2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Working in the Mountains

Oh My Gosh, I can't believe I forgot to mention receiving our 26 bags. I guess it was because our junta had just finished and it had centered around what we were seeing in the Hondurans. Not one person mentioned anything about receiving his/her personal bag, finally. They discovered they could make do with very little if they had to. I never heard a complaint; perhaps a little sigh when they did not arrive the second day.

The missioners head to work on Saturday morning.
This morning I have "pulled my gran jefa" card (big chief) and stayed back in the compound to do some blog work. Hopefully, I will get to bed before midnight tonight because I will be blogging throughout the day. I plan to join one of the work crews later in the morning.
Getting crew assignments from Bruce.
 I have not mentioned much about the food. Almost every person is enjoying the Honduran food. Last night Chandler mentioned that he is a picky eater, but he has been so hungry after working on houses all day that he is eating everything. We have had chicken and rice, spaghetti and chicken, tacos (Honduran style), and cooked beef and rice. We have tortillas at almost every meal. We have had machateadas as a special treat. Those are a type of sweet fried bread. For breakfast we have had eggs, french toast, and pancakes. We have had lots of vegetables and fresh fruit. It has all been delicious.
Pat and Fr. Doug with Dilcia, a recipient of a home last year.
We had Mass last night just before supper. All of the Masses have been outdoors. Tomorrow we will travel to Santa Lucia where we will attend Mass at Santa Lucia Church. Fr. Klein will concelebrate. The church is 500 years old and contains many artifacts from Spain and other places. Afterward, we will walk to Marta's brother's "oasis." He is a teacher in a Honduran college and has built this place with all types of plants and areas for meditation. There is a water fountain, benches, and even a hammock tied between trees where one can relax and enjoy his/her surroundings. Marta will supply us with Honduran sandwiches and fruit. We will then travel on to Valle de Angeles - Valley of the Angels. It is the Honduran tourist area. There are shops there where the missioners will be able to purchase their souvenirs. There is even an ice cream shop, so I'm sure plenty of missioners will enjoy an ice cream cone tomorrow. It will be a special treat for them.
Carolyn speaks to Principal Jessica about the garden project while Marta translates. Dave is ready to take on another project.
Today I am including lots of photos. We have tried to get one of each missioner so you can see they are actually doing something. They are definitely NOT on vacation. This morning they were awakened at 5:30. I must admit, it took a little door pounding to get the girls out of bed this morning. I was just about to get their room key! After preparing for the day - using the restroom, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, and gathering the tools needed, Bruce announces their crews for the day, and they're off. I've included a photo of the team walking to work so you could see that it's no "walk in the park." They will work on their assigned jobs until 11:45 and then do the reverse walk back to the compound. They will eat lunch and perhaps have a little free time to take a siesta or play with the kids. We are generally back to work by 1 to 1:30. The afternoon is always hotter. Though the temperature was around 90 degrees yesterday, you know that it's much hotter standing in the sun with very little breeze. Frequent water breaks are required; in fact, the adults must insist on them to keep everyone hydrated. We work until 4:30 and once again make that walk UP the steps and back to the compound. Students may then take a shower (that cold shower feels pretty good), do laundry by hand at the pila, visit, play with the Hondurans, etc. We have been eating supper at 6:30. We also have to get in our junta before the end of the day. Last night we did it at 8:30 and pushed everyone into their rooms shortly afterward.

Enjoy the photos. I hope to get some students to write notes later today. I will put those up tonight.

a Cindy selfie with some new friends
Kathleen, Paris, Sydney and Janet teach a song in both English and Spanish to the students.

Jill working on a house

Josie and Sydney work with their little helper.

Working on a bunk bed

Joe takes time from his work to pose for the camera.

Bruce ponders his next move.
Roman and Krayton take a break from their work on the house.
Chandler, DJ, and Brayton ride with supplies in the military transport truck.
Mike helps unload the wood.
Dylan carries wood to a house site.
What a surprise - Linda with a baby!
Pat and Tom work on framing.
Phil does a little of the higher work while on the ladder.
The Megans nail on the siding.

Scott confers with his Honduran helper.
Chandler and Evan check out the siding.
Deb helps with the siding.
Carly, Meghan, and Keaton work on bunk beds.

