2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The End Is in Sight

All crews went into finalization mode today. The final touches needed to be put onto every home. We did touch-up painting, finishing painting any trim and all the doors, hinges were switched around, door locks were installed, etc. All teams returned to the compound for lunch to report that everything was done.
Dave and Alejandra paint a door
 After lunch we attempted to deliver eight gift bags. First we waited for the students to be summoned. Next, we loaded the eight gift bags and started down the road with the students leading the way to their houses. As we questioned the children, some of them said they lived in the opposite direction. We were confused. After walking a block Marta called us back, and we went in a different direction to a lady’s house, only to discover she wasn’t one of the eight. So, we turned around and headed for the original boy’s house. We did actually find it. It was eye-opening to see the poverty he lives in. Then we tried to find another house in another direction. We were able to deliver three gift bags before having to return for Mass. We’ll try a different strategy tomorrow.

Distributing gift bags
Fr. Doug concelebrated an all-school Mass with Fr. Patricio, the priest in charge of all the schools for ACOES. It was fun hearing all the kids participating whole-heartedly in the singing. Our choir missioners sang “Always There” after Communion. They did a great job. Abby sang the responsorial and Janet played the guitar with both Abby and the choir missioners. Afterwards we excited the students at the school by presenting the principal and students with twenty soccer balls, headbands, bracelets, and gumballs. The soccer balls really were a hit!

Presenting soccer balls to the school
Tonight we began talking about final preparations. We have only one day remaining. We will distribute as many of the bunk beds as possible tomorrow. We’ll also try to do more gift bags. Shortly after lunch all missioners will travel to the individual homes we built to sign them over to the families. Fr. Doug will bless the houses; we’ll sign the necessary legal papers and turn over the keys. I have a feeling it will be an emotional day for everyone. We’re also celebrating our last missioner Mass at 7 tomorrow night. It’s almost over. Pray for our families with new homes – that it gives the children pride in who they are and what they have. So many people in poverty have negative viewpoints of themselves. I pray this will give all the families a boost up!

Missioners singing "Always There" at Mass
To the seventh graders: Those are all great questions, but I'm too tired to answer all of them tonight. Save them for me on Monday, and I'll try to answer all of them. If I can, I'll get a photo of the inside of Paola's house tomorrow after we've put in their newly built bunk bed.
Grand Jefa Carolina uses a moto-taxi to check the various crews
Distributing pillow case dresses


  1. It is amazing to hear and see pictures of everything you are accomplishing in your time there. The picture today Morgan once again has a child by you. I can only imagine what he is saying to you. Here, Marcus would be saying "Morgan Marie, Morgan Marie". Enjoy tomorrow sharing the gift bags. Let God work through you in even the smallest of ways with your smile. We are all anxious to hear of your journey. So proud of each of you and the entire team. Love Mom

  2. David, enjoy your last couple of days in Honduras. Be sure to thank everyone there who helped with your stay. We are praying for your safe return travel and we will see you all in Omaha tomorrow night. Gracias, Dad

  3. It's awesome to see and hear all about what you all have accomplished in the short time that you have been there. I'm sure there will be a lot of HAPPY tears when you sign over the houses to the families. I can't wait to see pictures of that. You should all be very PROUD of yourselves.
    Molly, I can't wait to see you tomorrow night and hear all about your trip. Safe Travels!! Love, Mom

  4. DJ- Noah says the chickens are laying eggs again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lucas- we miss you!
    Mel- Relax! Clayton signed himself up for prom.
    We're anxious for you all to return! Safe travels!
    Christian Living Class

  5. OOPS! Whoever typed the message yesterday said to say hello to Evan by accident. Evan is here. He says he's having a great time having 3-4 study halls. The message typer yesterday meant to type Rachel. We'd also like to say hello to Brittany, Molly and Ashley! It will be awesome to have you all back in class! Thanks for being such great representatives for us! Janessa- Trish says hi and she misses you bunches! Be safe! We love you and miss you!
    CSP Class

