2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Getting Down to Business

Our day began at six again. Breakfast was pancakes and fruit. After breakfast there was a mad scramble to wash dishes, brush teeth, fill water bottles, organize tools, etc.  Each group was delivered to their work site and the building continued.

Javier watches Molly nailing on a board
Pat’s house progressed quickly and painting began right after lunch. Almost all interior walls are done. Our hopes are to finish painting the interior walls shortly after we start on Monday and then get the outside painted while Dennis is doing the wiring. Pat will also get the doors in place.

Dave's crew with their house

Dave’s house is also in pretty good shape. No houses have roofs on them yet. All walls are up. One window is in place and the other has been cut out. The door openings are also cut out. On Monday they’ll put the roof on. Painting will hopefully begin on Monday.

J.D. prepares a board for their house
Bruce’s house has all walls up. The interior walls are 80% complete. Both doors have been cut out. Thanks to the help of all the neighborhood boys much progress was made. The crew is looking forward to getting back to work on Monday.

Pulling down the warped board

Tomorrow we’re going to church in Santa Lucia and spending some time in Marta’s brother’s “oasis.” Her mother is making Honduran sandwiches for us. Marta is bringing Honduran rice pudding. We’ll walk the trails on his property, which has a fountain, benches, and hammocks that can be utilized to enjoy the surroundings. Then it’ll be off to Valle de Angeles for our souvenir shopping.

Mass in the compound

We had an outdoor Mass for the missioners tonight. Supper was enchiladas, one of Linda’s favorites. We had a couple of entertaining moments toward the end of tonight’s junta. DJ entertained us with his song and dance from math class that he usually does with Carli Bollin. Carter Davis read the following poem, which he said I can share with all of you.

Carter reads his first rap about DJ

Coming on this trip
Has made my stomach do a real flip.
Coming to this country has really changed my life,
As I look at Honduras and see of it its strife.
This whole situation has got me gassed up
‘Cause they don’t got clean water to put into their cup.
Their houses are all run-down
In this giant poverty-filled town.
These people greatly need our help.
How do I get your attention? Do I yelp?
No one realizes
How bad these people live.
When they come and see for themselves
All they want to do is give.
I can sense all of the love,
Despite their grievous situation.
That’s why I put on my gloves,
So I can help this stricken nation.
Playin’ soccer at night
To forget what we heard and saw,
For example, the gangs controlling the transit buses
And how people don’t care about the law.
As I watch them play this game,
I can tell it keeps them sane.
I wrote this rap for my mother
‘Cause she believed in me and I miss her like no other,
‘Cause it’s her that keeps me goin’,
So the rhymes I rap keep on flowin’.

Thanks to Carter for sharing this with all of us!

Sharing at nightly junta
 Miranda, good to hear from you. Thanks for keeping me posted with what is happening back home.

Brittany and Caroline show off their window


  1. DJ it doesn't surprise me that you are enjoying this trip 100%- that's how you do everything. We are so proud of you ( well maybe not the math dance- I'll have to see it first). I think I should have prepared Mason better - he is really missing you. Friday he spent the morning driving the toy school bus around the house. I finally asked him if he had all the kids picked up & he said "I'm not picking up kids, I'm driving to the airport cuz DJ's NEVER coming home!" Love you!

  2. Hi Brittany, so proud of you and the whole mission team. We enjoy reading about each days activities and the work you are all accomplishing. Sounds like you are all keeping busy and doing great things. We are all very anxious to hear about your experiences. We will continue to pray for the team and that the rest of the trip goes well and that everyone stays healthy. We miss you a lot, especially Dustin since he doesn't have his sister to pick on. Love, Chris, Ruth Ann, and Dustin

  3. Hi! How are you? We are all missing you. We got a new movie, Night at the Museum 3, to watch tonight. I am sleeping on the floor like you. We came back from Grandma and Grandpa's last night. Grandpa and I watched westerns and Call of the Wildman on Animal Planet. Love you guys and for Pete's sake work hard and help the other people in Honduras. Sincerely, Jackson

  4. Hi Patrick
    Just thought you might like an update on the Kansas game / KS 65 Wichita 78. I also have a message from Caden, Drew and Noah they say "hello and for you not to work so hard and that they miss you" I hope all is going well and that everyone had a relaxing Sunday. Miss you...

  5. Hi Sydnee. You look like your having a great time. I am sure it is mentally and physically wearing on everyone. We all miss you and are anxious to seeing you back in the states. Travis got a job at Bob's, so he has you covered. You are into humanitarian work so you get to work with me when you get back. The work your doing there looks Awesome and I hope your Spanish is paying off. Rylie is wearing all your clothes, she loves her new wardrobe. Love you and see you Friday night. Miss you a lot, Dad.

  6. Hi Janessa, We are so happy you love it there. We are so proud of you and the entire team. It looks like you are working hard, with smiles on your faces. That makes me smile. We had our big weekend of volleyball. Your JV team did great. Several of them mentioned that they missed their coach Janessa. You should be proud of both of your sisters, they played well. Grace is missing you a ton!!! Alivia and Kaden won't admit it but they miss you picking on them. Kaden will definitely have some stored up energy waiting for you to get home. Your Dad and I cannot wait to give you a big hug and hear all about the great experiences. We love and miss you!! Praying for all of you.

  7. Hi Mom & Nathan, I have had fun looking at your pictures. Looks like you are getting a lot done. Hope you had fun shopping today! We had a lot of fun at the volleyball tournament. Matt & Becca even came over to watch me. We finished 2nd in the Silver Power Pool. I miss you! - Emily

  8. Hi Molly. I feel so much better seeing your picture. I like how Javier is watching you work. The houses are really taking shape. The team has to be very proud to be helping these families build them. I hope you had a fun day off and had a fun day shopping. I can't wait to see you on Friday to give you a big hug and to hear about your experience. We are having lunch with Jenny on Saturday and she can't wait to see us. I'm proud of you and I Love you and miss you!!!

    Dad, Kevin, Cody and Raven say "HI".