2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Is Cancelled For Today

Just spoke with Carolyn. It is 4:55 here. There flight is definitely cancelled for today. Reason: only 2 Kilometers of Ceiling - they need 5. Just too dangerous to try. The same thing could occur tomorrow.
Frank and Carolyn are acting promptly with all things. Here is the plan:
Frank has buses lined up to take the entire team to a fine Hotel over on Embassy Row. It is nice, very nice.
Frank and Carolyn will be transporting the team over to the hotel very soon. It is very safe, no problem. Carolyn will allow each of them to make a telephone call tonight from the hotel - hopefully they will get hold of you.
I don't know the plans for tomorrow just yet. The Continental supervisor is trying to make a deal with Delta Airlines through either Miami or Atlanta. We would probably have to be bused to San Pedro Sula for that to happen. The reason it is the best option is simple: this low ceiling over Tegucigalpa might not clear for days. We just don't know. Thus, the next best thing is this plan if we can make it work. If I do hear of a final plan for tomorrow I will let you know. Frank said it could be another hour before they make a decision.
R. Seivert

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  1. Happy Easter everyone! Dear Bailee-we are in Omaha and got the news--darnit! We thought you would be 90 minutes later and not grounded. Gosh this stinks! Hope you all are enjoying this extra time together:). G'ma was wondering if everyone has showered as well as if you are wishing you had listened and taken more cash? We are at Sarah's. Her boys are so cute! We are holding Brock. Kaleb and Nolen are hiding eggs for Beau to find. I have your HS quilt--you are gonna LOVE it. Aunt Dee is so good at this and told me your quilt is her last! I want you home, but am very thankful precautions are prevailing. I love, love, love and miss you Blueberry! Hope you all enjoy your extended time together! God Bless!