2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, March 30, 2012

9:15 a.m. Report from Picacho

Greetings to all readers.
Carolyn just called me from Picacho. The connection was almost perfect. Hopefully she will continue to have strong signals throughout the entire trip in both Esquias and Picacho. Picacho is high in the mountains above Esquias and about a 40 minute drive by bus. The team has already started work on the water project but she did not go into details. She said everyone was healthy and looking forward to the day.
They have been invited by Fr. Bonilla to the dedication ceremony of a new parish center in San Luis tomorrow. It is a work day for our kids so I think they plan on sending a small delegation. We were partly responsible for this new center and I personally am pleased it is finished.
While on the phone with her the bell rang and my second period study hall came in. I put it on speaker phone and some of the students talked to her. It was fun for everybody.
She promises to blog again tonight if the signal is good and strong - also to send pictures.
Take Care, R. Seivert


  1. We wanted to be sure to wish Dean (Austin) a Happy Birthday!!!! We are so proud of all of you. Take Care!

    The Langels (Sitzmanns)

  2. Glad to hear that everything is going well.
    Have a great day today.
    God Bless each and everyone of you. We are very proud of you!
    Joe just a note from Davey-- He misses you! He could not sleep last night so he slept in your bed and wore one of your shirts. He fell asleep then with no problems!
    We love and miss you!

    Ed, Tina, Jacob, Chris, Madeline, David & Sarah
    Happy Birthday Austin!!

  3. Hi Team Gehlen!
    Glad you made it safe and sound. Knowing that you are there and we will follow has made our team super excited.
    Work hard and try to stay cool.
    We're praying for you!!
    Mary Casey and the STM team

  4. Looks like everyone is adjusting. We appreciate the updates and pictures. It may be as hot here this weekend as you are experiencing. Right now they are predicting 80-90 on Sunday! We miss you

    The Langels (Sitzmanns)

  5. Happyy Birthday Austin! (aka Dean):) What a special way to celebrate your 18th birthday. Glad to hear everyone is healthy. Love the picture of you carrying the bags. Keep taking pictures.
    Mom, Dad, Tyler and your favorite sis emmmy (miss you!)