2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Report From Montana de la Flor

I spoke with my brother Francis late yesterday afternoon - he and Julio Rivera were in Orica. He told me the medical brigade arrived safely in the mountain after some rain delays. Things went well and the team was busy setting up all their equipment and trying to stay dry.
While he and Julio were in Orica they met the United States Military medical brigade (Joint Task Force Bravo) still on their way to the mountain.  He said there were 18 Humvees and two large Honduran military trucks in their convoy, hauling all their equipment.
All in all it seems like most things are in place for an amazing medical and nutrition experience.
I might be able to get another report today as I know that Francis and Julio must travel to Orica once again to pick up one of the nurses from Texas. She will join the team later this afternoon.
Will report more on this blog as I hear anything.
Richard Seivert

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