2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beautiful Messages

From Ramon Alcarez, Chaperon:

Hi everybody. Another beautiful hot day in Honduras. This is the second day we worked outside with 5 of the boys building a house and trying to finish it before we go home. Those boys are working so hard and toasted like lobster at the end of the day -- but I think they are really enjoying being here and enjoying every single day.

Hello Manny, you don't know what you're missing! Looking forward to next year.

Buenos tardes a todos los Heelan!


From Beth McCabe, chaperon:

Today JoAnn and I split up, taking 3 girls and 2 boys to visit families in the community surrounding the hilly streets of the church we are staying. We presented gifts such as the items that had been donated by our Heelan community. The homes had dirt floors and were partitioned by sheets making rooms. Basically it was a one-room home with dirt floors. The children led us to their homes. The gifts, such as a bottle of shampoo and a few pencils, lit up there faces as if it were Christmas. Our Heelan kids were also excited, realizing the importance of giving. The Honduran kids clamor over our kids; our Heelan kids then mirror their love -- and so accepting. You should see it! They are giving kids rides on their backs, having them sit on their laps, and they all want pictures so they can see themselves. Tomorrow we will go to Mass at noon at the Cathedral, and then the Pride will be extended to Mother Theresa's Sisters Orphanage. The Pride of Heelan is being felt by all at Nuevo Capital.

Buenos Noches!



  1. I, myself, am overwhelmed with "PRIDE", everytime I read this blog. I am so very proud of Megan and all of the kids (and the chaperones) for taking on such an awesome adventure. Miss you so much. Love you Meggie.

  2. Also, love seeing the pix!! Am looking forward to seeing the ones from the orphanage with the kids!

  3. Hi there Team Heelan...we are loving the blog and this is such an awesome experience for all of you. Paul, make sure those little ones are getting tons of hugs from you. We are about to go to the UNL vs Univ. of Illinois game to see David. Beth, we have introduced Sam to smoothies at the Cup of Joy. She said she needed one because she got a B+ on her SS test. Love you all. PS...Ellie wants to know if there are monkeys there? Carol, Lesa, Ellie and Nicole

  4. Sounds like you all are doing some pretty amazing things there! It's great to get to read the updates! Mom and Kels you a very much missed here! We can't wait until you get home to hear all the stories and see pictures! Love and prayers, Rach,Dave, and Jax