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2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Prayers Requested

This is a photo of little Cynthia from Mother Teresa's Children's Home in Tegucigalpa. My brother Francis sent it to me last evening - taken by one of the Heelan students.
Mission Honduras LeMars has been dealing with Cynthia for the past few years, providing the orphanage and her mother and family with necessary items to live(one of the many children we take care of - thanks to Francis). However, this is a sad sad story. The family is from New Capital where the Heelan team is working and staying. A couple years ago MHL rebuilt part of their home - new roof, new latrine, new pila, new beds, etc. I would imagine a good number of the Heelan students got to meet Cynthia yesterday.
Cynthia is dying and there is absolutely no doubt about her condition - she was born without one chamber of the heart - nothing can be done. Two years ago the decision was made by the orphanage to let her go home to die - to be with her family. However, the decision was reversed when they realized her mother would not be able to care for her adequately.  I personally was happy to know she would remain at Mother Teresa's for the wonderful care she receives. It now makes me sad to know her health is deteriorating. I don't like this very much but I realize this is what takes place in developing countries all over the world - not just Honduras. Sometimes I feel so powerless.

Richard Seivert
Marta and I both think Cynthia is very bad. Just out of the hospital esquela. She looks really bad, has no energy and is very cyanotic. Really sad. Maybe the last time I see her.
Mr. Francis


  1. Wasn't able to see picture of the little girl, but I will put her foremost in my prayers.

  2. Thanks for the update, we will pray for her. It is hard seeing her change from the last time you visited. I will pray that God will provide her with comfort. May God bless you as well.