2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday A.M. Message

I have read all your comments and be assured we will begin again today with the hopes of good news for the team. One of the main reasons we didn't want to split them up was it involved up to 5 different airports in the U.S. They looked at Kansas City, Denver, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Miami and then on to Omaha either the same day or a day later. None of them presented great options. However, I promise to keep this fresh in my mind as we begin today.
Will try to bring you up to speed on everything. Our travel agent in Oklahoma began working on this with Continental yesterday afternoon and into the evening. She called me at 9:30 right after I got home last night. She said they are looking at two options for us: both hinge on the smoke clearing and the ability to fly out of Tegucigalpa. Option 1: fly to Miami on American Airlines flight #954 on Monday. Then make a connecting flight to Omaha. Last night she was confident they could get this done, but they would probably have to overnight in Miami and return on Tuesday. Option 2: stay another day in Tegucigalpa and take the regular Tuesday Continental flight back through Houston, all in the same day - just like we were scheduled yesterday. However, not all could return. They only have 30 some seats. As of last night she thought we could get maybe 35-36 on that flight. I know that some of the chaperones would stay back for the kids.

Here is our morning plan: Frank is to call Donna Bench, our travel agent in Oklahoma at 8:00 this A.M. He will be at the airport early this morning talking to the Continental supervisors and together with Donna make a decision for the team. Hopefully, the smoke will clear and we will have and be able to use one of these options.   

I know you are anxious to get your sons and daughters returned and no words of mine will placate your feelings. I am anxious to have them return as well. The team sounds very resilient and quite able to adjust to circumstances. I promise to be here throughout. I will keep the updates going as soon as I hear anything. Please feel free to call.
Richard Seivert


  1. Good Morning to all, and thanks again for your efforts! I'll bet the team would at least feel some progress if they could overnight in the US, if it looks like Tuesday home either way. Good luck today!!

  2. Good morning! Thanks for your updates! Thanks to everyone for their diligence in coordinating everyone home safely. This has been quite an ordeal for everyone from what I read from the blogs. Wishing you best of luck, rest, and peace!