2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

La Comida

Everyone was a bit more rested this morning, since we got to sleep until 6:30. After pancakes, syrup, plantains, and mixed fruit we boarded the bus for Talanga. The views along the way were very similar to what we’ve been witnessing all along. We’ll see extreme poverty, and then we’ll see very nice houses. There is so much beauty here, and yet we see trash lying on the ground almost everywhere. It seems to be a country of extremes.

Angel Paz, the Honduran engineer for our water projects, met us on the edge of Talanga and led us to the Feeding Center. There we met Miriam, the young lady who was in charge of the meal. She guided the youngsters through prayer; then had each one wash his/her hands properly before sitting at the table. The missioners then served each child his meal of beans and chicken mixed with rice. Most of them ate it quickly. 

Molly serves girls at the Feeding Center in Talanga
The youngsters also enjoyed playing soccer with our student missioners, while others blew bubbles. The mayor showed up with his entourage to welcome us to the Feeding Center. He thanked us for our selfless service and said he hoped we would return for visits or even to live there! 

On the way home we stopped at a local restaurant to eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It seemed strange to me that a restaurant would let us bring in our own food, but we did purchase our drinks there. The ice cold drinks were a real treat.
Views of poverty as we drive
Our afternoon projects included finishing the ten bunk beds and making the gift bags. When the students came out for recess, we had an extremely difficult time keeping them from climbing all over the beds. I think they thought they were a new type of jungle gym.

There was a little problem with our gas stove tonight so supper was delayed. That gave us time to have our nightly junta before supper. The missioners have not had a lot of “free” time. They’re looking forward to a little soccer practice and just visiting tonight. It also allows me to get the blog posted before midnight for a change. I’m really appreciating that!
Bruce and friends
Tomorrow Bruce says we will finish ALL the homes by noon. After lunch we will begin delivering our gift bags to the poorest of the poor in this area. As the principal of the school told us, here there are poor people, poorer people, and the poorest people. She tried to give us a list of the poorest people for our gifts bags and bunk beds. We hope to deliver as many gift bags and bunk beds as possible tomorrow and Thursday.

Poverty along the road to Talanga
Fr. Patricio and Fr. Doug are concelebrating an all-school Mass at 4 (5 in Iowa) tomorrow. Perhaps all of our blog readers could join us for a few moments at that time and say a special prayer for all the students here at Santa Teresa de Jesús School. Our missioner choir members hope to sing our theme song at some time during the Mass tomorrow. Afterwards we’ll present the twenty soccer balls to Principal Jessica for the school.

Read on for the missioners’ blogs:

Caroline Ascherl:  Hey Mom and Dad! I didn’t say much yesterday, so I thought I should let you know that I’m doing well and having a great time here. I have lots to tell you.J Also, I haven’t been having many headaches here, and I’ve only used my glasses a few times, so that’s nice. Can’t wait to see you all Friday. Now I would like to say hi to my Spanish class. I hope my table is doing well! I hope Aaron isn’t driving Jaycee crazy. Also I would like to say thanks to all the native speakers in our class. My listening skills are a lot better than last year. I’ll see you all soon. Adios! 

Building the bunk beds among the children at recess
Dave & Janet Klein: Hi everyone – things are going great!  The weather has been perfect - warm in the day and cool at night.  We are nearly finished with the homes.  The 10 bunk beds and 3 picnic tables are finished. The bunk beds will be delivered to the poorest families. Many of them sleep on the floor. I can’t wait to see their faces.  We are meeting many people, and they have gotten very close to our hearts.  Hope everything is good at home – we will be home before you know it.  Thanks for all your prayers and support. 
P.S.  Ribeye steaks medium rare.    (Just kidding)  
Josie becomes an unofficial member of the bomberos (firemen)
DJ Loutsch: Hey, everyone, glad to hear from all of you, especially my church history class. Don’t worry, I am still looking for squirrels and nuts. The tradition in our family is being passed down, and I wish you all could experience this with me. I miss everyone at school, Loutsch Farms, Deb’s Daycare, and finally Emerson along with the rest of the family. Glad to see they got you back out there, Roman. I am having a lot of fun and can’t wait to see you all again. See you on Friday.

Janessa tackles her laundry at the pila
Fr. Doug Klein: Thanks to all for the prayers and your support. You are all part of making a big difference in the lives of the people here in Honduras and the smiles you have been seeing on the blog. You can be so proud of our young missioners. They have really jumped in wherever needed, working hard and soaking in the experience of meeting new friends. (Parents, you may find it hard to believe some of the tasks your kids have been willing to do.) They can get a bit crazy too and seem to have lots of energy, whether marathon singing on the bus or night soccer practice. It has been a privilege to be a part of this group, and I know they will all bring a renewed spirit back to their homes.

