2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, March 19, 2015

We Lay the Foundation

I have just returned from our nightly junta. It’s almost nine o’clock, but I wanted to get back on track with the blogs, which I’ll usually do at night. If time permits, I’ll try to also do one earlier in the day. However, that is a much busier time for us, and it might now always happen.
Missioners with Dilcia and Javier
I’ll try to get the highlights of the day. I obviously cannot be everywhere during the day, but the impactful things always come up at our juntas.

Building picnic tables
Today the group has already finished the three picnic tables for the school, transported most of the wood to two of the house sites, taught five sessions of English, built the frame for one of the houses, repaired some of the wiring at the school, attended our first group liturgy, and attended the school’s Father’s Day ceremony. In between all of that, there was still time to play with the children.

Carrying wood to a house site
 The three head builders – Bruce, Pat, and Dave – along with Carlos, Julio, Frank, Fr. Doug, and I visited the three house sites to check out how everything was going to work. At each site we met the mothers for whom we are building. Lots of emotion was apparent when we met Dilcia. Dilcia is the mother of Enrique, Paola, and Javier, the family we met living in dire poverty last year when delivering gift bags. She started to cry as soon as we arrived. Thanking us over and over, she told us that what we were for them was an answer to her prayers. She told us she now considered us family and always would. Every time she sees us she thanks us, as do all of the children.

Teaching English lessons
Much of our junta discussion centered around poverty and how Honduran poverty compares to what we see in the States. Though all agreed there is poverty in the States, now that we are witnessing Honduran poverty, we realize the difference. The missioners know that the luck of where a person is born truly has a bearing in his lot in life. All of us on this mission trip are so blessed.
Sorting items in the library
OOPS! We just had a lot of excitement here in the compound. One of the young Honduran students who lived here was unfortunate to have a birthday today. His “friends” decided to turn him into a birthday cake by carrying him outside and dumping eggs, flower, and water on him. We enjoyed the excitement and sang Happy Birthday to him.

Framing a house
Hopefully, everything will settle down here shortly so we missioners can get some rest!


  1. Looks like everyone worked hard today and got a lot done. And also had a little fun. Keep up the good work! God Bless!!!

  2. Hello Mrs. Bickford & Missioners! We are enjoying reading your blog every morning. We are praying for you everyday. School isn't the same without all of you! Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Christoffel & 7C Students

  3. Good Work Gehlen Team! One of Paolo's brothers has about 20 new toothbrushes. He was our cepillo stealer, and of course we couldn't say no to his bright eyes and smile. Bet those boys had fun with the "dump cake"! Carol and Kelly

  4. Mrs. Bickford & Team,
    We are very proud of what you are doing! We hope you stay safe, work hard and have a great time. You are setting a great example for us. We are praying for you everyday! Please post more pictures, we like looking at them! :-D
    Mrs. Christoffel & Your Favorite Homeroom Class (7B)

  5. So glad to hear your first day went well. We are enjoying the blog. What a great way to keep us all informed! Keep up the good work and stay safe. We miss you. Deb & Nick Puhl

  6. Hey, everyone. This is Michelle Klein and Emily Pratt. We have enjoyed reading the blog each day and started to talk about the experiences we had last year in Honduras. We hope you guys are having as great of an experience as we did. It was very life changing and something we will never forget. One of our favorite experiences was getting to know all the kids in the school. They were so happy all the time even though they had nothing. Going to the feeding center was also something that was very eye opening. We hope everything continues to go well. We will keep you in our prayers throughout your mission.
    Mom and Nathan, all is going well here. I'm sure Emily is getting very spoiled without you being at home. I hope you have a great time, and I will see you at Easter.
    Michelle and Emily

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  8. Sounds like everything is going well. DJ here is your update- UNI won 71-54. they let them get close as usual & then pulled away at the end. Dad says to tell you the farm is barely surviving without you. Enjoy your trip!
    Deb & Tom

  9. Thank you for the update! Love seeing all the photos too. All is well in Chicago with the choir. You will have to have to ask your choir friends about the blue knight! Their singing today brought me to tears. They are all tired tonight, but probably nothing compared to how you are feeling. [I obviously chose the trip with longer and warm showers ]. I am so proud of what you are doing. May God bless and keep you for all! Prayers and love, Pam Schmit
    Ashley-we taped Anthony's first grade plays and he can't wait to show you them when you get back! Love mom