2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We Are in the Home Stretch

We are closing in on the end of this mission trip. Today began with a focus on painting and wiring. The buildings themselves are finished. All the insides are painted, but we will need to finish the outsides tomorrow. It’s rather amazing that three houses can be built in such a short amount of time. It shows the determination of the missioners.
Carly helps a little child walk.

Before leaving for the orphanage, a group of missioners delivered 9 gift bags filled with your donated items. The students who deliver the gift bags get the chance to see how these people have to live every day. The Hondurans have to live like this. They don’t get to leave like we do. It must be so painful for parents to know that they cannot provide water and proper nutrition for their children. Like Seivert says, “It’s the lottery of birth.”
Meghan comforts a baby

At 10 we hopped onto the buses for the short drive to Mother Teresa’s Sister of Charity’s home for orphans. Actually, Sister told us that most of the children who are there now are children with at least one parent, but that parent either neglects the child or does not know how to be a mother. Thus, they take in the child and make sure he/she receives proper nutrition until he/she can return home. They also teach the mothers how to sew so they have some way to raise money to provide for their children. Many times Sister said the children have never experienced love, so they do everything they can to show love to that child. They also take in elderly people whose families can’t take care of them, as well as handicapped children / people. It is an amazing place. Our students were able to help feed some of the children while we were there.
Sydney stands in front of Mother Teresa's portrait at the orphanage

We returned to the compound for a 1:30 lunch; then a short siesta because the students have been working very hard in the sun so I wanted them to have a little time to rejuvenate themselves. At 3 the missioners headed to the houses to paint for a couple hours. A different crew began clearing rocks for the garden we are going to help make. Since we are on a mountain of rock, we had to purchase garden soil that was delivered today. We are using pallets to make a fence around the garden that will keep out children, dogs, and other animals that might disturb the garden.
We had our junta before a late supper of balleados. That is a new Honduran food we had tonight. I’m happy to say they were a hit. In fact, most of the food has been wonderful. We also got to have machateadas for dessert.

Our day ended with mass for all of us and the students who live in this building while they go to school. Fr. Doug said a bilingual mass. Some songs were done in Spanish and the others in English. It’s nice seeing our students mingling with the young men who live here.
We shoved the students to bed right after Mass in the hopes that a little extra rest will help them stay healthy these last couple days. It will be a tough junta on Thursday. Even the students have mentioned the difficulty they will have leaving their Honduran friends. Already they sense that their lives are changing!
Showing off the rock they removed from the garden area

Read on for missioner messages - 

Grandma/Mom Bickford: Hi Mya, Paige, Cayden, and Marshall. I shared your pictures with Marta and some other Hondurans today. I miss you and love you very much. You too children. I will be home in a few days!

Mrs. Bickford: Hello, 7th graders. After seeing the students in Honduras who would give almost anything to be YOU, including getting your education, it makes me want to give you even MORE homework to make sure you get the best education ever! Well, not really. I mean, I do want you to get the best education possible, but that does not always mean LOTS of homework. I hope you are all on your best behavior. I am anxious to see all of you next week!

Fr, Doug Klein: To all the parents of our young (and even those not so young): You should be so proud of your sons and daughters. They have embraced this experience heart and soul. I have been so impressed by them and their spirit of service and willingness to jump and do whatever is asked of them (even picking out rocks big and small for a future school garden). We have been able to enter into this experience in a spiritual way as well, as we have gathered to celebrate mass throughout these 10 days. Fr. Hermin from Santa Lucia, where we went on Sunday even called to say again how much he appreciated our being there. (The missioners were not overly excited by the 25 minute homily). He challenged us and his parishioners to keep up the spirit of the Good Samaritan in reaching out to all in need. Tonight we will celebrate mass with the teen boys who also live in the compound and have been getting to know our missioners. It will be a bilingual mass with shared music. Thanks to all for your support and prayers. This would not be possible without you.

Greetings to all former missioners, we follow in your footsteps and you are here with us. A special greeting to all 2016 missioners (you too JD, miss you bud – Bruce is more than one guy can handle). I’ve visited our mural and said a prayer for each of you.

 Sydney- Hey, everyone! I know it’s been a few days before I wrote to you guys so here’s an update: there are no words to explain this experience. Honestly. It’s going to be tough talking to everyone about it because of the emotion attached to it that can only be explained by seeing it for yourself. I have met so many great people here, and the children are absolutely wonderful. Everywhere you go there are kids giving you hugs and just wanting to be around you. I feel so blessed that I was given the chance to get to experience this trip, and I highly encourage everyone else to go. I miss you all and while I can’t wait to see everyone, it’s going to be so tough to leave this wonderful country. Love you all!

Joe Schuch- What’s up, Fam? I got all of you a souvenir, even you Adam; it’s a surprise. To Lori- fill out my March madness bracket to the best of your ability. I think I should be granted immunity for the first round. To all classmates we left behind, what’s up, fam?

Carson Kneip- Hi

Carly Bunkers: Hey, Family! Everything’s good here. I really don’t want to leave but I miss you guys! We’ve kept really busy, which has been good! I will have so many stories for you when I get back! Good luck, Chloe and Olivia, at state AAU! Wish I could be there! Love and miss you all! P.S. Thanks, Lulu, for the message! LOVE YOU!

Dylan Hubert -  Dear family, everything is going good. We’re about finished up on the three houses and are finishing up a few things.  I will see you all in three days. Love you.

