2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, March 30, 2012

Work Begins

The village of Picacho welcomed us this morning with speeches and applause. Everyone was anxious to begin, but perhaps a little less so when we saw the pile of bricks and sand that had to be carried up the mountainside. Frank let us know that we were standing a mile above sea level, and that really made everyone anxious to carry bricks and sand up the mountainside.

Our missioners are fast learners, however; they only made a few trips carrying bricks before they set up the line to toss bricks to each other. It made the breathing required for mountain climbing much easier. The missioners worked hard, but did take their required rehydration breaks. We enjoyed wonderful weather this morning. The sporadic breezes kept us from overheating.

Our missioners defnitely noticed the poverty apparent in this country. They also noticed some of the nice, colorful home we have occasionally seen. Many of them already have children latched to them. The girls enjyed a game of duck-duck-goose with a few of the chilThedren. They've learned we all smile in the same language.

The village ladies fed us a lunch of fried chicken, rice, tortillas, tomatoes, and lettuce. It reminded the students of Lally's. Many villagers enjoyed the meal with us. The bus ride back was quiet and more than a little bumpy.

We enjoyed our first cold shower of the trip. The missioners stated it was one of the most enjoyable showers they'd ever experienced. We are now taking it easy. We'll then sort our donated items in the salon, work on our junta books, and eat supper.  Oh, I almost forgot. The guys learned how to do their laundry using the pila. Carlos, our bus driver, gave them a laundry lesson, and then just shook his head as they all tried their best to copy his methods. They need a lot more practice!

We'll cool off at the park tonight and play with the local children. Look for more blogs to come, and PLEASE send comments our way. Happy 18th Birthday to Austin Meyer today!

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  1. Hello to all the missioners - very beautiful - looks like hard work!
    Glad everyone is doing well - Our prayers are with you all.
    Tell Megan that we miss & love her very much.