Doing laundry Honduran style
Nathan Klein: To Mrs. Henrich’s CSP class and Mr. Meyer, David and I definitely want to go to the National Quiz Bowl competition if you can get everything worked out. We’d be willing to foot some of the bill, if need be, and Doug says that while in Chicago we’d have to swing by Six Flags J. To Dad and Emily, it’ll be nice to see you again this Friday, and we can watch at least some of the NCAA tournament together, although it’s already mostly ruined (glad I didn’t have to see that game). To Matt, Michelle, and Becca, I can’t wait to see you at Easter to tell you all about our trip.

David Puhl: Hi Mom and Dad! With regards to the big hat, the Capitals hat is doing just fine, and to the CSP class, those of us down here definitely want to go to the National Quiz Bowl Tournament. Work has been going well on the houses, and we hope to be done tomorrow (Dad, if you have any projects for the house or office this summer, I’ve got you covered), and we continued to work on our soccer skills today. Love you and miss you all!

Ashley visits with some little friends
Sydnee Theisen: Hey Mom and Dad, how do you feel about adopting a Honduran child? They are so cute! The three houses are almost done, and we should be finished tomorrow. Dad, when you said I would need practice carrying wood down here, you were right! We do a lot of wood and tin (for the roofs) carrying here! Rylie, tell Moss I do a track workout everyday by walking up these hills. Love you guys! See you Friday! 

Melissa Schmit: Hello, Clayton, this is your reminder to sign up for prom if you haven’t yet! In case he doesn’t see this, someone fill him in for me! Much love.


  1. Melissa...OMG...you're bossy even from another country...WOW! Just teasing...those of you that don't know Melissa, she's actually pretty nice (most of the time!)
    Just wanted to say HI to Melissa & Dennis...can't imagine all the 'fun' you are having...what an experience...so happy for you & jealous! Melissa, I know it will be hard for you to leave the kiddos...hope they haven't been tackling you like OMG do! Dennis I know it will be hard for you to leave when there are so many more projects you'd like to complete to help the Hondurans but remember...there is always next year! Can't wait to see you guys again! Melissa...I'm hoping to have a yummy surprise for you on Sat (yikes...I better get going on figuring out how to make them...or we'll be moving on to Plan B!). Enjoy your last few days...safe safe travels...LOVE YOU LOTS...& see you soon! Jodi

  2. Josie, thanks for stopping and seeing the brother firefighters..... you look good in the fire gear. Maybe you should give up singing and be a firefighter.....Na!

    Pam, looks like Bruce is bringing seven kids home and not just one!!!

    If Alissa and I can handle it so can you!

    Keep up the great work team. Enjoy your last couple of days and continue to work hard for the people.

    David Schipper

  3. We miss you too DJ. Hope you are having fun and taking in the whole experience. Yes I am writing this at 3 in the morning because your lovely niece has decided she doesn't like to sleep through the night anymore. We are all proud of you and can't wait to add your Honduras stories to all of ours! Keep working hard and we will be praying for safe travels back. Love your fav big sis Katie

  4. I love the picture of you doing laundry. That is work compared to the laundry you claim to do at home:). Just kidding. The work you guys have done truly amazes us. We are so thankful you got the opportunity to go to Honduras. With all that you have given; we are sure you have recieved so much more. Hugs and kisses. We miss you tons. Will pray for a safe travel, good health and all of your new friends in Honduras. Keep up the great work! Love mom
    Thanks Mrs. B for all of your blogs!! Look forward to them every night. Also a big thanks to all of the adults looking out for our children. It makes it easier for me being so many miles away.

  5. David, I have passed along your comments for National Quiz Bowl trip to Coach Meyer. We will talk about it Friday night. Enjoy the last few days with your team. We miss you. Dad

  6. Good Morning! We just got back from Mass. Today, the 7th and 8th grade sang in the choir. It was a wonderful Mass. We hope the mission trip is going well. We miss you and are praying for you. All the 7th graders want you to bring back Javier.We have a few questions for you-- How hot is it there? How much do you get to eat at meal time? How often do you see a car? Have you gotten to use the new soccer balls? How big is the 'town' you're staying in? Is there a hospital? We have so many questions!
    Mrs. Christoffel & 7C (Mrs. Bickford's favorite class)

  7. Hello! We are discussing the houses you are building. The 7B students want to know if you could take a picture of the inside of a house you are building. We want to see what it looks like. We are also wondering about the wealthy people of Honduras. What do their houses look like? We are wondering how tired you are. Is your adrenaline keeping you going? We have so many more questions we can't wait to ask you when you get back! We are praying for you!
    Mrs. Christoffel & 7B (your actual favorite class) :-D

  8. Glad to hear everyone is enjoying their time there and all the projects are getting done.

    Mom and dad: the puppies survived their time as city dogs but were very excited to go home today. I'm sure they will be even more excited to run around with Molly and Memo! But the house is sure quite now!

