2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Houses Take Shape

Parents, you should be proud of your children. They are doing every job we ask of them; they pitch in wholeheartedly and never complain. They’re taking advantage of every single moment in their mission. They’ll have lots of stories to share with you when they return.
Once again we seemed to get off to a slow start – gathering together tools and supplies needed at each work site. Bruce’s work crew left for their crew first; the bus then took Dave’s group to his site, where we offloaded more wood; finally Pat’s crew was dropped at their site. All students on the work crews had the chance to help in the building of the house where they were working. Sometimes that meant fifty taps on a nail with a hammer, but the job got done. Much pride can be felt by all for the work they have put into the houses so far. Amazingly, the houses continue to progress quickly. Tomorrow Pat’s crew will most likely finish all the walls so we can call in the paint crews for the afternoon. That will be exciting for Paola because tomorrow is her fourteenth birthday, so she will actually get her completed house on her birthday. There will still be finishing touches possibly – like painting, putting in the doors and windows, etc.
The English teaching students reported no unruly students today. When they go to the classroom doors, all the children want to learn English with them. They use Go Fish to teach numbers to the young children. You can also hear them singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” as they learn their body parts. 
The neighbors watch the work progress

Tomorrow we’ll continue building houses. Since there is no school on Saturday, all students will be working on houses. We hope for a cooler day tomorrow – but not too cool. Many of us felt the heat today!
Ali, thanks for the update on the dogs. I see the horrible conditions of the animals here, and it makes me miss them all the more. I also miss all the kids – and you adults also. Seventh graders, thanks for praying for us. I hope you’re working hard while I’m gone so I don’t have to work as hard when I get back. I’m glad Mrs. Christoffel is allowing you to read our blog every day. 
Carrying siding to the work site

Please keep reading for messages from many of the missioners…

Hi, Mom and Dad, just wanted to let you guys know that everything went well, and I’m loving it here. Don’t worry about anything! Love ya.

One wall almost completed
Thanks for the news about Iowa St. I’m waiting to hear about the best team in Iowa, aka UNI. Everything here is great and my strep throat hasn’t affected me at all. Love you and miss the farm with my chickens!

Working with a little help from a friend
Hi, Mom, I haven’t seen J.D. like at all; not really sure where he is, but I think he’s somewhere in Honduras. But I really enjoy it here. It’s amazing, and I miss you all.

Everyone pitches in

Hey, Mom. Hope you aren’t missing me too much! If it makes you feel better, I haven’t really seen much of dad so far. I survived my first plane ride, and I’m having an amazing time. We’ve met so many wonderful people. We’ll be home before you know it! Love you! 

Hey, everyone! All of us missioners are safe and having a great time! Mom and Dad- I miss you! Tell Marcus and Miyah I love and miss them too! 

Running the drill

Hello!! I’m having the most amazing time! The people here are so full of love and appreciation for what we are doing! I miss you guys sooo much! Give Evie A TON of kisses from me! 

Walking up the wall frame

HOLA family!  Well, I survived my first plane ride, and I’m having a wonderful time here! I miss you all! Tell Jacey I miss her the most! Love you all! 


  1. Have no fear DJ UNI pulled out the W. Can't wait to hear all your stories. Emerson says hi uncle DJ and hurry home to spoil me again! (She says hi to Morgan too). Miss you and keep working hard. Love ya. -Katie

  2. Hi Patrick! Looks like the house you and the other missioners are building is really coming along. Having a home for Paola’s birthday is a gift she will never forget! You are all making a difference in someone else’s life and touching their hearts. Just so you know you are being missed a lot, I’m just saying…
    Drake and Lyvia wanted me to say hi to you. I am praying for everyone that you will all continue to have good health and safety and to continue making a difference in touching the hearts of so many in need. Love the pictures(and you are actually in them)! Miss you!

  3. Proud of your hard work. Jackson worked hard today moving a pile of wood for his grandparents. What is the Honduran tradition about work on Sunday's? Do you take tomorrow off? All is well at the Outpost. Carlyn sent great pictures from the top of the Sears Tower. Ironic to have one child enjoying the luxuries of Chicago while another the poverty of Honduras. Love and prayers to all.

  4. Keep up the good work. All of the people in the photos look like they are happy for you to be there. Keep the sunscreen on and hopefully the weather and heat are tolerable.


  5. The houses are coming along great! You all are going to make some families VERY happy! Stay safe. You have lots of people praying for you. David - the house is SO quiet. You are certainly giving us a good test-run for college this fall. We miss you.

  6. Hi Carolyn ! I hope this posts. I have been informed by Seivert that if Connie can figure it out I should also be able to. I attempted to post earlier but nada:). The houses look great. Can't wait to see your progress Everyone here is doing well and Paige conned jay into going to the parlor yet again after gymnastics:).

  7. What great progress you all have made in just a short amount of time! Love reading the stories of the students helping the different families and students of the school! Nicole and Mark- everything is good here. Can't wait to hear your stories! Sending our love and prayers!

  8. Dave, Janet, Doug, Mary and Nathan and the rest of the group. We are so proud of all of you. We sure enjoy the pictures, updates and reading what everyone says. Thanks to all of you for doing God's work to help those people. We miss you and send our love and prayers.

  9. Melissa and Dad (Dennis),
    First of all, the rest of us are a little upset that only mom got a shoutout from you! Second, we love seeing the pictures and reading the posts (you need to get in more pictures though!) and can't wait to hear your stories when you return. We are proud of you and all the other missioners. We will continue to pray for you and the families and students whose lives you are touching while you are there. Love you!
    Megan and Lucas

  10. Glad everything is going well. Miss you a lot Lucas! I feel better after seeing pictures of you and your hard work. Enjoy the experience can't wait to hear all about it!

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  12. Thank you for keeping those of us at home in touch with what is happening in Honduras. Really is impressive to see what you have already accomplished. Am enjoying the pictures as well...it's so nice to see you, what you are working on and the people you are helping. My thoughts and prayers to the entire team...praying that you can complete all your planned projects and that everyone remains healthy for the rest of your stay. So proud of you for sharing your God given talents to help make the lives of those less fortunate, better. Dennis and Melissa...the house is extremely quiet these days! Anxiously waiting to hear about the friendships you've made and the lives you've helped change. Love and miss you both tons!