2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Final Touches

At 2:36 Honduran time we have multiple crews hard at work, trying to get everything possible done.

#1: Francis is showing Claudia, Marta, and Principal Jessica how to produce chlorine with the CPU he will allow the school to keep for that purpose. Then they can have clean water at the school. The CPUs were purchased by MHL to help the Hondurans treat their own water.
Trying on pillow case dresses

#2: Two different groups delivered gift bags this morning. Eyes were opened to some horrendous living conditions. We were also introduced to Coca Cola in a bag. Students will explain when they are home.

#3: Dave's crew is hard at work digging up the garden area in preparation of putting the fence around it. There are Honduran students helping today, I was told. But when I walked over there, I saw many of them just watching the process. They hope to have the garden at a place where the Honduran students will be able to complete the project.
The girls show off their pillow case dresses

#4: The largest crew is at the houses. I believe they only need to finish painting one of the houses. The wiring is done. They were still attaching door and locks. Francis will get the ovens in the morning so they can be put into the homes. The military guys will help us transport the bunk beds for those three homes so we can put them in place for the families. Fr. Doug blessed the crosses at mass last night. Those beautiful crosses were made by Mr. Konz (Mark's dad) and will be presented to the families when we bless the homes tomorrow and hand them the keys to the doors. Papers will also be signed so the families will officially own their homes. They may not sell the homes or give them to anyone else. It will be an extremely difficult and emotional day tomorrow for almost all missioners.
Distributing bracelets to the students

#5: Janet has been taking a crew to all the classrooms to distribute the bracelets made by multiple students. Her crew also brought over classes of girls to try on pillow case dresses made by many of our generous seamstresses, like Sr. Juanita. I've included photos of those girls in their dresses.
The students LOVE their bracelets.

There are little items we will need to tend to. We still do not have a team drawing on the wall. Tonight the students will start going through their clothes to put them into to a pile for donation.

Although you could not tell, I was just interrupted to do something, talk to someone, asked to complete another little project, etc. It happens almost every time I sit down to blog or to take care of an item. This time I had to deliver a message to "Dr. Francis" because of another medical issue. Since he has some medical training (As an EMS, I believe) he is often called upon to check medical problems. These people have no access to medical care, nor can they afford to pay for it or the transportation it takes to get to a doctor. It's hard to imagine not be able to take your child to a doctor if he/she is sick. So, many die from issues that are most likely easily taken care of in the States.

adding the last brush strokes of paint

delivering gift bags to a family

working on the garden

adding dirt to the garden

participating in the nightly junta

doing the wiring

The house is open and ready for a family

I am going to publish this for now with a few photos of the girls in dresses and the distribution of bracelets. If time permits, I will add a bit more tonight. I will do everything I can to post a final blog tomorrow evening. We have a very full day, but I will do my best.

It is now 8:30 p.m. Junta is finished and I hope to be in bed soon. The students were playing outside, but it's quieter now, so they must have come back in. My nights are usually quite late, so I'm looking forward to an early night.

We have a list of items that must be completed before the end of the day, but I know everyone will band together and get it done.  Thanks to all who have followed our adventure.


Brady & Cindy: Well, it’s hard to believe we’re coming to the end of our mission trip and this is only the second time we’ve written on the blog.  Our days have been busy and full of hard work but most importantly full of joy.  While we miss all of you and can’t wait to see you, we’re going to be honest, saying good-bye to the families and children we’ve been with for the past 9 days is going to be one of the hardest things we have ever done.  Our mission trip has been more than what we ever imagined.  Can’t wait to see all of you!  Keep us in your prayers these last 2 days as we say our good-byes and travel home.  Love and miss all of you! 

Paris Schroeder: Hi, tell the whole family I say hi mother! Yes, my ankle is better. We finished the houses today and for the most part the hard work is done. The trip is almost over, and I will be home before I even know it! I have lots of cool stories and experiences to share with all of you guys. One thing I am definitely looking forward to when coming home is taking a warm relaxing bath. Miss you guys tons and I can’t wait to see you all! Tell Brooklyn I will see her soon. I miss the little munchkins! Love you all!!

Meghan Heying: Hi family, yes I am alive and trying to eat some food. Most of it is staying down, which is a good sign. We are almost to the end of the trip, and I can’t wait to tell you all the memories I have made down here. Linda is taking the “mom” role and asking me typical “mom” questions so no need to worry! I will be home before you know it and can’t wait to see the girls, and instead of Lauren asking to sleep with me, I am asking her to sleep with me! Love and miss you all and can’t wait to see Grandma and Grandpa Friday! See you soon! 

