2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, March 30, 2012

Missionaries Blog

Mick Sitzmann: Hi mom and dad! Having so much fun here! The kids are amazing and I really wish I knew more Spanish!  Ill talk to you guys later and Dad I just wanted to tell you that these people who helped us work today make you “tough guys” at home look like complete pansies! Love you guys!! See you in nine days!! Tell Monica I say HI!

Ali Galles: Hey mom! Hey dad! Honduras is amazing. The kids are teaching me more Spanish than I have learned all throughout high school. It’s improved already today so much. The work is tough. Carrying bricks up the mountain was one of the toughest things I have ever had to do. My arms are way sore. Tomorrow we start digging! Yay! (sarcasm). Love you guys and I will see you in nine days!

Chad Langel: Hola la familia! J Jaajaja. (hahahahahaha lolz). I miss you greatly! This is from Joe also! We are having a great time down here and working extremely hard. The old man is hanging in there so far, I suppose. We are hoping that the baby is going to wait till we are back so tell Katie to suck it in!! Other than all that, see ya in nueve dias! (9 days). ;) p.s. the kids call me Chip instead of Chad lol it’s too hard to pronounce!

Micah Neary: Hey everyone! Miss you all! I am having a great time here in Honduras. I am working my tailfeather off. Miss you Morgan!! The people here are amazing and fun to talk to and be around. The food here is also really good. The weather is nice at six in the morning. Other than that it’s really hot. I’ll see you all soon! T-minus nine days! J

Rachelle Lipp: Words can’t explain the feeling you get as you enter a brand new country. My first airplane ride was amazing! I couldn’t ask for smoother travels and all our bags came in. We are so blessed in the United States and no one should forget that.  I actually like the rice (to my surprise).  The food has actually been delicioso.  The view from the top of the hill for our project is amazing.  God is so amazing.  I met a 12 year old girl today who reminded me so much of Krista.  There were five year olds who were carrying more bricks than me.  Alright, I miss you all.  Love you Mom, Dad, Andrew, Marisa and Krista.  Do the chores. Hasta luego!

Trevor Bouma: Hey family and Steph! I have been having a great time in Honduras.  The work has been very tough, but the smiles on the kids’ faces makes up for all of it.  The food has been surprisingly good.  Everyone around here is extremely nice and fun to be with.  I will see you in nine days. Love you and miss you! Shout out to Jordan Thomas Langel!

Joe Begnoche: Hello fellow Bag-O-Nachos! I’m doing well here.  All of the kids are very cool.  I still don’t know Spanish very well, but I’m trying to communicate as well as I can.  The weather is hot but pretty good.  The view at the top of the mountains was pretty awesome and I’ll have to tell you when I get home because I didn’t take any pictures of it, yet ;). The food is surprisingly awesome and nothing goes to waste here.  I have a huge tan line in the middle of my forehead- I wore my bandana a little low today… Tell Kendall “hi” for me somehow and I’m still writing her letters. See you in nine days, I miss you already! I’m super excited to see you when we get back.

Lauren Eide: Hello Mom, Dad, and Brenden! Today we went up to the mountains and carried bricks up a really steep hill/mountain peak. I’m gaining muscle. Yes, I actually did carry the bricks.  I met a lot of kids tonight. They really like to hit while they play tag.  They liked my blue eyes and blonde hair.  The airplane landing wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The food hasn’t been too bad.  Today I took a shower that lasted less than a minute.  Yes, I DID.  I can’t wait to see you, I’ll try to blog again.

Austin (Dean) Meyer: Hey Mom and Dad and Emily and Tyler. It’s my birthday today! It was different waking up in a different country today. They sang to me in Spanish for my birthday. Yesterday I almost got killed by a dog. No big deal. I have learned more Spanish today than I have in high school. I’m telling all the kids to call me Dean. They love it. Drinking lots of water, stay hydrated! I also ate beef jerky with ants on it (good source of protein) (God’s punishment for eating meat today) I did laundry today for the first time. It wasn’t very good.  Love you and miss you. See you on Easter!

Alec Mousel: hello family, friends, and Brittany if seivert taught you well enough to use the blog. Its pretty warm here. Shout out to Jordan for being a good friend. I’ll let you guys go now because this blog is already way to long so adios and see ya’ll in a few days. Your friend in Christ-Alec J

Ross Ruhland: hello everybody I’m still alive and kicking. My junta bud trevor has been looking out for me and keeping me alive. He is a great man. Missing my mommy. Shout out to Jordan and Asmund as well as all my buds in crafts. Peace and Blessings.

