2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, March 23, 2012

Quality of Young People Revealed

From Jack O'Brien:

Hola from Honduras! Today was a day of work, integration, and dirt. We awoke to the noise of roosters, dogs, people, and buses making quite a commotion out in the winding dirt roads. For our first day of work, half the boys went to house one that was already in progress, the other boys, including myself, went to build the unstarted house two, while the girls stayed back to educate and be pummeled by our new , Honduran ninos. We managed to make the entire floor of house two with nothing but cement, random rocks, and wire, meeting our friend Kevin in the process. He can count to ten, but doesn't always remember eight. We also had mass, ate pancake funnel cake things, and played some late night basketball. Were all alive and healthy and happy to be in this exciting and beautiful country, despite some sanitary setbacks (ex: we showered for the first time today, for one minute with cold water only). Comradery is building though, not only with the kind people we've met here, but with each other. Please keep reading our blog, there are lots of Spanish skewed stories to come. For now, adios,
With derp,
Jack OB.

From Kelsey McCabe
Hola!! It was really something else arriving in Honduras. I was very overwhelmed with all the American franchises I saw everywhere but that quickly changed to the where I am right now. Today truly showed me how thankful the Hondurans are even to see your face..and that really feels good. This morning the group was awaken to many unfamiliar sounds including the chicken coop that is next door. During the day we were hard at work attempting to teach the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd basic english. It gave you a really good feeling when they understood what you were trying to teach them. All the children are very loving and welcoming even when we don't understand what they are saying. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to getting to work on the houses like the boys did today. Its nice to know people are keeping tabs on the blog! Adios till next time!

From Paul Jacobson:
Hola mis amigos! Yesterday and today we're two days I'll definitely never forget. Arriving at the airport, the 2nd shortest runway in the world, was quite the experience. Descending with the houses and parts next to you straight out your window was unreal. Seeing the city for the first time on the bus ride from the airport was sights you would only see in movies. We saw a cemetery in the mountain on the ride for the poorest of the poor. The guide explained how vultures eat up their graves, so they really aren't resting in peace. We woke up to roosters, car horns, and yelling. The city honestly never sleeps. The work site today was a lot of fun and the house is really coming along. Seeing the faces of los niƱos helping us was my favorite part of the day. Another thing that really stuck out to me is the Hondurans do not keep their water cold, take hot showers, or eat meals hot - things we all take for granted. The kids here are so happy and it amazes me because they simply have nothing. The things we complain and think we can't live without they haven't even heard of. To my parents, Philip, and Nicole I miss you guys and also the #HeelanFam. Corinne I miss you and they had cholula packets on the plane! Also to my man Kale Provost and everyone else back home I hope all is well. Love it here, see you soon!


  1. Thanks for the updates!

    How big are the houses you are building? That concret slab didn't look very big!

  2. Paul and everyone, We miss you all and are amazed at your efforts on your trip. We will say hi to David this weekend in Lincoln and Philip will hold up the team in Cedar Rapids.
    Continue the learning experience and we look forward to when you come home.

  3. Paul, Kale says "I miss you!"

  4. Paul HII!

    Ive been reading all your guys' blog entries! It reminds me so much of last year, Im so happy you guys are loving Honduras! It seriously was the most amazing and rewarding experience. AND we had the cholula packets last year too :) (whew). Miss you! Stay Safe!

    Oh and look out for my friends Andrea and Sofia Guzman. Their mom Marta does a lot for Mission Honduras. Those three are probably the sweetest people I've ever met. Tell them hi for me if you get to meet them!