a couple of airports that would work for everybody. Kansas City and Minneapolis. I also gave her Sioux City and Sioux Falls. Thus, I wait to hear more.
R. Seivert


  1. Dear Bailee--Spoons huh? Did you share we play sharks?:) Sadelle and Kal would be begging to stay and inquiring if they would be able to get free airline tickets and accommodations while praying they would be able to miss more school:)! You and Nolen would want to be home. Keep the faith, keep smiling, embrace this journey, keep on keeping on! Time will solve this--safety first! Very proud of all of you! Pretty sure you can call me by dialing 001712 then my cell number. Call when you can girlie! You mean the world to me!
    L, M

  2. Anxious to hear more. We know you're working hard on this. As long as we know they are safe, that's what matters. It was very nice to hear your voice AJ. Miss and love you lots. Mom