2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, March 11, 2016

Much accomplished

We have just come back into the school building from our nightly junta. Although the missioners are mentioning lots of positive things, it is also evident that the poverty we are witnessing is having a powerful affect on everyone. We all experience the appreciation of the Hondurans, but now we are noticing other things. I will explain.

First of all, the student missioners rose a bit slower from bed this morning. Thus, we’ve scheduled a 5:45 wake-up call for Saturday morning. We have made great progress; we have also agreed to take on more projects. I have a hard time saying no under these circumstances.

Bruce always has the job of splitting everyone into their work crews. Janet took a group made up of boys, pretty much, to do the singing in the classrooms today. Tonight those boys admitted that they were a little upset to have to sing in the classrooms, but after doing it a few times, they truly enjoyed it. I believe I even heard one of them singing the little ditties as we left junta tonight.

Another crew worked hard on the bunk beds with Dave. They have finished all the rest of the frames. Tomorrow they plan to make the posts and assemble them. That will make 20 bunk beds! I am enjoying my bunk bed! I know the families who receive them will be grateful for them.

Pat’s crew has three outside walls up and a partial inside wall. Cindy mentioned that she became a little stressed because of all the breaks taken so the students could play with the little Honduran children. Our missioners enjoy playing and working with the children here. However, the adults just watch to make sure there is a happy medium – play time but also work time.

Tom’s crew has finished one whole wall and two partials on the outside. Due to changes requested by the lady who is receiving the house, they were unable to get any walls done on the inside.

Bruce’s crew has three walls finished outside. Studs are completed on the inside and it’s ready for sheeting. Bruce said there should be two houses ready for painting and getting roof tin on them.
I had an opportunity to speak with Prof. Jessica this afternoon. She has requested two more jobs of the team. We will be repairing a ramp on some playground equipment and building a fence around a garden area. We’ll also get some good soil for them to use, since it’s all rock around here. Prof. Jessica requested that our farmer missioners help them by figuring out which vegetables they should plant and how they should be planted. 

Prof. Jessica was extremely complimentary of our student missioners. She stated that we always treat her students with respect, which makes them feel better about themselves. She said so many of them feel like lower class people because they have nothing, and they feel we are rich and better than they are. She wanted all of us to know how grateful she is, and to thank us for showing her students the wonderful work ethic we have.

Tonight at the junta many students mentioned the fun they are having while playing with the children here. Many of them, though, are also talking about how it is breaking their hearts to see these children with little to nothing, sleeping outside or on dirt floors, not having any food to eat, wearing clothes that are torn and ragged, shoes that don’t fit properly or don’t have shoe strings and are practically falling apart. It is terribly hard to witness these things and not be touched. Isn’t that why we call it Gehlen Mission Honduras – Changing Lives. Lives are being changed!

Hauling wood to the home sites

3 of the 4 children who will be living in one of the homes

a girl washing up for school

Progress being made on Bruce's house, as well as the other two

children preparing for school

washing from a barrel of water that was carried from a water source, no soap used


  1. Well, I will try this again! For some reason the Internet hates me today!
    It was great seeing the progress you all have made! Skills you can all use in life.
    I am happy to see that all of the bags have finally arrived! It seems really quiet without all the constant talking around here! I can't wait to hear your stories and as much as I roll my eyes when you are here, I can't wait to hear the chatter again! This goes for Carly, Jill, and Paris as well.
    I taught grandma Lynn and Julie how to use the blog last night. If they remember how, hopefully they will post. If not, they are reading and praying.
    Josie, Katie sent video yesterday of Kaiden blowing kisses! Totally cute! And his hair is getting so curly!
    Make sure you are drinking lots of water! Continued prayers!
    Love, mom aka momma K

  2. Thanks for the updates! It is very impressive to see all that you have accomplished! The pictures give us a glimpse of what you are seeing--I can't imagine how your eyes and hearts are being opened. I'm sure all of you are being touched in ways you never could have imagined. I saw a quote by Bob Pierce this morning--"Let my heart be broken with the things that break God's heart". Maybe that is why Pope Francis has such a special place in his heart for the poor and now you are starting to as well. May God be with you, protect you and continue to shower you with His blessings you serve the people of Honduras.
    The weather has been beautiful here back in Iowa--3 days in a row with sunshine has been awesome!!! I can't help thinking if you were here Jason that you'd be setting up your frisbee golf course around the yard :)
    Penny misses you too! She keeps thinking that the person getting out of the white pickup after chores has to be Farmer Pat! I have to admit though, it has been fun having her wait on the front steps and be excited to see me after I return from work. What a good dog!
    Pat and Jason take care of each other! We miss you and love you lots!!!
    Jean, Tyler and Adrienne

    1. P.S. We all liked the joke from your friends as Spencer Ag!

  3. Things are going well. I'm surviving on hot pockets. The ham ones are pretty good. The single hamburgers are not good. Falling behind on the housework and been busy outside. Did some soil testing yesterday and the weather has been great. Could have used DJ's help to load hogs because they were a little bit big. Proud of you and DJ. Is DJ running the crew yet? Miss you. Be careful walking up the mountains to work on the homes. We're celebrating Adri's birthday tonight! Love you, Tom

  4. Wow! Sounds like you are getting a lot done! That's fantastic! Joe Schuch, that's great news about how quickly you can actually shower, perhaps you can cut some time off the ones here! Haha! You're pretty good with you're nieces and nephews, have you found any little buddies there yet? You have a couple of members of your fan club that will come to the airport with us to pick you up. Love you, bud! To all, take care, what a great thing you are part of!

  5. Joe, we have a guy that might want to buy the Focus, but I told him he has to wait until you get back as you might want dibs on it.
    Tom Schuch

  6. The prayer my husband and I learned after being in Nicaragua was this: "Lord, may my heart be broken by the things that break your heart." You are experiencing things now that will impact your lives forever. God bless you for blessing others. Julie Battern

  7. Carolyn, Have the CPUS been delivered? jb

  8. Carolyn, Have the CPUS been delivered? jb