2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, March 23, 2012

More Messages

From Pat Jones, chaperone:

Mike's group should have the footings completed today. They also hope to get the foundation of the pila poured.

Pat's group has the foundation of the pila poured and should have the frame of the house compled this morning. They hope to get both the roof on and large portion of the wall sheeted today as well.

From Kyle and Wesley:

At our meetings, Father has us select a few beads that symbolize something from our day. Kyle chose a red, green, blue, and a basketball bead. The red symbolized the heat from the sun. The green symbolized many new friends. The blue symbolized the gift of a cold shower and the basketball symbolized the sports we play with the kids. Wesley selected a football for all the beautiful nights in honduras just like the football fields. Green for aloe vera for jeremys sunburn. Blue for the water we drink and are really thankful for. Wesley also says he misses 101 and the three best friends. Wesley and kyle are here still looking forward to get back on that tennis court with the boys! #StateBound

From Maddison and Megan:

Yesterday we worked in the classrooms and worked with kids in kindergarten to second grade. Our task was to "try" to teach them a little bit of english. It was fun getting to know the kids, and they were more into hugging us and getting our attention than learning. With the second graders we made little booklets with the days of the week and colors in english and spanish. Last night, we got together as a group and played basketball and just talked, it was good bonding time, except for the huge fire ants that are everywhere. Every morning the roosters, dogs, and car horns think it is necessary to start making noise around 3am and they never stop. Its pretty fun. The showering situation is pretty fun also... Especially because the water is as cold as Antarctica. It really makes us appreciate water in general back at home. Shout out to the best homeroom, Sturge! And also to my family, I miss you guys, and happy early birthday adam, sorry I'm missing it. Love you all! -megan. And from Maddison- shout out to the actual best homeroom - Holzman! See you guys soon.


  1. So does this mean your showers are going to be "shorter" when you get back?? :-) Sounds like you are getting a chance to use your 4 yrs of spanish classes. Miss you both. Am VERY PROUD of you all for what you are doing. God bless and am thinking of you.

  2. We miss you! Especially during SSR! lol

  3. hello Maddison- I am so proud of you and can't wait to hear all about when you get back. I bet being in the classroom with the children was great too!!!!!! Love ya, Aunt Julie

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