2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Missioners Go To Work

You’d all be amazed at what the missioners have accomplished in just one day. All the houses are framed up. Six bunk beds have been built. Grades K – 5 have been taught a couple new songs with actions. And we gained 11 black duffle bags.
It’s too late to get the photos up tonight, but I promise there will be multiple photos of the projects before lunch on Friday. Many girls who have never helped to build anything are becoming quite handy with tools. Once they’re home, you could probably put them to work doing simple repairs around the home. Tonight all the girls are actually sleeping in the bunk beds they built, as am I. They did a super job on them.
All crew leaders mentioned the amazing work ethic of their crews. Most of the house work was done by the guys today, but I think things are going to switch up tomorrow.
Most of us climbed up behind the school tonight to view the lights of Tegucigalpa. It’s a great view from up here.
We are enjoying all of your comments, so I hope you keep them coming. 8B, thanks for the message. I’m a little concerned with Bergen taking over a couple times already, but maybe his true calling is to become a junior high language arts teacher. Go, Bergen! Everyone else be sure to be quiet during study hall so I don’t have to whip you back into shape when I get home. Mya, I love you and really look forward to giving you a hug when I get home. Paige, Cayden, and Marshall – I love YOU too. I hope you are all being good.
Many missioners took some time tonight to send comments to friends and family. Please read on----

Brayton- Tell the kids I love them and miss them too. I’m having a great experience here. Love you guys
Evan- I love and miss you guys. It’s been fun so far. My allergies are bad and I forgot my loratadine. Honduras is an interesting place.
Carly- Happy late birthday Olivia! I love and miss you guys! It’s been amazing so far!
Roman- Hello mother love you guys. It was hectic getting here but it’s all good now. My two years of Spanish are really paying off. Hope all is well!
Sydney- Hey everyone! I can’t even begin to explain this experience so far, and we’ve only been here for a couple days. The amount of appreciation these people have for us in incredible and I am completely humbled by everything. Hope everyone is doing well and I miss and love you guys!
Mike Mac McCarty says hello and love to mi familia…Deb What an experience!   Kuemper fans…sorry about the loss at State, but awesome work! 
Joe Schuch V. – Hey Yall, thanks for the messages. It’s really fun to hear them at the end of the night so keep them coming… pls. And to Daniel: It’s only been three days so there is a whole week left. I hope you remember what I look like by the time I get back. Love you all
Keaton- Hey fam! I got my first flight out of my way and I loved it.  It is way different here and a big eye opener.  Being without a phone isn’t so bad because we actually talk to each other.  Hope everything is good back in Remsen! Love you.
Paris Schroeder: Hey fam bam! Hope you all are not going crazy without me. I miss the little ones. It is crazy here. The little kids run up and hug you all the time (at least someone appreciates me). Miss you guys and love you guys! Miss me yet, Madi? Don’t get too used to being in control. I’ll be back!!!
Megan Kellen- Hey everyone! This trip has been really eventful. Dad and I are 2 for 4 on getting our bags here right now…. But life is good! I can’t wait to tell everyone about this trip, don’t have too much fun at play practice without us! Dad says Hi, we miss you Mom, James, and Meredith!
Calc Class & Paris- Mrs.H, we hope you aren’t too lonely. Without Josie’s constant questions, DJ and Carson’s theories, Megan’s wisdom, and Jill’s senioritis, how are you keeping yourself busy?
Pat – Jason: Hi Jean , Tyler and Adrienne.  Love you Lots! Thanks to family and friends for all your prayers.  Jason and I are feeling great and construction is going well.


  1. Love your messages. I sure miss you Paris and appreciate u. Dad bought me a new power was her for the garage. I've been cleaning it our for your graduation party. It works pretty darn good. Can't wait till you can try it out when u get home. It will clean your car too. Oh and we did get your car fixed it is waiting for you. Yippee. Be good and don't drive everyone crazy down there. We all love u. The boys play this weekend is going to be pretty awesome too. I'll try to video it.

  2. Great to hear about your day! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! We miss you lots but we know you are doing God's work. We will continue to pray for all of you as you continue to live your mission...walk by faith, not by sight. Things are going good here as well. The pigs seem happy! :) Sorry to say that Iowa State lost to Oklahoma tonight but I'm sure the brothers in KC are still having a good time! Looking forward to seeing some more pictures.
    Love, Jean, Tyler & Adrienne

  3. I am so happy it was you who have had this experience with these folks. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done, and all you will continue to do. Make permanent friends and come back to us changed!

