2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A message from Francis for the team

Nueva Capital, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
18 March 2015
2110 hours

Greetings from Santa Teresa School in Nueva Capital. The team arrived at the airport a couple of minutes early.  Sadly, American Airlines landed about 8 minutes before this.  They were really early.  The reason I point this out is American fly's a 757 that carries more people.  Delta flies a 737-700 that carries less.  As a result, the lines in Immigration were long and slow.  Immigration has recently changed their process, one more computerized but much slower.  Each person needs to get their thumbs scanned, picture taken and the a special printer prints the date of entry.  The problem is that it takes many people numerous attempts to get their thumbs scanned correctly.  Talking with the team members, it seemed like forever, but alas everyone finished.

Julio and I were watching on the cameras from Immigration and then in baggage claim.  We were able to see the bags better than the team members.  I had previously negotiated with some of the baggage guys.  We watched them take the bags off the belt and set them aside.  These guys have done this so many times for us they know the bags.  It took the first team member about 30 minutes after the bags were off the belt to get into the baggage claim area.  I know all these guys and pay them well.  They almost fight to help us.  It was a relief to know that all the bags arrived along with the team.  I don't think the flight from Atlanta was full.

We had arranged for a large truck to carry all 64 bags plus other items to Nueva Capital, hereafter referred to as NC.  We had 2 large cruiser buses for the team members.  Water was provided to everyone.  Then the ride began to NC.  Julio and I were in our Toyota Hilux pickup so I do not know the impression the ride had on the kids.  I'm sure they all saw the cemetery which is located close to the pavement along the gravel road going up, and up, and up into NC.  There is construction going on in NC to improve the water flow.  Rocks and stuff everywhere.  The ride is rough.

All arrived safely at the school.  A short meeting was held before the bags were offloaded from the larger truck.  I got tired watching the procession of bags offloaded and then into the library where they will be worked on another day.  Each team member removed their personal items.  The sleeping areas had  been previously coordinated.  After the bags were offloaded the food was ready.  Many had been without food since leaving Omaha.  The team had a nice meal of beef, rice with vegetables and other items.  It was great.  Then all got their mattress, blankets, pillow and set about making their sleeping area.  Everyone helped in sorting out the items that needed to be sorted.  These were mostly the tools.

About 1900 hrs the team had another smaller meal.  All were very tired.  Carolyn is leading the junta meeting as I type this.  I hear singing.  It will be an early night to bed for this team.  Julio is already in bed.  The junta is just breaking up so I'm sure many of team will wonder around for a bit and then to bed.  The kids from the school over-whelmed the team.  Kids running everywhere, coming up and hugging you and then taking off.  This will go on for the entire time we are here.

Well, I will end my rambling.  I've also been up since about 3 am, knowing the team was up at about this time.  Tomorrow will require logistical coordination as we begin the process of building the homes, bunk beds and picnic tables.

I'm sure that many pictures of this day and comments from the team members will follow.  Bueno Noches from Nueva Capital. Carolyn will write the blog tomorrow evening. 

Mr. Francis

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