2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, March 10, 2016

10 March 2016
0450 hours
Santa Teresa School
Colonia Nueva Capital

Good morning to all followers of the Gehlen Mission Honduras team.  It is currently about 5 in the morning and all team members, other than Joe Kessenich and myself are still sleeping.  It was a relatively quiet night here in Nueva Capital, although we had the usual cast of actors doing their thing in the night....roosters crowing staking out their turf, dogs barking, people walking by on the street and an occasional old truck rolling by.

Currently it is 64 degrees F heading to a high of 90 F.  That is in Tegucigalpa which is at about 1000 meters at the reporting station.  Nueva Capital is between 1400-1500 meters elevation depending on the location. It will be a bit cooler, but the team will be working in the sun.  Carolyn, Linda and Janet will keep all well hydrated.

I have read Carolyn's post from last night.  I know she was tired. I thought she might fall asleep while she was writing it. I think most members of the team did not move throughout the night.  Today begins the work.  I know the team members are excited.  They will be split between the homes and the bunk making.  The large Army truck will be here at about 0630 hours to help us lift the wood, team members and other supplies to the work site.  It's rugged turf.

Hopefully United Airlines will call me and let me know the balance of the bags are at the airport.  I will try and get them yet this afternoon if that is true.

I will quit for now as the cooks are getting the coffee ready.  I sure need a cup.  Pray for this team and all those that are poor and without safety or security in their lives here and throughout the world.  Peace.

Mr. Francis   

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  1. Go South O'Brien! Headed to State 1A championship game tomorrow night! Let Krayton know her grandpa is in the hospital with bad cold. We are reading your mission to him and saying prayers for you and grandpa. Sharon Schnepf