  4. Wow! Sounds like you guys had a very productive day! That is awesome! I look forward to reading the blog every night! (I think I keep checking it about every 10 min. to see if there's any updates). Not much is new here, Brayton, except Brogan has taken over your room, and your tv. He is also enjoying the whole basement to himself! He said you can just sleep in his bed when you get back! (Like that's gonna happen)! Keep up the hard work Brayton, and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience! As always, love you and miss you! Mom, Mike, Brog, Amiah, and Tj!

  5. Hello Megs, Uncle Mike, and everyone else! I have loved reading and will continue to read the blog every night.. while procrastinating writing my mid term papers of course. :) I know you are all having the time of your life getting to know and help all of the wonderful people of Honduras! Make sure you soak everything in because it is one of the best experiences you will encounter in your life. Not only are you changing the Hondurans life, they are changing yours as well. I know you are all doing great work and making a huge difference! I am so excited to hear all of the great stories when ya'll get back!! I hope you are all doing well and are rested for another day of hard work tomorrow.
    Megan-I miss talking to you every day! Love you lots bb.

  6. Hi!! So good to hear from you!! Can't wait to see pictures of all you have accomplished so far - you are doing GREAT work! Keaton, every time someone walked in the door at home yesterday Tessa would say "Keaton?" I think she misses you😊 All is good here in Remsen. We will continue to pray for you all!!! Miss you!

  7. This is Christopher Kordick just thought I should tell those who are interested. A new trailer came out for Captain America Civil War, it revealed that Spider-Man is in the movie. He is on Iron Man's team by the looks of it. So that's something to look forward to. Hope you all are fine. *Ahem* Andrew... I mean seriously you weren't even there for a day. Anyway Good Luck to you all and have fun. I need to stop writing this and get ready for work.

  8. Mr. Mac - I found your picture on this blog and have it on the board when we say our prayers for you all. The kids loved seeing you and we look forward to following your journey!
    Mrs. Stipe

  9. Love and prayers to all of you! Mac - we miss you and love you. Meg's - love you too! Keep up the great work - you are an inspiration to all of us to do God's work whether it is in Honduras or here at home.

  10. Great to hear from you Evan. Mom is obsessed with this blog and obsessed is an understatement. Ryan has taken over your room already. Your crap is out, his is in. He has also taken his spot back at the supper table. Colin has been helping installing fixtures after school. I knew I was really gonna hate next fall when you go to college. Miss and love you lots. Stay safe, have fun and work hard. Love you, Dad.

  11. This was a great way to start my Friday, I loved the update and the messages from the missioners. Keep doing God's work and have fun while doing it. I cannot wait to see the pictures. Syd-we still miss you very much. Take care and LOVE YOU!

  12. Hi Patrick! Sounds like you are off to a busy start…and that things are going well ...Addi and I listened to the IA State game, it was a tough one, they were behind in the first half 29-35 and ended up not being able to pull themselves out of it. Let me just say it wasn't pretty, they lost 76- 79, sorry for the not so great update.
    We miss you tons! Addi seems to be fixed on staring at the door for you to walk through, going to be a long week for her and me. Praying everyday for health and safety for all. Miss you!!

  13. Hi Keaton, it's Lexi :) I miss you like crazy! I can't wait to hear all about your experience and stories you'll have to tell when you get home. Pretty sure Feller misses you more than anyone, were having withdrawls.. The weather has been so nice here in Remsen, you'll love it! Keep up the great work! Your mom has been keeping me updated. I'll be praying for you, and everyone else! We all miss you!

  14. Josie, I am excited that you will be able to help out more with some hands on things around here! Perhaps a different occupation?? LOL
    Calla has been logging in and out of your snapchat and sending lots of things to Paris' account. The streak is not broken, yet! AND she said to tell you that she has not opened any of them, and there are lots!
    Katie sent lots of pictures of Kaiden this morning so they will be waiting for you on your phone! He is really getting hair and it is so curly! LOL They come home the day after you get home! YAY!
    Emma started crying again when I read her the updates last night...I think she really misses you. Keaton says they read the posts in a class he has.
    Make sure you are drinking lots of water and eating! I miss all of you girls! So, hello to Jill, Carly and Paris as well!!
    Love, mom

  15. Hello Everyone - Yes I am obsessed with the blog and I am checking it often just to see something for the day. So proud of you all! The pictures are amazing and helps give us a vision of what you are dealing with. Joe Schuch V - Dad is easing up on Word Bubbles. Thought you would want to know that. Our Ribbon Cutting was a great success on Wednesday. And someone left a pack of gum in the dirty laundry and it magically appeared in the dryer....what a mess!!

