2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Final Full Day in Honduras

Thursday, April 6, 2017 – Morning

“The finish line is in sight.”
The crews are all out finishing up all our projects. They will complete the bunk beds and picnic tables by noon so families can begin to pick them up. A crew is at the house finishing the final details on wiring and locks. They are cleaning and will stage the house for the blessing and presentation of the keys this afternoon. We are very excited for that ceremony. Later this morning we will have ALL the smaller children come out the to the bleachers where the girls will be fitted with one of the pillow case dresses (Thanks to all the ladies who worked on those in Carroll and Sioux Counties as we have 329 dresses.) and all the boys will get a t-shirt. Principal Jessica wants to get a picture of the whole bunch afterwards.
Yesterday we had a full day on our excursion. Our first stop was the “Casa de Monterey.” This is the main center from which all 42 projects of the organization of ACOES founded by Padre Patricio. It was overwhelming as it was like a beehive of activity. The concept is impressive. The organization is run by young Hondurans who volunteer part of their time and continue their studies as well. Many of them come from rural areas where due to lack of opportunity they were unable to continue their studies. They have missed 3-10 years of school before resuming in this program. Some are now studying as engineers, architects, lawyers, nurses, teachers, etc… The philosophy is to identify young people with talent and drive and give them the opportunity to not only succeed but to help the needy of their own country.
We then went to the beautiful compound of the Mother Theresa sisters. Some of the missioners helped feed the dozen at risk or handicapped children. There was also a before/after school program for poor children in the neighborhood and home for the elderly. The sisters are indeed an inspiration through their ministry of compassion.
Tegucigalpa traffic is something to behold as we weaved our way through and incredible maze of busses, trucks, cars and mini-taxis. Thanks to the skills of our bus driver we made it up to the National Park and the statue of Christ on the Mountain that overlooks the city. We had a nice picnic lunch in a shelter before going exploring. It is a beautiful park and a fabulous view from the statue overlooking the valley and city below. It was nice to take in some of the beauty of this country and to just relax. Though it was in the 90’s yesterday, there was a breeze that made it very pleasant.

Traveling and the new experience still take a lot out of us so back at the school we relaxed before supper. We had our final Mass together after supper. Jesus tells us “the truth will set you free.” Fr. Doug talked about our experience and the challenges and joys of discovery new “truths.” Most of all Jesus challenges us to be open to the truth that we are all brothers and sisters. We also blessed the two crosses that will be hung in the houses after the blessing. Fr. Doug also blessed the religious items that some missioners bought on Sunday. Our “Junta gathering” closed out our day before a well deserved rest in preparation for our final full day in Honduras.


  1. Dear Kuemper Missioners,

    I did not get to spend very much time with the Kuemper mission team, but I continued to follow your mission team through the blog after I returned home. It was quite apparent to me that you were truly living out Jesus’ last command while on earth: “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” Through your home and bunk bed building, your gift bag preparation and delivery, and your play time with the Honduran children, you have epitomized what Jesus truly meant. It was beautiful to see that.

    At this moment I am sitting at my computer, listening to music. I had to stop momentarily while the following played through iTunes:

    “With courage and kindness hold on to your faith
    You get what you give, and it's never too late
    To reach for the branch and climb up leaving sadness behind you
    Fight hard for love; we can never give enough.

    This is who I am inside.
    This is who I am I'm not gonna hide,
    ‘Cause the greatest risk we'll ever take is by far
    To stand in the light and be seen as we are.
    So stand in the light and be seen as we are.”

    Those words are a part of the lyrics from the song “Stand in the Light” by Jordan Smith, which we chose as this year’s theme song. It struck me that you are “standing in the light” and letting the world see you as you truly are. You aren’t afraid to work hard to build something special for the families who received your homes. But they are much more than homes for those families. You have given them a sense of pride. You have shown them that American students and adults are willing to work with them to attain something they could never have attained on their own. You asked for nothing in return; you simply gave. Standing in the light of Christ, you are loving them as Jesus loves you. What a beautiful testimony of your faith!

    Tonight there are plenty of mixed emotions. Everyone is excited to see his/her family; however, everyone is sad about leaving Honduras. That is difficult for many to understand, but know that all missioners present with you tonight, as well as all previous missioners, do understand. We stand with you tonight, praying you through the end of your mission trip. We DO know the conflicting feelings you are experiencing, as we too have lived through them.

    Thank you, Mikey, (I had to do that at least once!!) for being brave enough to lead a team of your own. I think by now you are thinking that all that work was worth it. When you get home, take 24 hours to rest, then get started setting up the next mission trip! 

    Dave and Janet, thanks for being willing to travel with Kuemper for their maiden mission trip. I know that your expertise and organizational skills were very welcome. I greatly appreciate your willingness to do the final inventory because that alone is a major undertaking!

    Thanks to Tom, JD, and Fr. Doug to also be willing to travel with the Kuemper team and use your invaluable skills to help the students have a super mission trip. And thanks to the rest of the adults for their help and guidance during the mission trip. It takes a village to do a mission trip, also.

    Finally, I’d like to challenge you, Kuemper Mission Honduras, to continue your mission work when you return home. Not by building homes and bunk beds, but by spreading the word of just what this mission trip has meant to you and the effect it has had on you. Continue to “Stand in the Light and be seen as you are!”

    Carolyn Bickford

  2. waiting to see more pictures...thanks to those who have shared so many already! Praying for your safe return later today - God bless all of you!