2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, March 22, 2013

Missioners Check In

Catherine- Hi Mom, Emily, and everyone else reading,
Today was a great day since it was a rain day. My group sorted out all the supplies we brought and we found pink/purple hair spray and I got Dad’s hair sprayed! We didn’t tell him it was permanent though (JK it is washable). Everyone in our group got our hair painted and we were delivering bags when the other group drove by and we did the cancan for them J Oh by the way mom, I am too busy to help you out this summer. Hope everything is going well at home and keep Sally entertained for me.

Dave and Janet
Having a great time (watching McKenzie laugh).  It has been fun getting to know the kids and “encouraging them” on the job.  Cooking is going great lots of help and no meals ruined up to this point. 

Catherine & Shelby sort donated goods

Hey guys, Abby here. 
Everything is going very well! Today has been my favorite day, mostly because I didn’t encounter any bugs..yet. My group sorted through all the bags and put them all in the right place. It’s amazing how much stuff we brought. I can honestly say I spend a lot of my time laughing. Everyone just gets along so well. As of right now my hair is purple. I think I’m going to keep it this way after I graduate Mom and Dad. I really miss and love all of you.

Hello! IT’S MCKENZIE!!!! 
I am now an excellence kitchen cleaner!! Today I helped clean out fryers at the soup kitchen! Dad be proud…I am an excellence painter, hammerer, and drill user now!! Repairing outbuildings has made me a great carpenter! Dave is teaching me lots of life skills. Having a great time…I might come home with a six pack just from all the laughing I am doing, hope all is well at home! Say hi to everyone and tell Jacey I will be home soon so she can save her legs and won’t have to ride her bike.

Hey guys!! It’s Maggie!
J I am proud to say that I have learned the skills of the drill and hammer. I am ready to build something now! On our first day, we got to meet an amazing (and pretty funny) couple, the Cornelius’. We were able to help them lay down some padding for carpet and we basically got the entire shed covered in wood. I can’t wait to go back and finish the project! Today we got to go clean up the garden café, which is their soup kitchen. We had a great group and got a lot accomplished! And for everyone asking, yes I did freak out about the spider! I am really hoping I never run into one! And to the Web Design Class, I miss you guys too, since it is definitely my favorite class (hopefully I get some extra credit for saying this)J. And Nicholle, I tried the red velvet pancakes. They were delicious! And to my family back in Le Mars, I miss you guys! I hope the house is still in good condition and won’t be in too much of a wreck when dad and I get back. And good luck to Abbie tomorrow at AAU!! (Derek says good luck to Carlyn too!!) Rock their socks off! J Miss everyone and love you all!

Sorting crew goes wild with purple hairspray

Missing Donna, Drew and Abbie. Wish you all could experience what we are in Mississippi. Feel very fortunate that we have Fr. Ries with us and we are able to receive graces from daily mass in the Sacred Heart chapel. Best of luck to Abbie and the 7th grade girls AAU volleyball squad and even better luck to Donna on the trip there! Drew, good luck this weekend at HyVee! Love you all!!!

Hey guys!!! It’s Joey. 
Having a lot of fun working with everyone here. It is a great experience. I am missing everyone at home: Mom, Dad, John, and you too Brian. Of course I am missing you too Danielle hope you are not dying without me haha. Love and miss you a bunch.

Linda here – 
Hello to my hubby, kids and grandkids, family and friends.   Am doing great and doing lots of different things. Weather has not been the best but they have given us a variety of different jobs.  Love to all.

Soup Kitchen cleaning crew powered through the grease

Hey everyone, Shelby here! 
Mississippi has been a ton of fun so far we are constantly laughing. The team is really starting to get close and there is a lot of bonding between people. Even though today was wet and chilly we found plenty of things to do. We found time to play pinochle, bingo, and an intense game of basketball. Hope everything is well back in Iowa!­­­  

Hi from Carolyn,
Mya, I hope you get lots of good stuff at the YMCA Easter egg hunt. I can hardly wait to get home and play with you, buddy! Paige, I hope you're keeping your mom and dad chasing after you. Grandma loves you! Hi to you too, Jay, Drew, Miranda, and Ali. We are staying plenty busy here in Mississippi. Would you believe we were under a winter storm warning last night? Lois and Kelly told us we brought Iowa weather with us. Obviously, the yucky weather created problems today. We had to work indoors. One group sorted through our donated goods, the other 'detailed' the soup kitchen. I worked with the latter group. Scrubbing fried on grease that has collected on a fryer basket is NOT easy. 

Seivert, thanks for keeping an eye on Pakka and Angel, along with Lyndsi. Appreciate all the help.

Parents - You should all be VERY proud of your children. They are representing their families, their school, and themselves wonderfully. They pitch right into work, do whatever we ask of them, participate wholeheartedly in our religious services. I knew I would love working with this group.



