2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wheels Up - Finally

Greetings to all from LeMars.
We have had quite the morning.
Arrived at the airport at 3:40 sharp, check in went smooth, they had updated us to a different flight and upped the take off time by 15 minutes. Carolyn called from the plane and everyone was on-board. Things looked swimmingly good at that point. Mark and I were just leaving the airport when Carolyn called to let me know they would be leaving late because they had to re-balance many of the bags for take-off. She then called back much later and said they were still on the ground and United admitted that many of our bags had to be left in Omaha because the plane was too heavy. They would then send them on a later flight to Houston with arrival in Tegucigalpa presumably tomorrow - I guess they will just have to share a little bit.
By the time they left Omaha they were now close to 50 minutes late. At that point I realized they would probably not make the connecting flight (but my hope was that they would hold that plane). Luckily the pilot must have flown hard because he made up about 25 minutes of that time and they landed in Houston at approximately 8:25. She called and said they were hustling to their next gate, which by the way is right next door. She called at 8:57 and they were at the gate. Within 10 minutes they were all boarded when she called back and were ready to fly. They backed away from the gate almost on time and were lined up on the runway. They were then notified that all take-offs were grounded while a severe weather pattern passed through Houston - lightning etc.
She called a few minutes later and said she couldn't talk because they were leaving. Total time lost: 1:25 minutes. Just checked and their new arrival in Tegucigalpa is now 1:40 p.m.
Have spoken with my brother Francis at least 8 times and he and Julio have been at the airport all morning and will be there for their arrival. Marta Sosa will join them and their mission will begin in earnest.
Take Care,


  1. Thank you for the update!
    I pray that all the bags arrive tomorrow!
    Have fun!!!!!

  2. Miss you! Hope the rest of your journey goes better! Not that it's gone badly, but... Our choir is super small because everyone left. :( Blessings, Sacraments class (freshmen)

  3. On the United website the map shows that your plane is almost there. I will be praying for a safe landing. Even though you had to sit on the runway in the plane for awhile today, at least you weren't on a bus in the middle of nowhere for 23 hours straight----right Megan? I hope you all have a wonderful experience and I look forward to your blogs and LOTS of picutres. I love you Megan and Mike.

  4. (read to the tune of "Hello") Hello,... it's 8F... We were wondering if after all these hours you'd like to land... to tell us... everything... they say time's supposed to spring but not for you just me... Hello from theology! We must have prayed a thousand times... to tell God to help you with everything that you'll do... it does matter; it's worth it... the trip that your on... Goodbye from the 8F Class! :) <3

  5. (read to the tune of "Little Einsteins") You're going on a trip to help the Hondurans... Mission Honduras, building three homes. You're going to teach them English and build bunk beds... fifteen of them. You all are on a mission; we're praying for you...8B, Mrs. Bickford's Class!