2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, April 15, 2011

First Day in Teguc

Greetings from Teguc! We landed safely, and quite well, on the smallest landing strip in the world. We set a new record for the most baggage lost on a mission trip. We only received 32 out of 78 bags. Thankfully, most of the personal bags were retrieved and we have what we need.

Living conditions are tight but adequate. We are seeing the town with help from Marta Sosa, and she is wonderful! Also, we met Cathleen, a Canadian volunteer, who showed us local sights. She was very engaging and welcomed us into the community. We are already bonding! -Al
p.s. Just got a call from Caroline, the Esquias group is there safely!

Julie: I'm so overwhelmed! This is a completely new experience and I hope to make the most of my ten days. I want to utilize every opportunity to do something to help someone. Hopefully, this trip helps shape me as an adult in this world. Love to Mom, F.J., Grams and Gramps, Jim, Jana, Stella, and Erin!

Corinne: Being here is unlike any experience I've witnessed before. It amazes me how much we all take for granted in America when people here have absolutely nothing. It's been fun trying to utilize our Spanish and we use every opportunity we get. One crazy thing was running into a girl from my old middle school in San Diego. Miss you Mom, Dad, and boys. Love you.

Bailee: Definitely not at all what i was expecting when we arrived, but then again I'm not quite sure what i did expect to begin with. But the Tegucigalpa Team survived the first day being locked out of the "popular" ;) It was kind of a wake up call to see two young boys playing with an old, flattened soccer ball, and here we are needing money every weekend to have fun while they make the most out of anything and everything they do have. Excited to meet with the orphanage tomorrow! Love and miss you family and friends!!

Jenny: Tegucigalpa is absolutely breath taking. There are so many colors and the city is so vibrant. Despite the poverty, the city has a spirit that gives it so much beauty. Our first day was just about getting aquainted with where we are going to live for the next week. We walked around the town for a couple of hours, and I was introduced to a completely new lifestyle. I love this place I'm already dreading leaving! Love and miss everyone!

Katie: Even though we prepared for months, no one can truly understand the lifestyle here until they experience themselves. The city is beautiful and has so much potential! It is a little overwhelming at first, but the Tegucigalpa group had an incredibly smooth transition. Our living quarters are quite pleasant and we all can't wait for the orphanage tomorrow! The moment I stepped off the plane, I knew we made the right decision. Love to all the Doughertys and the class of '11!!!

Katelyn: I still can't believe that we're here. It seemed so far away and yet here we are. It's been a long day, including the landing which was really intense! Immediately after getting off the plane, I think it's safe to say we all so thankful to have taken up this opportunity. The people here are incredible and we are on a continuous journey learning something new every minute. We're really trying to make the most of our Spanish skills! Looking forward to meeting all the kids tomorrow!!

Josh: I'm keeping a pretty through video journal, so I'll keep this relatively short. Hi, mom!


  1. Hey Josh, Al, and Heelan girls! It sounds like your trip is off to a great start! I look forward to seeing your video journal Joshua:) Good luck at the orphanage tomorrow; I know you will be a blessing to the kids! I will be praying for you guys!

  2. Sounds like your first day went...pretty well all things considered! It is nice to see smiles in the pictures!

    Please pass on this news from the Heelan front. Tonight we had a school assembly to name students of the year in various academic departments. The senior winners were: Dong Hoon Lee (English), Alexis Klein (Art), Whitney Meier (Foreign Languages), Corinne Spears (Life Skills), Claire Svec (Math), Alex Tymkowicz (Science), Tyler Brown (Social Studies) and Yesica Valdovinos (Religion). Get some good rest and continue brightening up the world tomorrow!

  3. Katie- glad that all of you are safely there in Honduras! The Dougherty's are proud of you and all the Crusaders!!! We are praying that all goes smoothly, keep us posted! Love you, baby!!!

  4. Hello! You all seem so far away and yet with a few clicks we get to share the experiences with you! Please keep us posted with your impressions as you make this journey. It is a joy to hear the joy in your words. Love to you all! 143 Corinne!

  5. Josh Lamb is offering you the roll of Earl. The also said that you need to respond to the email by sunday (April 17). love ya :)
    Katrina Vaske

  6. Jenny, Mom and Dad miss you already! So glad you arrived safely in Honduras. The country sounds so amazing and beautiful. We are sure the people you will be meeting will be equally amazing. We think of you all the time and look forward to your next report. Love, Mom and Dad

  7. Hola, Crusaders. Keep using your Spanish!