  1. Hey Jake! I hope your experience is awesome! I am proud that decided to go on this mission trip. I know you and everyone else is doing a great job with all that you are doing. I also like the little skink that you made friends with. I WANT ONE!!! So you know what to do!;) haha well I'm tired so I might hed to bed early....or i might stay up and watch lots of movies! I can't make up my mind, but later bud! I will be keeping everyone in my prayers!
    P.S.- I'm stil somehow washing some of your clothes...you have been gone for like two days and yeah I'm confused! Well bye Buddy!

  2. Hey Shelby. Good to hear from you. Sounds like there are many worthwhile projects to keep all of you busy and it is great that everyone is bonding and having a great time. Hopefully the weather improves. Your Colorado relatives are supposed to get 12 inches of snow! Happy Spring? Interesting hair. I remember when your Crazy Uncle B dyed his 1/2 green and 1/2 red for a Christmas party and had to bleach his hair to get the color out.....
    Love ya! Mom

  3. Hey Shelby this is Megan. Unlike Jacobs brother, I do NOT want a skink.! :)

  4. Joey, I haven't died yet from missing you, but I have to admit there is one benefit of you beening gone. I am actually getting stuff done with all of this free time for example my room is now clean. You won't believe it but I actually got rid of half of my Tinkerbell stuff and there is no more posters of the Jonas Brothers hanging up. I am glad you are having a lot of fun and having an amazing experience. I can't wait for you to tell me all of your adventures in Mississippi when you get home. Love you, Danielle

  5. Hello everyone :)
    I'm so glad everyone is having a great time. You guys look great with purple hair haha I see in one of the pictures that Andrew and Derek P. are sitting in wheel chairs... Im just curious to know if they did a race with them haha. (if you guys didnt I might just have given you an idea :P)
    Don't worry Maggie I think spiders and bugs will leave you alone in this trip... They prefer going after Abby for what I see ;) (poor Abby everyone is joking about her and the bugs haha)
    What you guys are doing for those people is great and I'm sure its an experience that you will never forget. I keep you guys in my prayers and hope you have lots of more fun :)
    kisses and love, Almudena

  6. Hey Mickie, Just think if you would have painted the machine shed last summer you could have been the foreman and showed everyone how to paint down there. 1 1/2 months till graduation will you get it done? My mission job is to clean your room, WOW maybe on the return trip the whole group could stop by and help. Ha ha. love Dad

  7. Ps. glad your having fun, working hard, and enjoying life

  8. YAHOO! I'm glad it looks like you all are enjoying this trip! It's truly amazing and y'all are definitely making the most of it! So proud of you. Andrew Duane. HOW ARE THE SOUTHERN ACCENTS? Do they exist? I haven't heard anything about them! Come on, bro. Did all the training we did go to waste? hehehe.
    PS The Office isn't new until like..April something. So DON'T WORRY you won't miss a new one.
    PPS We all miss you.
    PPPS It's really weird because the only people in the house are Dad, Marisa, and me. IT'S SO EMPTY.
    PPPPS Bye.
    PPPPPS I go back to school tomorrow. Ugh. School. Homework.
    PPPPPPS How do I get a job where I can be a food critic? This muffin tastes bad. Or an art critic: This painting is BAD.
    K. Bye.

  9. Wow Derek thanks for a letter to all your friends back home............ I guess that wheelchair was just too much fun!
    Maggie! I told you they were good! but I will always like the cinnastack better. hey so I heard you were coming back today so you could work for me ;) since im sure you'd much rather work at dairy queen than be in Mississippi. NOT ugh. pray for me. glad everyone is having fun and has purple hair? You guys pull it off well! :)

  10. Hey Ryan & Elizabeth - hope things are going good. Love the pictures that are attached to the blog. Mrs. B. - Ryan has a lot of experience with cleaning greasy kitchen stuff - just ask him!!! I am doing laundry today - it's amazing how little there is since you guys have been gone! I might even get it all done today!! Maybe you guys can keep the purple hair - it is such a nice Easter color. Glad everything is going good & it sounds like you guys are getting a lot done. Miss you lots.
    Love Mom

  11. Hi jacob,

    Well Joe went back east today. Kendall visited for the day too. We had a steak supper tonight and Joe decided he needed some A1 steak sauce which I had placed on the counter for him. He took it and thought he better shake it up before pouring some on his plate. He determined rather quickly that someone had not tightened the lid the last time it was used because he totally covered his face and hair in steak sauce and half the kitchen too. Sarah decided to run thru it and Chris was stuck in his chair with sauce splattered on his leg and back. I went after Sarah as she scooted into the living room jumping on the recliner and Joe started to scream because his eyes were burning. Needless to say after we cleaned everything up, supper was cold. Joe being in criminal justice decided after some forensic analysis that indeed you were the last one to use the steak sauce and everyone readily agreed. Thanks.
    Love, Dad