2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Traveling around Honduras

Great Day Traveling around Honduras

Katelyn Schulte

Happy birthday Amy!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! Sorry I missed all the fun but I will be back home very soon! I found a little something down here that reminded me of you… a little birthday present. Happy 13th birthday to my favorite (and only) little sister.  Don’t trash the basement too bad…
Love, Katelyn

Hello to family and friends in Iowa and Minnesota. We visited Christ on the mountain today and it overlooked the city, was  so glad we had the chance to do it, beautiful. We are nearing the end of our mission here in Honduras, and It has been fulfilling in many ways both for the people we have met and for us, but must admit I am ready to come home.  Love and miss you all.  Te amo Karen  see you Friday

Lauren Promes
Hey family! Two more days till I get to see all of you! If you wouldn’t mind I would love if you guys brought me some sweatpants for after the plane;) much appreciated. I look at the photos almost 3 times a day every day, I love them so much!
            p.s. @CarrieDickman  Kate would love to also have some leggings and a hoodie!

Dan Mc Carty  MacII

Mission is great, students are great, team is great, Hondurans are great, masses are great, the love and support form all of you is great, and God is great.  PeacefulJoy  Love you Fam

MiKayla Blum

Hey fam bam! I am almost done here. This experience has been so great! I can’t wait to see you mom…. and the rest of you on Friday. lol I also can’t wait to see my dabbing friend and dab with her all night. So be ready for me!! I miss you guys so much. I love you!!

Megan Pudenz

Hello fam! Thanks for all the comments that you’ve put on the blog! I love all the letters and pictures you gave me! I make sure I open them every morning! Miss and love you all so much and I can’t wait to see you Friday!! Btw I do know how to use a hammer thank you very muchJ

Kyle Ricke

Hello Mom!! The Mission has gone great and has gone by really fast! And yes I did do my laundry…. I tried to have someone else do it.. but that didn’t go over so well :\  Cant wait to see you and Dusty on Friday!! Remember to bring a phone charger cord…. Really missing my music hope your ready to jam out to music the whole way home J  Love you and can’t wait to see you Friday!!  Can you also tell Brian thanks for getting the tickets to Garth!!!!!!! Safe to say “Friends in Low Places” was stuck in my head all last night!! See you Friday!!

 Carroll does a good job of recycling, but here their strength is reusing.  Bottles are good example. They funnel water from gutters to 55 gallon drums, a bottle on the end of a stick is a scoop shovel to clean out ditches, and used water bottles are used by the clinic for IVs. We have been doing our part by marking our 2 water bottles per person so we can refill the same ones for the time we are here.

The internet is becoming more accessible to us here but the students and many adults have been off the grid for this trip. We will have some catching up to do when we get back, but this writer doesn’t miss responding to messages constantly. It is a wonderful experience being off the grid for the longest time since it was invented.

While we help the poor here today we learned about poor that aren’t visible at the school we are staying. In the past year 500 blind and deaf children hid in homes have been identified and are been helped. We have seen many parents working hard to help their children, but a few sell uniforms donated to them so their children can go to school for the money. I heard the story of a mother that left her young children at home for days while she visited someone.


  1. God is good all the time--and all the time God is good. That is why you were all called on this Mission-giving so much of yourselves to help others.So proud of all of you.But,it is time to spread your Faith here at home.Honduras Mission will always be in your hearts & a part of you. Miss you Ed & Jordan-see you soon. te amo

  2. Missing you guys! Looks like you guys are working hard!

  3. I'm not sure if you will get to see comments tomorrow night as you are finishing up your mission work so I wanted to tell you again how proud I am of you and how honored I was to help get you to Honduras. God calls us all to do his work and my work was done before you left - you did the important stuff! Congrats on a mission well done! Thank Dan for going on this mission with Mike - you are such a great brother and I know Pat is looking down on his two sons with pride (and an Irish twinkle in his eye)! Mike - I love you and can't wait to see you on Friday. Dave and Janet - thank you for all the support you gave to Mike and I. You put in a lot of extra time and our meetings at the lake were both productive and fun! The adults from the North - thank you for going on a mission with our team. Your expertise and help was crucial in getting the job done! Kids and adults from Carroll - thank you for saying Yes! I can't wait to hear all your stories! Safe travels home - I'll be praying with all of Carroll county for your safe return (with no airport delays)! Deb

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  5. Jordan miss you, but so extremely proud of you. Cannot wait to welcome you & Papa Ed home. Love you both & looking forward to seeing you Friday.

  6. Hello Mike, Kate, and everyone else! It looks like you all have been working very hard there getting the homes up. Mike and Kate I am wondering what you 2 were pointing at in the picture. Safe travels to you all and see you soon!


  7. MiKayla, we can't wait to see you! :) I can't wait to hear all about everything! We miss your silly attitude! Can't wait for lots of laughs when you get home! Maci is excited to dab too I'm sure! :)

  8. Hello Mr. Mac,
    I wanted to thank you for bringing this mission trip opportunity to Kyle and the other Kuemper kids. It was your touching speeches and stories of your experience that influenced our kids to travel with you to Honduras.
    We'll all pray for you as you end your mission work and travel back to us.
    Again, thank you for showing our kids how good it would feel to Stand In The Light.

  9. Mr Mac, I would like to ditto everything that Jaynee just said, thank you so much!! And also Deb and everyone else that were involved in making this trip happen, thanks for all the hours you have all put in to make this a great trip for the kids and adults, and helping us parents and loved ones back home!!
    Lauren, we are so proud of you and we miss you so much, can't wait to see you Friday night!! We'll bring a change of clothes for you! Love you, mom and dad

  10. Lauren!!! We can't wait to see u when u get home. The boys will give u big bear hugs. We show brecken a picture of u everyday and all he says is "Lo Lo"? I'll stay up to see u when u return. Love you tons and safe travels! Can't wait to hear all about this experience! So proud of you all!

  11. We do love sharing this experience with all of you-thanks to everyone for the pics and blogs and all the prep work that went into this trip! We are so proud of all of you – the work you are doing is amazing – each day there is so much that brings a smile to our faces. Enjoy your few remaining hours there. God is truly present in your work.

    Nate – we are so proud of you - love you and miss you! The martins have returned and so has the battle with the sparrows and starlings- dad needs your help! See you soon (the Blankmans are ready for you with a warm shower and bed!).