2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ready To Fly

As you can see by the time posted on this blog it is about 7:31 a.m. I just spoke with Mike Wostoupal from the airport in Houston. They were all through security and headed toward their gate. He will call and tell me when they are all on board just before they fly. I will email and blog at that time. Remember, they are to take off at 9:20 on flight 1625. I have checked the weather in both Houston and Tegucigalpa and right now everything looks good.  He said they had a good night in Houston - plenty to eat and some good rest.

Have spoken with my brother Francis earlier this morning and everything is set for a great experience. Franics, Julio Rivera, Marta Sosa, the bus, and trucks will be at the airport to meet them.

A couple personal notes from Carolyn and me. Both of us were very proud of how this team handled themselves in the motel Monday night and again early Tuesday morning. Heelan can be proud of such fine young people and adult chaperones.  Everything went like clockwork until the delays and ultimate cancellation. But, the team handled things in stride and didn't blink an eye. While in a phone conversation with my brother last night, Francis said that this one day delay will make this mission even more special to these young people. I couldn't agree more.

Godspeed Bishop Heelan Mission Honduras.

Richard E. Seivert

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