Brady, Carson, Joe, and Brayton work on bunk beds.


  1. Looks like lots of work getting done! I showed Emerson the pic of Grandma Deb but she did recognize you with the hat. Took little one to the park yesterday and she tried to chase after the big kids. I think it is going to be a long summer keeping up with her. Good thing uncle DJ is availble for babysitting duty! Hope all is going well. Love you and miss you!

  2. Love seeing all of the pictures!

  3. Thank you Carolyn for blogging, the pictures truly are worth 1,000 words! Happy to hear all of the bags got there, I did talk to St. Anthony about that the last couple of days in the adoration chapel. :) All is well here, great weather, things are starting to green up a bit, hope for spring. Keep up the hard work everyone, lots of prayer support coming your way. All is well on the farm Tom and Megan, cattle are good but I was not quite convinced when I gave Meredith the morning off that they weren't coming over the bunk when I went in to feed! Grandpa is getting things smoothed up on the drives and keeping things going outside. We miss you guys! Laurie (mom)

  4. Nice selfie Cindy! Paige would be proud of you! Looks like Brady is working his woods skills! Great to see both of you. Stay safe and praying for all. Love ya!

  5. Thanks for all the info and photos. It makes me feel like we are experiencing a part of it with you. That walk looks like quite a workout! Last night Budden's and Schuch's went to eat fish in Pierson. We had some great laughs talking about those days when you boys were all just little choppers!! Great job to all! Love you Joe!

  6. Thanks for all the updates and the great pictures! Looks like a lot of great work being done.

  7. Nice selfie Cindy! Paige would be proud of you! Looks like Brady is working his woods skills! Great to see both of you. Stay safe and praying for all. Love ya!

  8. Love seeing the progress and everyone's hard work in the pictures! Emily says for Scott to remember to bring back a llama. Make sure to pass along our love to all the folks at the school.

  9. Hey Patrick! Talked to your sister and she said the South O’brien game was crazy at the last quarter but so excited that they won. The boy’s are dreaming of the day they may be out there playing at the tournaments. :) She said they have nothing but basketball on their brains... It’s another gorgeous day here, Addi and I went for a walk and got your house cleaned (your spoiled)! Talked to your Aunt Bronlyn, she was wondering how you are doing out there...So proud of everyone, you guys are working hard and doing some amazing things. Sending prayers and hugs…Your sister and the boys, myself and Bronlyn miss you and love you, stay safe and healthy!

  10. Love the pictures!!! We think of you so often! Nice picture Cindy!! Good job Brady and Keaton - looks like you are getting a lot done. Love and Miss you!!!

  11. Hope everyone is enjoying the experience . Roman: we have framing and siding to do when you get home. What an awesome opportunity every has to work together and get things done . Hopefully you guys get to rest a bit on Sunday :)

  12. Nice to see all the smiles on your faces as you work. Looks a little warm there, enjoy the sunshine. I think you guys are bringing God's sunshine to the Hondurans. Praying for all of you.

  13. This is Mike Means: Brayton, I've been sitting here trying to come up with something clever to write but I keep coming up blank. What I really want to say is that I am very proud of you and the rest of the missioners for making this sacrafice. You are allowing yourselves to be a blessing to others. When you do that, commit to it and understand it, there is no greater feeling! Love You Brayton!

  14. Keep up the great work. So proud of you. It is fun seeing progress.
    Chloe says----Keep making a difference. Dad said he loves you. Miss you but we know you are doing great things. ❤️

  15. Thanks Carolyn for all the updates and the pictures! So glad that all the bags have arrived! The families and children are so blessed to have the support and dedication of Gehlen Catholic Mission Honduras! Brayton: you make me so proud! Hugs and kisses from all of us! Love, Mom. Oh ya, almost forgot, Brogan said to get him something good tomorrow!

  16. This is your son. Looks like you are cracking the whip pretty well, I know how that feels from when jay and I had to do all the dishes. Pat is looking pretty tired in his pics, better give him a break tomorrow and let him take care of blogging. Mya and Cayden miss you and Cayden got his first crush while you were gone. Have fun and be careful.