    Today's first line in JESUS CALLING: Walk By Faith, Not By Sight." How cool is that. Then later it says "If you live your life too safely, you will never know the thrill of seeing Me work through you." Ok - so that is a God thing...and you all are experiencing the thrill!
    Love, Mom :)

  16. and please remember to use sunscreen :)

  17. Hello from the 1st hour sophomores and Mrs. Kellen. Bryan said to tell you guys that park ball is more fun without you. John said he misses Joe in Intro to Business. Keep working hard and keep in touch! The halls are too quiet without all of you, miss you!

  18. Hello from Megan's aunt and Tom's sister-in-law. I love the updates-it is great to see the pictures and hear about what you are all doing....God's work! It looks like you accomplished much on Day 1, and I am sure those bunk beds felt good last night! Take care, keep hydrated and have fun! Mary Pat Krones

  19. Hope everything is going well! Brady you are not missing anything here as Hawkeyes lost first round of Big Ten again. Cindy are you getting any sleep? Love ya both!

  20. Romie: I am happy to hear that you are using some of your Spanish skills. Tell me about the food. Is it good? It looks like you guys are getting good work done. Dont let Deb work too hard. Mom ( Not mother, and you know this!)

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  22. This is Jolee and Kenzie: Yo, Sydney I have funny mishap happen to me, that you would very much enjoy -Kenzie.

    Jolee says, "Krayton, I am very much missing your Krayton hugs."

    Hey Joe, Daniel says three days is like an eternity, I love miss you -Daniel

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  24. Brady, Keaton & Cindy..
    I have got to say CLT Class is little different without you boys.. We are so proud of you guys. Can't wait to hear about it.
    Cindy- Hope all is going well. We are praying for you all each day!!
    Take Care...
    Kris Schiltz

  25. Hola Amigos! It was good to hear from you Evan. I hope you are not miserable with you allergies. Have you asked if they by chance brought any allergy meds with the medical supplies. What dad says is true, I am obsessed with blog. I can't wait for my next fix! Keep up the good work...Keeping you all in my prayers. Love and miss you, Evan! By the way Carson, I have decided that you will have to blog for me next year at college to keep me updated on what is going on with Evan.

    1. Roman has allergy medicine. Possibly two kinds. Maybe Deb can dispense some to evan . ( she is a nurse) allergies stink majorly, happy to have outgrown them for the most part.

  26. Since Dave and Pat are farmers ask them what kind of farm animal is the worst driver.

    It's a ROAD HOG.

  27. Mr. Mac- Hello from Iowa! The Kuemper Knights are praying for you and the team and sending you well wishes. Have a great rest of your trip and we can't wait to hear about it!

  28. Hey this is Izzy. Miss you Jill and have already decided you can't go to college unless I go with. Aubree and I say HI Mrs. Bickford. It is like deserted in the hallways and it's honestly kinda weird(and creepy). Today the lunch ladies ran out of mac n cheese, then pizza dippers, then potatoes, and then some people had to have breakfast burritos. so that was quite interesting and Joe the farm is not burnt down.... yet! Megan band was quite odd without ya and DJ your sister Katie is my dance teacher and she said she's going to go with me to Honduras when I go and Emerson likes me more now( Just kidding)LOL... anyways have fun and be safe.
    Isabelle Kessenich

  29. Hola from the remainder of Mrs. Taylor's homeroom. Homeroom is very boring without Meghan, Paris, and Brayton. We miss you mucho. Come back with many entertaining stories to tell the homeroom. love, the remainder of taylors homeroom

  30. We are enjoying the posts. We are hoping and praying that all black bags are now in your possession! You did amazing work on the first day! We are praying for all of you daily and often throughout the day🙏 We had a beautiful day in NW Iowa. Meghan H, we love you and missed you at Grandpa's birthday party last night, but you are having a lifetime experience and we are so excited about that! We love you! Blessings to all of you! Grandma - Grandpa too

  31. Dave and Janet were driving down a country lane on their way to visit some friends. They came to a muddy patch in the road and the car became bogged. After a few minutes of trying to get the car out by themselves, they saw Pat, a young farmer, coming down the lane, driving some oxen before him.

    Pat stopped when he saw Dave and Janet in trouble and offered to pull the car out of the mud for $50. Dave accepted and minutes later the car was free. Pat turned to Dave and said, "You know, you're the tenth car I've helped out of the mud today."

    Dave looks around at the fields incredulously and asks Pat, "When do you have time to plough your land? At night?"

    "No," Pat replied seriously, "Night is when I put the water in the hole."
    Now back to work Dave and Janet and you too Pat.