Roman Freking- Guess what, mom? Well, turns out they don’t ID you here in Tegucigalpa. Know what that means? It means I got some cigars for Grandpa and myself. Don’t worry, though, I got a souvenir for everyone. Only a few short days and I’ll be back in the U.S. I may or may not be craving some McDonalds.

Babe and boys…I love you all.  Many things to talk to you about.  Many things to be thankful for!  Mostly you.  Love, Mike  Dad….Hopefully KHS students are wanting to join us in the future.  It is ……cliché to follow…life changing.


  1. First and foremost, thank you Mrs. B for taking time out of your long day to keep those of us back home up to date regarding everything the missioners are doing/seeing/experiencing while in service to others. Seeing and reading what you are writing brings back many vivid memories of my time serving there with one of the first medical mission teams. Brayton: I'm happy that you were/are able to experience life in Honduras. I know that you (and all of the missioners) will gain much more from this experience vs. anything that you are providing for the Honduran people. Living and serving in places like Honduras oftentimes allows one to literally walk in someone else's shoes; something that more people should experience in order to be truly grateful for what we have and, more importantly, to have more empathy for others. ¡Suerte con el resto de la misión/tu experiencia! Un abrazo, JT

  2. Mr. Mac,
    We continue to pray for you all, that you are safe while doing God's work. Looking forward to hearing your stories!
    Kathy Stipe

  3. Romie: Nice of you to buy cigars for grandpa. Hopefully we can have a meal together this weekend. See you soon and take care. Mom

  4. Hi Joe Schuch! (Joe K as well!). Love you buddy!

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  6. Hi Paris ....nice picture of u working.Brooklyn says high and when are u coming home? She asks for u everyday. Grandma says be safe and she loves u grandpa too. Grandma g says love u too. Madi misses u but she won't admit it..everyone says hi and we will see I Friday. Make the most of the last two days happy travel..love u oh dad misses u too. Love mom. Hi to Josie and Carly to keep Paris in ine ok!

  7. It is great to see the impact that this trip has on the people of Honduras. We are so proud of all of you! We can not wait to see everyone and hear all the stories. Many prayers for the home stretch.

  8. Well, as I write this you have 2 days left! I can only imagine the feelings you all are having right now! I am sure some excitement to get home and see your families, but also some longing to stay and do more! I am looking forward to hearing all about it!
    Josie, your senior pics are done!! I am planning on picking them up today. Chris and Barb even asked how your were doing in Honduras and said they were thinking of you! I thought that was very cool! I hope you enjoyed the trip to the orphanage. That was Ali's favorite part, but she wanted to bring all the babies home with her! Please do not kid nap a baby! :) It is supposed to snow here Friday morning and then get up to 42 for the day...so bundle up! You are headed back to Iowa and our 70 degree days are gone for a bit.
    Continued prayers for all and safe remaining trip!
    Love, mom

  9. Hello all - I have had some wonderful days following all of you on your mission. Your trip brings back a lot of great memories, and you are all doing a fantastic job sharing God's will with your time, talents, and treasures. I wish you all the best during your Thursday junta - that is a tough one. (PS: Doug - keep in mind that Bruce is tall and thin, so if need be you can take him out at the knees - love ya Bruce!) Save travels all - enjoy your last hours of this great adventure, and I hope everyone has safe travels on your way home. May God bless you all!! -JD

  10. Hi Phil and Dill! The Whiting 4th grade wishes you guys success on your mission and safe trip home! Take care!

  11. Hey Carly!!! It sounds like you are having so much fun and a wonderful experience. I am so proud you decided to go on this trip because it truly is life changing. I can't wait to hear all about it on the way home from the airport. I know you probably won't stop talking during those 2 hours so I'll prepare myself ahead of time. I love and miss you! Love Miranda ❤️

  12. Cindy, Brady, Keaton... Have a safe trip home.. We absolutely can't wait to hear the stories.. RSM is so very proud of three of you...
    Way to take a hand of another and open a heart.. Great job!!
    Prayers as always!!
    Kris and the CLT Class..

  13. Cindy, Brady, & Keaton: just got home from our trip late last night, and as much as we enjoyed it, I would love be to experience something like you have with my son. Just read the blog, and it looks to be an experience you will never forget. I am afraid I would be a bawl baby the whole time. Lol. Can't wait to hear your stories. Be safe! Proud of our Hawks and friends and the rest of the team!!


  14. Cindy, Brady, & Keaton: just got home from our trip late last night, and as much as we enjoyed it, I would love be to experience something like you have with my son. Just read the blog, and it looks to be an experience you will never forget. I am afraid I would be a bawl baby the whole time. Lol. Can't wait to hear your stories. Be safe! Proud of our Hawks and friends and the rest of the team!!


  15. Pat & Jason-- So extremely proud of both of you and all you are accomplishing on this mission. Can't wait to hear all about it! Hard to believe you only have one more day. We will keep praying for all of you!
    Love, Jean, Tyler & Adrienne

  16. Hi Joe Schuch! (Joe K as well!). Love you buddy!

  17. Joe Schuch V - Adam says he will do your first round picks. I think you should go with mine!! Love ya! Mom

  18. Thank you for the daily updates Carolyn. It's been great seeing the progress made each day. Prayers and blessings to all for a safe trip home. Look forward to hearing all about your experience Andrew.

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