Megan Heissel: Hey Mom, Dad, Cole, and friends! This has been quite an experience so far. Today we threw bricks up a hill/mountaintop. I am going to be so sore in the morning I can already tell. Waking up at 5:30 AM is a little difficult but you hardly notice because it is already light out. Time seems to be going very slowly but I am enjoying every minute of it.  The people here are so friendly and welcoming.  I met a little girl, Molly, and fell in love with her. It will definitely be difficult to leave! Love and miss you guys! J

Brittany Loutsch: Hey Mom, Dad, Donald and the rest of the family, hope all is going well back in L-town. To the seniors- keep the halls in line especially Seivert. I would like to thanks Coach Ryan for making me work hard in track because I dominated carrying up the bricks to the top of the mountain. Hope the CYO meet went well! I am thankful for staying in Spanish because I can actually carry a conversation on unlike the guys.  A little girl thought me and Dean were brother and sister: I laughed so hard. The plane ride was awesome I loved it.  We taught some of the kids Bird(Bert) is da word so they could remember my name. Ross and I are champs at pinochle beating Trevor and Joe 1,225 to 225. Que Verguenza! I am not sure at this point if I will make it out alive, but Kim Kardashian did mission work in Haiti so I think that will be my inspiration. Miss you guys!!!! See you soonJ


  1. What a nice surprise this morning to have a personalized blog. Glad to hear it is going well. We miss you dearly Rachelle, but we know you are having a experience of a life time. I am glad you have meet a girl like Krista so you don't miss her so much. She is doing okay, hopefully get some chores out of her today. Don't forget lots of pictures! Josh made it to Georgia fine. 27 new pictures of Phoebe on facebook loving it. Take care and drink water!! Talk to you soon. Love Mom

  2. Good morning everyone~
    It was wonderful to hear that everyone is enjoying themselves even though it is a lot of work.
    Joe Bago-o-nachos ~This is your mother speaking to you--- I expect your camera to be full of photos from your trip-- You know how I enjoy pictures (while you are in Honduras--- not just at the airplane/airport on the way home:) Lots of Pictures!!!!
    We love you and miss you! Peace~
    P.S Davey is still missing you--
    Mom & Davey

  3. Hi Joe! Your mom sent me the link for this blog and I'm glad you are having such a great time! It looks like a great experience and I'm glad you get to experience it! Work on that tan line and I'll talk to you soon!!! :) Oh and my dad says hi too! haha
    -Kendall :)

  4. Britt- you worried about the plane ride, talking in Spanish & the food.So how's the food? Dad is so proud that you are a strong farm girl- maybe you can lift the bales next time instead of just holding the door. Glad you are having a good time. Don't forget to take pictures. Miss you & love you!
    Mom, Dad & DJ

  5. Mick, I am so glad you are enjoying yourself! I hope you come up with plenty of actions to communicate with. I know Grams has read your post and was of course emotional. She is still trying to figure out how to post a comment :). Does Carlos, the bus driver, remind you of Grandpa? You are making a huge difference in these people's lives and it is a wonderful thing. I told Monica you said "Hi" and she said she can't wait to see you. Work hard!

  6. Hey Mick! Surprised? Think dad and I can figure this out? Ashley is helping us! It sounds like you are all working very hard. You kids make us parents very proud. We miss you lots. Wear your sunscreen! Take care everyone! love you mick.

  7. Tell alec and trevor kentucky won 69-61 and kansas won 64-62. Tell mick i'm upset i didnt get a shout out!

  8. Hey Micah, mom and dad here. Hope you are having a great experience and don't miss mom's foil packs too much on Sundays. We are babysitting Wylee and Andy and Sarah came thru on the way to Brookings. Weather here is in the 80's and mom had me out in the sun golfing until I fell over exhausted. Not working as hard as you guys. We know you are making a difference in the lives of the Hondurans and you will be forever changed. We think of you daily and check the blogs. We love you and will keep you and the group in our prayers. Until next time.

  9. Hey Micah! I hope your having a wonderful time in Honduras probably getting a nice tan haha :) anyways life here in boring LeMars, Iowa is ya know. I did have some girl time with the twins yesterday and had cheer tryouts that morning but i'll inform you about that later once you get back. I hope you're meeting lots of childern and helping them as well! ohh happy april fools day to you goof ;) hehe I miss you like always and cannot wait to see you!!!! :)Lovee you :)

  10. Hey Ali!! Of course I am having internet problems so this is a little late! Remember that Clint wants to see some hard work out of those hands when you get back. It looks like you have plenty of work ahead of you! The kids miss you terribly! Everyday Emma asks when you get to come home. Stacy and I will be working on graduation announcements. Take care, drink lots of water, and take lots of pictures!

  11. Hi Megan, It's mom and Dad - missing you soo much-sounds like you have a new friend (Molly)- Glad things are going well - it's hot here today - in the 90's but is suppose to cool off this week.
    Please be careful; drink lots of water.
    Continue to work hard and enjoy your time while on your mission trip.
    I do hope you have had your camera with you - I know you will have lots to share with us when you get back. hugs and kisses to you - Luv and miss you - Mom & Dad

  12. Hey Ross! Thanks for the shout out...I see where I rank haha just kidding! Glad to see you are happy, healthy, and making such a great impact on the lives of the Honduran people with the work you are doing. Stay healthy and hydrated and make sure Ol' Doc doesn't get into too much trouble!