Josie Galles: Hola fam bam. Holy cow, I’m almost to the end of my trip, and I have many mixed emotions. I’m sad to be leaving these amazing, sincere, down to earth people, but I do miss you all. This trip has been amazing. I feel like I need to do more, yet we are limited being here only ten days. You can bet I’ll be doing this again if I get the chance. I can’t wait to tell you guys about all my stories and experiences I have since being down here. See you Friday. Love you guys!
P.S. Mom, thank you for all the blogs and updates. Love you J  

Jill Kessenich-Hola to all! Mom, tell Addison that Grandpa is making new friends for her. He is even getting into the habit of taking selfies…YIKES. I guess he should have brought that selfie stick you got him for your anniversary. Thanks for the posts and love you always!

 Joe Schuch- What’s up, Fam? Last blog, see you guys this weekend. Looking forward to being back state side.
Evan Budden- Hello! I am looking forward to coming home but it will be hard to leave. I miss you all and am excited to see you guys.
Pat and Jason- Great day; got houses done and they look good. Jason likes playing with the Honduras children. It will be good to see everybody in the States soon.

 Chandler Willett- Hey everybody can’t wait to see everyone back home. I’ve really been enjoying my time here, and I will really miss the friendships I have made. This has truly been an unbelievable experience. Mom, Dad, and Katelyn hope you didn’t miss me too much. I’ll be home soon. Love all of you and thank you for all the support.
McCarty and Kuemper Family…..Amazingly, today was our last work day…Ask me about our rock garden…Believe me when I say…simplicity in life can be so freeing,  I love you family…Hope to see you Friday night at the airport in Omaha..  Love to all, Mac

 Megan and Tom Kellen- Hey everybody! We finished the houses today; it was unreal to see how the cement slabs turned into houses.  I can’t believe that I will be home in two days, it seems like we just left.  I can’t wait to see everyone back in Iowa. Hopefully, we can bring some of this warm weather with us. Love you all!
P.S. Dad says Hi
Megan McCarty- Hi family... I’ve met a lot of amazing people here and experienced things I’ll never forget. Although I am excited to come home and see everyone, it will be hard to go back to reality and leave all of the people here I’ve gotten to know and care about. I can’t wait to see you all Friday! Love and miss you so much.

 Dave & Janet- Hi Everyone!  It’s been a great mission - starting to see the end.  Bittersweet - gonna miss all the people here in Honduras but anxious to see everyone at home (Leon included).  Thanks again to everyone who supported us and GCMH.  We will be ready to share all our stories when we get home. 


  1. I've been sharing some of your blogs/pics with my Kuemper students in prep for our packing event next week! INSPIRING! Played the song "That's How You Change the World" by the Newsboys while reading updates yesterday. Praying for your safe return! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtkTXBTTcAw

  2. Alex: Phillip and Dylan :)
    This is Alex, Jada, Landon, and Lesley
    Landon: We can't make fun of Alex in class anymore :(

    Jada: Phil, who am I supposed to watch Judge Judy with now!????! Nobody is gonna make fun of me for not eating my broccoli anymore. Hi Dylan.

    We are making Easter Jelly Bean Prayer bags for the nursing home residents. We'll say a prayer for all of you too. See you soon.

    Alex: See you guys soon.

  3. Hi, Meghan, We hope you are feeling better tonight? Your mom wanted me to try to find out for them. That is the pits! We love the picture of you cuddling/comforting that sweet baby. I love the pillow case dresses too! If MH needs help making them next year, sign me up! It sounds like things are winding down there but also sounds like your team has done amazing work while you were there. I can't believe three houses - how wonderful for those three families. So thankful you can leave the school with a way to have clean water. It was VERY windy here today and a north wind so cooler. Grandpa and I helped serve supper at church tonight. We will be in Omaha Friday night to pick you up and we can't wait to see you and hear all about your trip. Take care and we pray you are feeling much better tonight and that the rest of the team stays well also. Love, hugs and prayers as you begin the ending of your mission trip. G & G

  4. HI PATRICK! Every day I anxiously look at the blog to see the pictures and read what amazing things you and everyone are doing. Everyone’s efforts are making a difference in someone’s life as well as their own. Patrick, A LOT has happened while you have been gone…Let me just say I am anxious for you to be home. Not to worry, your house is still standing and does not smell of curry well, at least not today…Lol. (All is good at your house). Drake said he misses you and that he will be happy when you get home and Little Miss Addi is still quite spoiled and may not be able to contain herself when she sees you… I so much appreciate your family and that they have been in touch with me every day, we are praying for you to return home healthy and safe. I will give you an update on Iowa State tomorrow after the game. Sending prayers, Miss you!

  5. Thanks for the daily updates! Prayers for your final days and a safe flight home! Thank you for all your hard work and the sacrifices you have made to help others. Love you Mac - see you soon!

  6. Thanks again Carolyn for keeping us posted, showing us pictures, and helping us to live the experience through your blogs. We will continue to pray for all of you as you say your goodbyes and travel back to the states. Can't wait to see you in Omaha. Love you Megs!