  6. Hi Abby and Josie, Marisa and Katie love you! :)

  7. Hi Patrick…Looking forward to when you will be home. I have no doubt that you and the other missioners have touched the hearts of so many. I have loved reading the blog every day and seeing all the great pictures. I am a firm believer in making a difference in someone’s life and that is what each and every one of you have done. Praying that you will stay healthy and safe on your trip home. Can’t wait to see you! Julie

  8. Hola to all of the Klein's and the rest of the team. We have also really enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the updates every day. I must admit though that Michelle & I have also been a little jealous. Wish we could be there too! Can't wait to hear your stories when you get back and to see you at the airport tomorrow night!!!

  9. HI Patrick, me again…Your sister just messaged me so I just had to share this with you and knew it would make you smile. Today at lunch Noah was missing you and asked your dad where you were, and your dad told him and without missing a beat Noah said “hey mom! Did you know that Uncle Patrick is Pandoras?” Those boys will be happy to see you!! I hope all is well and we are all anxious to see you. Sending prayers…miss you

  10. Hello Mission Team -- We are hoping the last items on that "To-Do" list got marked off today. It has been amazing seeing what items have all been completed. A job well done to everyone. Our prayers will be with the team as you say your good byes to the Honduran friends you have made and for safe travels tomorrow,
    Nicole and Mark -- we are super excited to see you tomorrow..... and hear all about the time in Honduras. Love ya bunches -- Kris and Becs

  11. Dad and Melissa,
    We have been so grateful for this blog so we could see pictures and read about what you have been doing for the last 9 days. I'm sure the time just flew by and I hope you were able to complete all your final projects today! We will pray for you and your new Honduran friends as you say your goodbyes tomorrow. We also hope for a safe return for you and the rest of the missioners. I wish we could meet you at the airport, but we will have to wait to hear all about it when we come home the weekend of prom. Love you!
    Megan and Lucas

  12. Ashley- I was subbing at Gehlen today and many 1st graders told me they missed you. "She's been gone for weeks!" They knew it was supposed to be your day with them. They are looking at the blog daily and tried to post, but Mrs. Lehman couldn't get it to go through. I am sure you and all of the team will be missed when you leave tomorrow! How amazing it is that you have been able to spread joy and be the hands and feet of Christ. What a great example you have all been! By what you have done, part of you is "Always There". God bless you for all you have done, and will continue to do, to bring joy to others and make a difference. Peace be with you as you prepare to come home!
    God is Good - All the Time!
    Love and Prayers, Pam Schmit

  13. Sydnee, It looks like your Team is taking good care of you. I was wondering if you sweet talked any of your leaders to help you get my souvineer. The work your doing is Awesome and looks great. Thank you to everyone for making this a great journey for my daughter, keeping her safe, and giving her an experience of a lifetime. Take a deep breath and enjoy your last hours there and have a safe trip home .We miss you and can't wait to see you at the airport. Love Dad.

  14. Dear Morgan it must be amazing to be in Honduras to touch the heart of many lives it's so awesome to hear what you're doing and I can't wait till you get Home. School is going well, I got my report card today too I almost got all A's just one B! Can't wait to see you.

  15. FYI - In case you missed the Iowa weather, we will have temperatures in the low 30's to welcome you home, with the possibility of a snow/rain mix for the ride home! Please bring some sunshine and warm temps with you!! Honestly, we just want you back safe and sound. 27 hours and counting!

  16. As much as we are anticipating your arrival back home, there are probably many Honduran friends wishing you could stay longer. You all worked so hard to accomplish so much in a short period of time. Each of you have touched the hearts and lives of so many...with your smiles, your friendship, your time, the gifts and all your hard work to improve their quality of life. Cherish the friends you've made and the memories you share. What an awesome experience!
    Job well done, Gehlen Mission Honduras Team 2015!!
    Prayers for the entire team and your Honduran friends as you say your good-byes and also for a safe return home!
    Dennis & Melissa – Really excited to see you tomorrow night! Am anxious to hear all about your trip, the people you met and the many friends you made. Love and miss you both!!