2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, March 4, 2016

Today in Honduras

04 March 2016
1530 hours
Santa Lucia, FM, Honduras CA
Hello from a warmer Santa Lucia.  Julio and I had a busy day.  We left early from our apartment to walk to catch the bus to Tegucigalpa (Tegus).  I would meet there today with Dona Gloria, the mother of Nahome  Franci (I just call her Franci) who is still in Hospital Esquela (HEU).  Dona Gloria called yesterday with some needs. Since getting in and out and around HEU is very terrible I decided to go to the bus drop off point in Tegus at San Felipe Hospital and then get a taxi.  These are always interesting rides.  I learn so much from the process that I carry over when I am driving our Toyota pickup.  Franci has a long problem with Osteoporosis, a rod in her lower leg and then for the past few years trying to have it extended with elongation to extend it.  Hopefully this will be her last surgery.  She is 15.  She has missed much of her young life being in the hospital, not being able to walk or go to school.  She has been in school with Mission Honduras LeMars (MHL) help along with others.  Today will be exception .
Usually I like to get to HEU about 0500 hours, especially if I am driving, so I can get a safe and close place to park.  Since this would not be possible today, we didn’t plan to meet Dona Gloria until about 1000 hrs outside the Emergency Room gate #5.  Dick, you’ve been here with me.  I’m not sure if Carolyn has or not at this exact location, maybe.  I know she and Linda have been in HEU a few times.  We cannot get in without a special pass, and I did not have that today.
As I was enjoying a hot cup of coffee at the little stand we usually visit (they know me and Julio and they practice their English with me, and I my Spanish with them).  Julio called Dona Gloria.  She came quickly.  I took her to a place close by to buy her some breakfast or whatever.  Julio also ate.  Nice conversation.
Franci is doing fine but will not be discharged until after Holy Week (which is a big deal here in Honduras).  Dona Gloria needed some $$/lps which she got along with food and water to take back into the hospital for her and Franci.  For those that do not know this, Dona Gloria, like most mothers lay on the cold floor under the kid’s bed at night. In the past we have had a mattress for her, but I’m not sure if she has it.  Sorry for not asking, but I know she has blankets because we bought them the last time I was there about 3 weeks ago.
Franci will need to have the special Ortho shoe (sole) cut down 7 centimeters, (about 2.75 inches).  We will get that done after she is discharged.  Same place as in the past.  Marta and Ondina will take over this case.  She will also need some vitamins and calcium because her nutrition status is ???.  You know, I called Dick, I told him what we needed, he talked to some people and we got it done.  The GMH team will carry special vitamins and calcium with D.  This was verified by a pharmacist.
I went to the airport to do some business with my Tigo internet connection, change some $$ to limperas and check out the airport.  Boy was it busy.  Many there were Americans (teams??) along with departing US Military soldiers going back to the USA after their duty here.
So, 2 buses, and 3 taxis. Good rides, much information learned.
I also have seen the blog.  I talked with Marta yesterday, and I see she and Carolyn have talked.  I’m glad to see the trenches around the homes.  Once you guys are there you will see the wisdom in spending extra $$ to do this.  Just remember water runs….I know calk will also be used but these trenches along with some gutters (3 inch PVC pipe cut in half) will let the water drain away from the home.
Julio and I will begin the lifting of many of our supplies, including the stove, to Nueva Capital (NC) on Monday.  We will carry 4-5 pallets from Cerro de Plata to be in place for the wood.  We will cover the wood with tarps to keep from the sun.  The tin will be there next Thursday.  We will have everything in place by Tuesday in the afternoon. 
The truck will meet the team at the airport for the bags.  I will negotiate with the baggage guys to get the bags off the belt and secure them.  The tour buses will also be there.  We will have 1 bottle of water for all.  Then….the adventure begins.
I will be in touch another day.  So until then, pray for the poor of the world, the sick and injured.  I know you will see many that are poor.
Another day…
Mr. Francis

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