  7. Thanks for all the updates in this blog. This is truly amazing. And I know it takes a lot to write and update everyone bit thanks to Mrs b for all the work she has put into this
    Truly amazing. See u Friday Paris.love u mom and dad

  8. Happy st Patty's day to everyone. Hope everyone is wearing green. Or the leprechaun will pinch u.

  9. Happy st Patty's day to everyone. Hope everyone is wearing green. Or the leprechaun will pinch u.

  10. So great to hear from you, Chandler. We miss you and are excited to see you tomorrow. We will be praying you have a safe trip. Love you, Mom.

  11. Well, today is an emotional one for you all! I can't wait to hear all about it! I am very upset that I will not be in Omaha to get you, Josie, but dad and Ali will be there. Calla is really looking forward to AAU State. It is really all she has been talking about. She will be excited to see that the kids got their bracelets! I know the 5th grade girls enjoyed making them!
    Hopefully you are still drinking lots of water! Anxiously awaiting your return and the stories!!
    Love, mom

  12. Happy Birthday Pat!!! Jason give your Dad a big birthday hug from all of us back home. We are so excited to see you tomorrow!

    May these words of St. Patrick's prayer bless you and give you comfort:

    Christ be with me, Christ within me
    Christ behind me, Christ before me
    Christ beside me, Christ to win me
    Christ to comfort me and restore me.
    Christ beneath me, Christ above me
    Christ in quiet, Christ in danger
    Christ in hearts of all that love me
    Christ in mouth of friend or stranger.

    Love, Jean, Tyler & Adrienne

  13. Thanks Mrs. Bickford for all of the updates! It means so much to those of us back home.

  14. Have a safe trip home! Thank you for all your good deeds and service! Sending prayers to the team from Iowa!

  15. I have truly enjoyed this whole experience by following along on this blog! I have so many emotions just looking at pictures and reading the blog each night, I cannot imagine what you are all experiencing and how you are feeling as this mission trip will come to a close tonight! As Mrs. B said, today will be extremely hard and emotional for everyone! Just know, that you have made so many Honduran families and children so happy and grateful for all that you have done for them! I am so very proud of everyone! Good luck today and give all those kids an extra tight hug as you say your goodbyes! Prayers for a safe return and we are so excited to see you tomorrow, Brayton! Love you, Mom.

  16. Prayers and Peace to all of you! How blessed you are to have made this journey together! You have touched many lives in Honduras...and you have touched our lives here at home. God Bless You All!!

  17. Save travels home everyone. Thank you so much Carolyn for keeping us involved in this journey. This blog is so nice. Can't wait to hear stories and probably will for years. The short time you were there you have helped so many people. That has to make your heart feel good!

    1. I agree with Ann, thank you for all Of your hard work in pulling this mission trip off,and Mr. Sievert as well, along with all the adults who traveled with our kids; thank you so much.

  18. Hi all! Can't believe it is your last day there! Very excited to see you and hear ALL about it! I'm sure it will be hard to leave your new friends. What a great thing you have done - we are so proud of you!! Have a safe trip home!! See you in Omaha😊

  19. Evan, your favorite TV show the Bachelor is over. Wanna know who the guy picked? I wont wreck that for you since you have them all on the DVR. Glad to hear from you again. ISU playing right now getting beat by Iona. Really miss you. Have a good day and a good week. Spend a little time reflecting on your trip, and how hopefully it will help you/us realize how fortunate we all are. Can't wait to see you. Love you, Dad

  20. That was my Fr. Esle impression. I really like that part ad u know.

  21. Hello from Mr. Meyer's 7th grade homeroom. We have been following the blog each day. We really like when you post pictures because then we get to see what you are doing! We are excited to hear your stories when you get back and we are excited to learn about Coca Cola in a bag! We are wondering what machateadas are and what they taste like. We hope you have a safe trip and see you next week!

  22. Hi Patrick – here is your Iowa State update as promised…At half time they were up 45-33. I am no expert but to me it looked like they were playing pretty well, they were even making their free throws…They won 94-81 and will play again on Saturday the winner between Purdue and Arkansas Little Rock?? So there you have it! I am sure things are winding down in Honduras, Praying you all will have a safe journey home.

  23. Happy St. Patty's Day Cindy and Brady! See you in Omaha praying for a safe trip home.

  24. Thank you for all the updates Carolyn. It's been great watching the progress made each day. Prayers and blessings to all for a safe trip home. Look forward to hearing all about your experience Andrew.

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  26. Cindy and Brady
    I have been thinking and praying for you all lots today know how hard it will be to say good byes and leave the people you have worked with. Hard to believe in just 9 days how your life can be changed and how close you can get to these families. Know you have impacted them as well. Can't wait to hear all about it. We will be praying for safe travels on you way home. God bless you all for saying yes to the Holy Spirit when he asked you to go and do Gods work. What a great example you are to others. Love you and talk soon.

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