2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sorting Day

I apologize for not getting the usual blog up last night. Thanks for Francis with help from other members for covering for me last night. I was so totally exhausted after all that has been happening over the last few weeks and the long day yesterday that I crawled into my bed at the first opportunity. 
It’s hard to believe that rising at 2 a.m., sitting all day in an airplane, trekking through airports, standing in long lines, and setting up our compound could be so tiring!

We began today with a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, cheese, beans, ham, fruit, juice, and coffee after jumping out of bed at 6 a.m. All missioners claimed they’d slept well and were ready to go to work. Breakfast dishes were soon washed and dried and the real work began.

View of sorting from the loft bedroom

One crew emptied bags and began the sorting process in the library. Materials that were thrown into the black duffle bags this past Sunday, had to be separated again. That will make the filling of the families’ gift bags much easier a bit later in the mission trip. Just above the missioners you’ll notice the “loft” sleeping area. The girls are enjoying that sleeping area. I told them loft rooms in New York City would be fetching a large price so they should feel pretty special.

The other mission team members are working outdoors sorting the wood for the three homes, the picnic tables, and the bunk beds. Once the wood has been sorted, the crew leaders will inspect the work sites. The work crews for today are assigned; the English teaching crew is just about to begin. After all wood is sorted, we’ll begin working on the first bunk bed. A bit later this morning we’ll transport wood to the house sites and those crews will begin building the homes.

Children being led to class

Last night Paola and her younger brother stopped to give all the missioners a hug and to thank them in advance for the house her family is going to be living inside by March 27. She told us that her birthday is Saturday and her older brother’s birthday is Tuesday. They believe this house is the best birthday gift they have ever or will ever receive. They are more than excited!

Sorting house wood

All missioners are doing well – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Alissa, Josie said she was missing her mom until she was group hugged by lots of students last night. I guess it takes a whole group of hugs to replace a mom’s hug!
Greetings to all of our family members from all of us. As the mission progresses I plan to have various members send messages to you. It will allow you to get different viewpoints of what is occurring in our lives.

Sorting picnic table and bunk bed wood

Thanks for the powerful Send-Off Service. It was mentioned more than once at last night’s junta (our nightly chance to share thoughts and feelings). We are keeping you in our prayers as we know you are all keeping us.

To my sister Connie – I’m totally impressed. I would never have dreamt that you’d be one of the first comments on the blog. THANKS so much for keeping me posted on Mom while I’m away. I’ve got the “Mom” coverage schedule with me so I know who’s there at all times.
Adios for now!


  1. Your loft looks comfy and I'm sure you ate a healthier breakfast than we did! Headline in LeMars is that the stoplight at Central and Plymouth was repaired yesterday. The send off was powerful, as usual, but I made it through with just 2 kleenexes. Keeping you all in prayer! Proud of you for choosing to live the Gospel! The choir took off for Chicago this morning.

  2. Thanks for the updates! It's so wonderful to hear what you are doing each day. We can live your mission experience through this blog. We miss you and are praying for you! With all of you and the choir students gone on their trip, the halls are really empty! Enjoy every minute of your trip as the time will go so very fast! Keep up the good work! We're so proud of each of you!

  3. The 5th graders are following your blog and are very impressed with what you are doing. We are also really enjoying the pictures. Tell the kids "Hi!" We will be praying that you are all safe and healthy throughout the trip so you can continue to do God's work.
    Prayers and best wishes,
    5th graders at Spalding Catholic

  4. I am so relieved to hear you all arrived safe and healthy! I'm praying for each and every one of you as God guides you on this incredible mission. I pray each of you will be touched by this experience in your own way so take it all in. I am so proud of you all! Thank you for being so selfless and giving, you are all truly special! Love and hugs!!

  5. DJ- first upset is ISU! I'll throw your brackets away now & you can just concentrate on your mission work.
    Love ya!

  6. Thank you for keeping us updated. We continue to pray for you as you share your faith and talents with your new friends in Honduras. The hallways are so quiet with all of you missing. The office is quiet too as we miss you Mary!! Enjoy your trip. May God send special blessings to each and everyone of you today and everyday of your mission trip.

  7. We are so thankful that everyone has arrived safely and are hard at God's work. (I won't say anything about the Cyclones.)

  8. Hi Carolyn! I think Connie should get some bonus points for being one of the first people to leave a comment on here! You aren't missing too much here. Drew and Jay are living in our basement watching the games while Miranda and I taking care of the kids and household :) Lyndsi said the dogs were doing well. She posted some cute pictures of them on Facebook. Mya drew you lots of pictures again for when you get back. Cayden has been running a low grade fever all day which means he probably has an ear infection again. We are glad to hear things are going well and we miss you!!

  9. HI Patrick! You are definitely missed over here! I hope everything is going well and that everyone had a good first day today…I am sorry to inform you that IA State had a tough game today final score was UAB 60 IA State 59. It was a very close game but the shots just couldn’t go in and they missed a 3 pointer in the last second but able to get a 2 pt in, but it just wasn’t enough. I think that Fred should have listened to your advice on this game…  I hope all is well! Sending Prayers....

  10. Mary, Nathan & the rest of the team - So glad to hear how well everything has been going. It has been fun seeing the pictures and hearing about all the good things you have begun! After a depressing afternoon of basketball (Iowa State's loss along with fellow Big 12 teams Baylor & Texas also losing close games), thinking about what you are doing puts everything back in perspective. So many times more important than any sport. Loved hearing about Paola's excitement! You are all in our prayers! Jim & Emily

  11. Mark, Nicole and the rest of the mission team -- It is great to read about what is happening with the group. I know there have been a couple different writers on this blog and thanks to each of you to relay the daily activities and information of what is going on in Honduras. This really helps us back home to know what is going on daily. Nicole and Mark -- I stopped by Grandpa and Grandma's house tonight and they want you to know they are watching the blog -- Grandpa is studying the photo's and is enjoying seeing the children you are helping.
    Sending you our prayers for a successful mission trip. Kris and Becca

  12. Glad to hear you all landed safely. Josie, glad you got some hugs!!! Share your love with the children there. Mom and both grandmas woke up at 3am when you where in Omaha. Grand B to pray, Gran S to worry, and mom to think pray and worry(a little). Praying for all of you!
    Love Mom and Dad

  13. Praying for all of you. Miss you already.


  14. Hey everybody! I'm glad to everything is going well so far! I won't say anything about Iowa State, don't want to add any salt to the open wounds. I hope the projects continue to well for thr rest of your trip, I can't wait to hear the stories! Praying for you, and missing everybody!
    Megan Kelleb

  15. Hola Gehlen Team! So many emotions reading your blog, as we were just there as a part of the medical team. Cherish every moment and remember that the work you are doing is secondary to the relationships you are building with your wonderful brothers and sisters in Nueva Capital! Please greet the boys living at the school for us, and all the little kids....just love em up! Thoughts and prayers from Rapid City. Carol and Kelly