    We hope everyone enjoys the rest of the mission and we wish safe travels home. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Alex and Heather

  9. Glad to hear everyone is enjoying their time there and all the projects are getting done.

    Mom and dad: the puppies survived their time as city dogs but were very excited to go home today. I'm sure they will be even more excited to run around with Molly and Memo! But the house is sure quite now!

    We hope everyone enjoys the rest of the mission and we wish safe travels home. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Alex and Heather

  10. Ashley- We loved seeing you in the photo with the 4 children. Anthony likes looking at the photos and misses you more and more each day. Cody at least misses you taking your turn doing dishes. The Klein's requested ribeye's, medium rare for the ride home - we will have to see if any of the drive-thru's on the way home can accommodate that! I forgot to ask if you had a request - preferably something that I can bake and fit into a Tupperware container! I am anxiously waiting for Friday night! Enjoy your final days!
    Love, Hugs and Prayers - Mom and Dad

  11. Hi everyone! Just a few S/O's:
    Nicole- Crystal says hi!
    Alex- Katie says she is mad that your grad parties are on the same day, but she still loves you
    Michaela, Evan, Nathan- Katrina says life is boring without you guys!
    Josie- Rachel Tenfingers says hi and she misses you!
    Abby and Carter- Marisa says she misses and loves you! Hope you guys are lovin it.
    Mrs. Henrich tried to rap for our class, but couldn't do it justice. You're gunna have to show us how it's done sometime Carter!
    Everyone- Ashley says hey!

    You guys are so awesome! Stay safe and can't wait to see you!
    Ps- thanks for all the study halls we are getting 3rd period since we check your blog then don't have time to do anything else :)

  12. Great pictures! Every one looks to be working hard! Hey Carolyn u get to play the accordion next week when you come here!!! We are excitingly watching Mollies B Polka night!!??! Whoop Whoop! So mom wants to hear it! Hahaha!

  13. I can't believe how fast your time there has flown by! And you have accomplished so much! I hope you all enjoy your last day(s) with the people of Honduras and complete all your goals. Safe travels as you make your way back to us here at home. David - we can't wait to see you Friday night!

  14. Melissa...just thought I'd let you know I'm not an egg anymore!! I knew you'd be SO PROUD of me! (Just in case you needed a laugh) :) Jodi

  15. Hi Carolyn! Mya wants to know when you are coming home?! She also wants to know if you are going to bring back one of the kids to play with her :). Cayden continues to use the potty every time you put him on it. Such a big boy already! You can finish potty training him when u get back. We are glad to hear everything is going well and the weather seems to be great too. We miss you and we will see u Saturday!

    1. Tell Mya that I won't be bringing back any kids to play with her because I want her to play with me. I can't believe Cayden has decided to using the toilet, but I'm not complaining. Don't show up too early on Saturday. I'm hoping to sleep in.

  16. Brittany, time has really gone by fast only two more days and you will be home. Sounds like everything has gone really well. We are very proud of all the work that you all have accomplished in such a short time. We have really enjoyed reading the blog and looking at the pictures each day. Diane has been trying to get on but has not succeeded. She wanted to surprise you and let you know how proud she was of you and the whole mission group of all the work you have done. She is all excited to hear about your trip when they come home. Enjoy your last couple of days. We will see you on Friday night, and will pray for safe travels on Friday. Love Mom, Dad, and Dustin

  17. Caroline,

    Today was very windy and cooler. That’s a shock I know. We are still waiting for your dress to arrive. Connor is filling us in on the soccer team and who should play where and how that would help make them a good team. Grandpa Paul and Grandmother and Granddad ask about you and pray for your safe return. Collin is studying and he even thinks his grades might be improving after his bought of mono. He is getting ready for his screener test in April and hopes to do well. Caitlin is in the middle of snow storm in Minot and she is very ready for Spring. She sends her love and prayers to you and the team because she has fond memories of her time in Honduras.

    Love, hugs and prayers,

    Joe and Donna

  18. Hey Sydnee,
    All kids are cute. I am sure it will be hard to leave your new hondrian friends behind.
    I sure you have touched their lives in ways you haven't even thought of.
    So proud of all the projects you have accomplished.
    We miss you at you LeMars home, especially Jacey she keeps asking when you will be home. Love you lots.
    God Bless and safe travels to All

  19. Lucas we are so proud of you all and all of your accomplishments. It is so nice you all are God's hands and feel. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Love. Grandma and Grandpa Irwin